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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C19 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 19
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C19 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 19


19 ◆ Hero vs. Hero


My head couldn't keep up with the mysterious events that happened in quick succession.

In summary, "The lord Gutte is exposed to strange medicine and his body swells. Moreover, the Earth Mother Goddess has moved to Sylphy, right? That's right.

What's happening !?

I didn't really understand.

Says the Earth Mother Goddess possessed by Sylphy.

"You don't have to understand what you don't know. For now, just think about making time, because Sole doesn't last long."

No, even if I was told to "earn time".

I use "reading" instead of "reading theft" to "appraise" the changed Gutte.


Name: Gutte Beauweil

Physical strength: S

Muscle strength: S +

Agility: A +

Magical power: A +

Mental strength: S

[Specific skills]

"Curing (Kongo)": A

Ability to greatly increase the defence power of yourself and equipment. The highest skill of "hardening".

If the opponent's physical attack power is below the rank of this skill, the attack will be invalid.

If it is higher than the rank of this skill, the damage will be reduced to (rank difference) x 1/5.

"Rush": A

Increase the speed when going straight and the attack power when colliding. (Arbitrary activation type)

Rank A has a 50% increase rate.

[Limited skill]

"Curse of Chaos"

Give all kinds of pain forever. (Disadvantages only)


Due to the effect of the limited skill "Curse of Chaos", it is contaminated with "Chaos".

Extremely poor both physically and mentally. The spirit is on the verge of collapse.

Due to the effect of "Mourning of the Hero" of "Evil Dragon's Liquid", all stats have been replaced with the ability of "Brave of the Shield" Galan Heartis. In addition, a single command "kill moving things" is dominated.


Isn't it relatively strong !? Isn't it like a brave man! What is "The Rising of the Shield"? Galan Heartis? Who is it?

The answer came in Sylphy's voice before my "appraisal".

"Now Gutte Boweil is the same as the hero who was defeated by the evil dragon in the middle of his ambition ... It's only on the status, so the consciousness is that of Gutte Boweil, but the freedom of the body is the evil dragon. I'm being robbed by

Freedom? Ah, there is a "state-controlled by a single command" kill moving things "in the [state].

If you take a quick look at the history, it seems that long ago before the brave Earth Drago we knew, God sent it to the earth and there were brave-level people there.

Galan Heartis, the hero of the shield, is one of them. Moreover, it was quite strong.

Even so, is it the same? My "reading theft" is an addition, but this is a complete overwriting of the status. The unique skills that Gutte originally had are gone.

Limited skills are given after identification.

Well, what should I do?

If you read and steal the other person, you can look ahead to the action, so my advantage is. If you just need to earn time, it will be even easier.

However, it seems that it cannot be done. Well, the curse is forgiveness for me too.

Oh, that's right.

I came up with a good idea and glanced at Sylphy. Oh? For some reason, you're skipping your eyes?

"Don't read and steal my divinity. It's a suicide act in humans."

Oh, it's no good. I expected it to be stronger than other people because it's about God.


Name: Silfina Est Philianis

Physical strength: E +

Strength: E +

Agility: D-

Magical power: B-

Mental strength: C


It's weak! Sylphy's status is still there! Well, the magical power is much higher than I am. At the age of 10, the magical power is B-, which is probably exceptional.

"You're thinking about something rude? Possession is just something that connects your consciousness. It's fundamentally different from you and Sole. Rather, it's the opposite direction."

I don't know what is "reverse direction", but I see.

But if the consciousness is connected and the one who is exposed is God, can you know the status if you read it deeply?

"You're thinking about something weird this time? Don't read me as a divinity. That's a lot of work. You're sorry for your nosebleed, right?"

Well, does it make sense to read something that cannot be stolen?

Even so, isn't this god looking from above? Because it was a god, until then, I imagined that the Earth Mother Goddess would wrap it in a physically soft object and heal it.

To be clear, I'm the type of older sister I'm not good at.

"I'm not thinking about being very rude !? I can't read my heart right now, but you can tell by facial expressions!"

What a hell! It made God angry.

While we were doing stupid things like that.

"I, Idai. Gurujii .... Dazu, Geede!"

The air trembled with the roar of the changed Gutte.

"Hi, hi !?"

"It's a monster!"

"Run away!"

Soldiers ran away to me. But that's bad. Today's Gutte is ordered to "kill moving things".

"Don't move! I'll attack you!"

The person who was rushed by fear was the one who couldn't stop.

Gutte glanced at one of the soldiers.


I held the "Brave Sword" and launched an attack.

Slash diagonally from the shoulder.

A dull sound. Hard! The blade does not pass properly.

It is the effect of the unique skill "hardening (Kongo)".

My strength is now S-, and the attack power of the weapon is S. Overall, it's about S. The rank difference with the opponent's skill is 1. That's why the damage is reduced to 1/5.

The opponent's counterattack rush.

Agility is above, so we can handle it somehow. I slash three times while my opponent makes two fists. One difference can cause a slight injury to his body.

However, this wound heals while looking at it.

While attacking, he was using healing magic.

Moreover, since I don't think that I will be attacked, the attack on me will be fierce. Fresh blood splattered just because my fist grabbed my cheek.

Gachinko game close combat is bad. Then--.

I jumped a lot and left a distance.

However, that didn't work.

"A, Anjan, Escape, Le ..."

"Uh ... oh !? What happened?"

Bouncer duo. The older brother was dragging his brother.

Ah, already! Be quiet!

Gutte changed his aim from me to his brother. You can't make it in time if you start slashing. That's why I--.

"'Thunderstorm Keraunos'!"

I shot the magic.

The hero Earth Drago's speciality magic, the highest level magic of the lightning strike system.

A large magic circle appeared in front of me, and lightning struck from there.


Hit. However, there is almost no damage. Just before he was hit by a lightning strike, he deployed "Magic Barrier Magi Shield". It was a hit that broke through it, but its power was considerably reduced.

As expected, he is a brave man with a "shield". There is no gap in the defence.

"Come on !!"

Gutte makes a "rush". Not to me who attacked, but to my brother who was nearby.

"Boo" "Bee!"

The two decently ate his "rush". My brother is crushed by Pechanko between Gutte and his younger brother. The younger brother had his armour dented and blew off with his brother stuck to his body.

When I hit the wall, I fell into it and stopped.

Is this power when the body is numb due to a lightning strike?

"Uh, Gigagogagegogiga"

The reason was completely blown away. What !? This time it's me!

Gutte dropped his hips and "rushed" towards me. The momentum is different.

Avoid it flutteringly.

Gutte hit the wall.

A large hole opens in the wall. Not only that but in the aftermath of the shock, the 15-meter-long wall was blown up.

Debris is indiscriminate here and there !?

Sylphy and others are safe !? If you look there.

"I don't mind here. My divine power is quite limited, but I can protect it here. However, if I receive the current one properly, it will not be worth it."

Sylphy (Mother Goddess in the shape of) was creating a translucent barrier with both hands in front.

I relievedly stroked my chest. But I can't be relieved.

As she says, if you eat it properly, it's not safe.

The same can be said for me.

Intuition told me that if I received that "rush" from the front, I would definitely be able to do it.

I can be invincible only once a day with the special effect of "Brave Sword". But it can only be used once, so I have to think about where to use it.

"Gubo ga bogebabo!"

Gutte rushed into me while sprinkling saliva.

This time it was not a "rush". However, the speed at which the arm swings is faster than at the beginning, and it aims at the blind spot accurately. The reason was supposed to be blown away, but on the contrary, the movement was sophisticated.

I was in defence from beginning to end.

Do not leave without sticking. If the distance increases, a "rush" will come.

"Good. Not bad. Sole's reason has already been lost. It's about to destroy himself."

Is that really so?

I couldn't believe what God said.

Gutte is not looking tired but is further strengthening his offensive.

Intuition again-no, the "experience" of the man I stole told me.

"Defeat it. Otherwise, everyone will die".

That's it.

Gutte, who turned into a living beast just to kill moving things, does not stop. I never stop myself.

Then, there is no choice but to defeat it and stop it.

However, even if you slash and be beaten repeatedly, time will only pass. You can prevent it even if you shoot magic.

At this rate, my physical strength will eventually run out, and I and everyone will be killed.

If so--.

"Liza! Throw the fairy's elixir'!"

"Huh? Ah, yeah ... I got hurt somewhere !?"

"It 's okay, so fast."

"Wow, I understand."

I cast weak magic while moving away.

Gutte stops and defends. I hit it directly, but there was no damage. Well, of course.

At this opportunity, I received the "Fairy Elixir". Fly back. The distance has increased. It's a great time for him to "rush".

Gutte sank slightly.

I also put a lot of effort into both legs.

And he stole all of "The Rising of the Shield" Galan Heartis ...!

"Chaos" invades me.

It was sticky mud, sharp needles, and scorching lava.

The heat that burns the inside of the body. Pain with countless needles. Suffering that I can't breathe. Disgust that stirs the viscera.

All kinds of pain, including those I had never experienced, hit me.

I can't stand this. I can't keep my sanity for a few seconds.

"But don't vomit soft sounds!"

I opened the lid of the vial and drank half of it. It was refreshing for a moment, but soon it was painful and painful again.

But it's not as hot as before. I've experienced it once, so I think I can endure it for about 10 seconds.

"That's enough!"


Gutte "rushed" to respond to my spirit.

me too

Immediately push the vial into the pocket and "rush". I laid down the "Brave Sword", put my free hand on the belly of the blade, and thrust it into him like a shield.

The collision from the front made an explosive roar.

Stay at the collision point as if pushing each other without being repelled by each other.

Of course, I was unharmed. This is because the special effect of "Sword of the Hero" made it invincible.

On the other hand, Gutte was shocked by the combined power of blowing off the walls.

Although the damage was reduced to 1/5 thanks to "hardening (Kongo)", fresh blood was scattered in some parts of the body, and several clavicle and ribs were broken.

However, he recovers when he tries to fully operate the healing magic.

Even if you shoot the sword as it is, recovery will be faster than hurt if it is defended. However--.

"I think I'm busy recovering. I was aiming for this."


At the same time as kicking his belly, I read the information of the brave Earth Drago from the sword I got and steal it. And immediately

"'Thunderstorm Keraunos'!"

We had an unavoidable lightning strike from a close distance.

The lightning bolt that jumped out of the magic circle clings to his body and overruns.

Gutte, who was focusing on recovery, soon after deploying "Magic Barrier Magi Shield".

"―――― !!"

It disappeared from the world without leaving even the charcoal, and the cry of the devil was not raised.

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