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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C15 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 15
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C15 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 15


15 ◆ The true power of "God's eye"


We flew in the sky and left the "City of the End of the Hero" and then ran along the highway.

It will be a border soon.

However, it does not mean that there is a checkpoint. Passage is relatively free.

There is a post town created by carving out a valley.

In a town where caravans and travelers come and go, there was a big church selling amulets to avoid monsters, as well as resting and shopping. Most people are looking for the latter.

At first, I thought I would go beyond the mountains, but I think I should have solved the misunderstanding of "Father Killing", so I don't need to sneak. We decided to stop by the post town.

I left the carriage and luggage, and I need to buy it again. I'm glad I had the money.

So, I rented a room at the inn (I got nervous with the girls) and entered the room.

"Mel-kun !?"

"Brother, firmly!"

I fell down.

I couldn't bear the severe headache and exhaustion at last, so I threw myself into bed. It feels good ...

"But soon fluffy!"

e? what is this, it's amazing. I was really tired. If you take a sip of "Fairy's Elixir" from Mr. Liserotte, this is it.

Although some headaches still remained, the eyes were patchy and the body was light.

"This is the highest level of recovery medicine after'Goddess's Elixir'. It recovers to the point where even a fatal injury can kill you. Physical strength and magical power are fully recovered, and abnormal conditions are usually eliminated."

The small bottle that Mr. Liserotte got contained a light green and glittering liquid.

The value is 3 million G Gir.

The annual income of a person who was officially hired on a well-treated farm. I was non-regular, so it was about 1/3 of that. Well, it was enough because I lived just eating, sleeping and working.

I'm just grateful that you used such an expensive item. It was the first time for her to actually use it.

"Thank you, Mr. Lee Lotte. Thank you."

"No, I did the right thing .... Hmm? That? By the way, I didn't give my name yet ...?"

Oops! You will notice that you read it in "Appraisal"!

"Is that so? After all, you are ..."

When Mr. Liserotte looked like he was aware of the situation, he put the vial in the pouch on his waist and sat upright on the floor.

The original trio sits on the bed and stretches their backs. The stripped sword is dangerous and disturbing, so I pulled it out of my waist and threw it on the bed.

Mr. Lee Zerotte was scared. I treated it too roughly.

"Again, my name is Liserotte Kiwell and I belong to the Guards of the Kingdom of Philianis."

In response to the deep bowing, we also bowed.

I knew this person's information because I was reading it before I was given my name.

It was only half a year since I was 15 years old. After gaining the unique skill "Necessary" in "Blessing Ceremony", he officially took on Sylphy's search mission. A wizard who uses a rare weapon called a magic gun.

"I'm Mel Layluto. This is Clara Kuu, a tiger tribe war tiger. And this is ... as you know, Sylfina Est Philianis."

Mr. Liserotte raised his face and responded with a courtesy.

"I don't need that tone. Please call me Liza. This time, I don't know, but I can't apologize for all the rudeness, such as pointing a gun at a brave man. I'll take any punishment. I'm sorry, but I have something to tell you, could you please give me some time? "

"Ah, yeah. Then, can Liza speak in the usual way?"

This person seems to be full, such as "what should I do if I chew with an unfamiliar tone" or "I'm too nervous and my stomach hurts".

"Well, but in front of the princess, that is ..."

I'm worried about flickering and Sylphy.

"I've lost my memory, and even if I'm called a princess, it doesn't come to my mind. So let's talk like a friend? Liza. I'm Sylphy."

Ah, Mr. Liserotte, Liza is trembling with excitement.

I'm not sure what her "what to tell" is, but I want to match the story and information I heard from the brave man.

I will ask you a question, and this will proceed.

An oracle.

"A person who succeeds a brave man".

"Miko Miko, the shrine of light".


So, "God's eyes".

Liza murmured with a mysterious look.

"It's a dragon that is said to have been defeated by a brave man because of" chaos ". But in reality, was it finally possible to seal it?"

"" God's eye "-" God's eye "is definitely my" appraisal "skill."

Because there is no point in hiding this child anymore, I honestly talked about the "appraisal" skill. I've talked to Clara about it, but as usual, it looks like something is wrong. As expected, my brother's tail was fluttering.

"Reading and stealing the other person's abilities is a tremendous performance beyond imagination. Moreover, the Earth Mother Goddess gave it directly even if it was removed from the world's reasoning ..."

Why am I? Did you make a mistake in a hurry, or did you happen to give it in a hurry?

Well, it doesn't matter.

I can't help but get it.

"Isn't it an irregular situation? Isn't this possible? The evil dragon that is resurrected this time has more vicious power than ever before."

Don't say such a scary thing.

How is it actually?

From the "memory" engraved on the "Sword of the Hero", I know that it was a stupid dragon like a mountain.

Although it was a pity to fight that, I would like to escape if it was stronger than that.

I want information because it's just a little.

However, you can't see it directly ... Oh, isn't it sealed somewhere in this world? Then, if you pull out the information of this world itself, you can go, right?

I vaguely stare into the room. A room in a post town on the border should be the world itself.

If you were confused while thinking that you would like information on evil dragons.


"Mel-kun !?"

"Brother ~ !?"

"Blood from my nose !?"

Yeah, I had a big nosebleed. It's not like I saw a beautiful woman changing clothes.

Maybe it wasn't easy information to get, so my body couldn't bear it.

I have a poor status.

"Mel-kun, are you okay? It hurts somewhere?"

"Brother, look up, look up."

"No, hold down the base of your nose and look down."

I was so impressed by the care of the three girls. If I told me before I received the "Blessing Ceremony", I would have been cursed as "a boy who tends to dream".

"Liza, what was your medicine?"

"Oh, that would cure you in one shot."

"I understand. Immediately--"

"No, I'm okay already"

Is n't you guys a little overprotective? Don't use a special elixir like a nosebleed.

So, there is little information obtained even after having a nosebleed. I didn't understand as much as power.

Well, I got some interesting information.

"It seems that the evil dragon will be resurrected 16 years later if there is nothing."

When I put my finger in my nose and said, everyone twisted my neck, "How?" It was Liza who reacted.

"16 years ... surprisingly, I can afford it."

"Well, I have to do nothing. Someone might poke me and get up tomorrow."

It's a place where lava is lumpy, so no one will approach it.

However, this is a bit of a problem.

Not only reading theft, but also reading depending on the information is a heavy burden on the body.

Is it related to distance or public awareness?

If you train your body, it will be a little easier.

If so, it would be good to incorporate it into the daily routine even with the swing of a sword, but I don't really like the word "training".

While thinking about it, I just stared at my palm and tried to activate "Appraisal".


Physical strength: D-

Muscle strength: D +

Agility: D +

Magical power: E +

Mental strength: C +


Hmm? Something hasn't changed ...?

What was the result when I first "appraised" myself? I tried to remember.

Then, the status at that time is also displayed.


Physical strength: E +

Muscle strength: D

Agility: D +

Magical power: E

Mental strength: C


Get up !?

It seems that the items other than "Agility" have increased by "+".

No, it's really strange.

It was a turbulent few days, and I had a very poor original status, but if I could get one or two in such a short period of time ... In particular, my mental strength was originally C, so I couldn't think of any increase.

Certainly, it should take about a year of rigorous training at the earliest to raise the status from E to D. The higher the rank, the more severe the period and training content.

I have heard that there are unique skills that accelerate growth.

But until now, I hadn't read and stolen such skills.

Suddenly, the words of the phantom hero pass through my mind.

――Read, read stolen. Just earnestly.

That person also said:

――If possible, he is a strong man. That is the food for you.

Hmm. Somehow, I understand ...

Because it was a big deal, I remember various things.

――Don't be bothered, check your essence.

The essence is ... Certainly, I haven't read all of the detailed explanations of the "Appraisal" skill. Because there are about 5 books with a lot of information.

But well, I wonder if I can find it with pinpoint.

So, when I read someone's ability and stole it, I investigated what kind of change I had in terms of status.

The physical, mental, and magical achievements obtained while reading and stealing are all used to raise the status of the person.

In short, something like "experience value" bounces back to my status.

This is amazing.

The reason is that if you are a brave man with an average status of less than rank D and a brave man with an average status of S, the experience points you get when you swing your sword in the same way are different.

If you roughly compare it to a sloppy one, think that it is about the same as if I keep swinging the sword 1000 times a day for a year, and if the hero swings the sword a couple of times.

The numbers are quite appropriate, but the difference is large.

Up to rank B, if you do your best for about a week, you will reach it, right? Dreams spread.

that? by the way....

I remember the words of the fantasy hero again.

――I was finally able to seal it, let alone overthrow it. Other heroes are similar.

After that, what did that person say?

――But if there are two people, the situation will change significantly.

At this time, I thought that someone other than me was needed at the brave level ....

Maybe I made a terrible mistake?

I reexamine my "appraisal" skill again.

And know.

The essence of "reading and stealing" the other party's ability


"Add the knowledge, skills, and experience accumulated in the target to yourself".

Oh, after all!

When I read and stole it with "Appraisal", I thought that it overwrote the ability of the other party to me and had exactly the same strength as the other party.

But that's strange.

I still have my memory and can use the "appraisal" skill.

That's why "addition" is the correct answer.

I will be stronger than the person who stole it by the amount of my own status.

I didn't notice it because it was a slight difference in the current poor status.

When it comes to that, what if I become as strong as a brave man?

Answer. I will have the power of two heroes.

――But if there are two people, the situation will change significantly.

Once again, his words came to my mind.

I was able to get rid of the "chaos" evil dragon by myself physically, though I borrowed the power of other people correctly with my own power!

But isn't that really annoying !?

It 's like training.

Well, that area will be considered separately. Let's put off the problem. I have 16 years to spare. It's okay.

Liza asks me when the nosebleed stops.

"So what do you do in the future?"

"Shall we leave after shopping?"

"Well, you don't have to stay--not! It's about your future policy."

"Hmm? Are you going back to the elf country?"

By now, Sylphy's mother-the Queen will be waiting with her neck long.

Liza looked down darkly and glanced at Sylphy.

"At first, I intended to do that, but it was Sylphy-sama ... the purpose was to protect Sylphy in a safe place. I have to find another" heir to the brave "and think about how to do it. In the meantime. The contact with the "hero" has already come true. However, one big problem has arisen. "

Liza stabbed Sylphy with a serious look.

"Sylphy, I'll ask you straightforwardly. Have you heard the" voice of God "during the year you lost your memory?"

"Voice of God"? What kind of voice is that? Sylphy mysteriously makes her eyes flutter.

"After all ... If you could hear it, you would have known who you were and took some action. Now you are losing the power of" Miko Miko, the Priestess of Light. "

"So, are you trying to regain Sylphy's memory first?"

"Yes. What is the cause? That will change the way to deal with it."

"It seems that you took a strange medicine. The status says" Curse of oblivion "."

"Curse ... If ... "

I looked at the world again and said.

"Ask someone who can dispel the curse."

"If it's a curse that invades the spirit, it's impossible for a priest in a church there. You have to be a fairly skilled" witch doctor "-but are you doing it?"

The image of a "witch doctor" is to cast a curse, but apparently he is a specialist in curses in general, and his basic business is to dispel curses.

"It seems that there is a famous'witch doctor'in the town where I went by carriage for 3 or 4 days."

Although she is a very old grandmother, her achievements are not perfect. "The curse of oblivion" is also available.

"It's decided"

Liza grabs her fist tightly.

Clara didn't seem to know well, but she was excited because the destination was decided.

However, Sylphy seems a little uneasy about what will happen.

I put my hand on Sylphy's head and smiled with a smile.

"It's okay. I remember a lot, Sylphy is the one I know. Nothing changes."


Sylphy answered with a cheerful smile.

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