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C17 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 17


17 ◆ Thoughts of a certain "witch doctor"


"Why did you curse the town?"

In response to my question, the grandmother observed me with no expression,

"On the contrary," Grandma shouldn't do that! "

Nana Lee was disturbed trying to ask me the grounds.

"Well, you told me to shut up."

Despite being old, the grandmother squeezed Nana Lee and closed her mouth. Nana Lee, the thigh is saying.

"I told you to leave the town by night, but you came to this place ... So? Do you have any proof that this Babaa cursed you?"

Here, I would say that I am rank A of "appraiser". Then what would the grandmother do?

Do you insist that you didn't notice it because it was cleverly hidden? That's why I'm not myself.

But if there is only an old woman who can curse such a scale in this area, why not give some circumstantial evidence?

Although it wasn't a high reputation ♪, it would be a considerable predicament.

The grandmother still cuts the white shavings.

I'm not myself. I'm not doing it. The devastation of the town was the result of a lack of effort by the lord and the people of the town.

And when he was sentenced, he said:

――I will curse you who have been guilty of innocence.

I think it is distorted.

The troublesome thing was that even if we ran away with this grandmother, we were going to be caught again on purpose.

Mr Nana Lee had already been told the location of the money she had secretly saved for many years, so she seems to be telling her to take it and run away.

It seems that he wants to say "I'll curse" to this person, the townspeople and the lord anyway.

"Hmm, isn't it? What are you going to do? Is this Baba taken out or denounced?"

I wasn't crazy about the provocative attitude, but instead of showing evidence, I decided to threaten.

"Is that okay? If you don't plead guilty as it is, Nana Lee may be suspected this time?"

The expression of the grandmother was strong.

Strictly speaking, there was another person who could cast a "curse of decline" on that town.

I see Nana Lee laid down by her grandmother.

Unique skill "Jujutsu", rank A. I think it's a big deal at this young age. It also exceeded the grandmother's "magic" rank B.

The grandmother turns her expression into a nasty smile.

"Hyahyahya, everyone in the town knows that Nana Lee can't use magic."

It was. That's exactly what my grandmother expected.

――If you curse someone, they will go around and return to you.

It's a word that Nana Lee tweeted.

The grandmother had said that since Nana Lee was a child.

Every time there is a thing.

Even in front of the townspeople.

If she tried to get involved in "jujutsu", be sure.

For Nana Lee, who was scared, this word was engraved in her heart like a "curse".

Therefore, it cannot be done.

I don't know how to do it because I'm scared and can't get involved in "jujutsu".

So she can't curse anyone, break the curse, or get involved in the "curse".

Yes, no one in the town believed and doubted him.

Even if there is a rank A quality of the unique skill "magic" that surpasses the famous "witch doctor" grandmother.

"Isn't it the grandmother who made you so? Nana Lee, you're extremely talented, but it's a waste."

"After all, you're a high-ranking" appraiser ". Hmm, the guy in the wrong field will tell you comfortably. Is that okay? Boy. What a" witch doctor "is, isn't it? "

Nana Lee, who was trying to escape, suddenly became mature.

"Originally, a witch doctor's a profession of cursing. It's like a doctor who saves people cursed by cursed items and monsters that spit out curses."

However, the general public evaluation is different. Like me, I misunderstood that the use of curses was their main business.

"I've seen thousands and tens of thousands of shallow people. I'm looking at those who think of the witch doctor's just a curse shop'."

The grandmother who made a name for himself in the royal capital was finally disgusted. When his only son became independent, he wandered around and earned a living by dispelling the curse.

After hearing the news that his son and his wife had died in an accident, he visited the rural town where they lived.

In the forest a little far away, there was a demon beast that spits a curse and can take valuable materials. Let's retire by the time we are hunted. With that in mind, I decided to take over my granddaughter who was left alone and settle down.

That is the town where I live now.

A town that prospered moderately as a base for hunting demons.

Initially, the residents of the town are willing to accept the grandmother.

The grandmother also said, "I won't curse you." Just dispel the curse. " Make a habit of saying, "The curse goes around and returns to me."

"But the shallow guys are everywhere."

After a while, late at night, the townspeople took turns and came to visit the grandmother.

The lover was robbed. The business partner says it is impossible. My mother-in-law is noisy.

While complaining and complaining, he said to his grandmother:

――I want you to curse me.

Not only the townspeople, but also the rich people and even the lords who hear rumors from afar.

"You've reached the limit of patience. So did you curse the town?"

"Huh, good luck. I'm finally sorry. But ... I can understand the feelings of the" witch doctor "who cursed the town painfully. I think he thought this way."

――If you want to curse others so much, everyone will curse them all together.

I think it was painful. It must have been unbearable.

But then it's just eight hits.

If the people in the town didn't like it, I should have closed the "witch doctor" and hid it to live in a distant place. I'm hiding my long-standing savings, so I should have been able to do anything until Nana Lee stood alone.

"Why didn't the grandmother leave the town with Nana Lee? That's a solution to some extent."

The grandmother glared at me.

Oh, I know.

I know everything.

This grandmother didn't bend her belief because of the small reason that "eight hits" was ...

"You couldn't do it, right? Because Nana Lee said she never wanted to leave the town where her father and mother sleep."

Surprisingly, Nana Lee shook herself.

Among the grandmothers, suspicions about me grew. I began to suspect that I had limited reading skills.

But I can't stop. I couldn't stop.

"If you make the city so rough that you can't live, Nana Lee must give up. You believe that even if you have a hard time for several years, it will eventually lead to her happiness, contraindications I committed

If I could communicate more properly with my grandmother and granddaughter, this kind of misfortune might not have happened.

If the grandmother explained the reason properly, I think she could have persuaded Nana Lee.

But it's not unreasonable.

A granddaughter who didn't even know the fact that she was born.

My grandmother was told that she didn't like her name.

Although we took good care of each other, we couldn't hit our true intentions.

"Grandma ..."

The grandmother's power loosened, and Nana Lee raised her upper body. I faced my grandmother and squeezed my wrinkled hands.

The grandmother became calm as if her possession had fallen, and her tone changed softly.

"This kid is nice. He's kind and notices well. Surprisingly, he's doing it well. He's scared and crying, but a good man shouldn't be left behind."

With a bead of tears in her eyes, she gently put her hand on her granddaughter's head.

"I wonder if it's ridiculous. I swore that no one would curse me, but at the very end of my life, I made a fool of myself. Well, of course. Someone If you curse, you will go around and return to yourself. That's exactly what happened ... "

The grandmother had a clear look on her face, even though she was resigned.

However, there are people who are not convinced.

"Grandma is not bad"

"Fufu, thank you. But sin is sin. I have to take punishment ..."

"No. Grandma isn't really bad. Because ... u, u ..."

Nana Lee desperately tried to say something, but it couldn't be said.

That's why I inherited it.

"Yes, Grandma isn't bad, because your curse had no effect ..."

What? Nana Lee was the only one who stiffened her face.

"Grandma, you can curse and hide what you've done, right?"

"? Ah, ah ... I went to town because I was doing that."

"Then, maybe, though."

I know the answer but put it in the form of a question.

"Can you do it so that you don't realize that you've dispelled it?"

"Curse" is a kind of deception.

Don't realize that it was called, hide the curse and look at the other party's appearance, or retaliate when you feel relieved.

It seems that such transformations are rampant.

"Grandmother did cast a" curse of decline "on the town, but immediately after that, she was immediately dispelled. That was hidden so that she wouldn't realize it."

"Don't be stupid! It's a" curse "that covers everything in the town? Immediately after that? You can't do it unless you're a" witch doctor "more than me."

Somehow, the tone has become similar to my grandchildren, right? Is it the other way around? Was Nana Lee imitating the tone of the grandmother originally?

Very close friends.

"Who is that?"

"Wow, I am ..."

The silence fell for a moment.

"I dispelled the curse ..."

"Nana Lee? But you are ..."

I'm afraid of "jujutsu" and don't try to learn how to do it. No one believed and doubted that neither cursing nor dispelling anyone could be involved in the "curse". But--.

――It's not impossible. I don't do it.

She was afraid of "magic".

But I knew how to do it.

She was watching all the time. All of the "witch doctors" that I have longed for have been refined because I only do the dispelling.

Talent is certainly outstanding.

But I made her a "witch doctor" because there was no better example nearby.

"I didn't know how to hide it, so I was worried if I could do it properly, but if I tried hard, I could do it well. If it was known that I was dispelled, my grandmother would overdo it again. I have to break my body ... "

"Well, then why? Why did the town decline?"

"That was also what Nana Lee said all the time."

The lord who governs the town is a ridiculously selfish man, a fool who can't do good politics.

It's not just that town.

Other towns in the territory are steadily declining to varying degrees.

The lord is now spending every day terrifying when an inspection from the center will come and a number of injustices will come to light.

I think it was unscrupulous

However, I was finally relieved.

I knew I didn't know until I heard the story of my grandmother.

Based on her story, I read and learned about the suspicious events that happened here.

There is a clear "evil" in this case.

The existence that brought misery to the innocent grandmother and her granddaughter.

"That guy" heard the story of the famous "witch doctor" from a young couple. Using the power of the "curse", he plans to kick off his rivals and advance into the future. I relentlessly urged the couple to "call her."

However, the couple flatly refuses.

The angry "that guy" trapped the couple and killed them pretending to be an accidental death.

He searched for the wandering "witch doctor" and called him "my granddaughter is lonely alone".

The "witch doctor" who came in properly, however, did not take part in the offer of "that guy" -"curse rivals and rebellious people".

"That guy" who misunderstood the phrase "I can't curse" as "I lost the ability to curse" once gave up and kept a distance from the "witch doctor".

If you don't curse, you should kill it. With such a straightforward idea, he killed his rivals one after another by pretending to be an accidental death.

Because of the success of a good couple, taste it.

Then, "that guy" gets the highest position in this area.

However, after a few years, "that guy", whose position is finally in jeopardy, is trying to blame all the sins on an old man.

All wrongdoing was due to the old man's "curse".

"Okay, let's go now."

"Mel-kun, where are you going?"

I smiled and said to everyone who was angry.

"Punish the bad guys."

Let's rush to the happy ending.

Although it was not possible to save many people, at least two "witch doctors" could be happy.

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