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C21 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 21


21 ◆ Even if memories disappear--


When the "curse of oblivion" is dispelled, the memory while being cursed disappears.

When I told Sylphy about that,

"...... Eh?"

The expression was desperate and could not be seen.

Sylphy, however, quivered and asked me.

"That means forgetting about the past year ...? Since I met Mel, I've travelled with Clara and Liza, and my grandmother and Nana Lee ... all ... ...? "

"That's it"

When I tried and calmly returned, Sylphy hugged me.

"No ... No, that's it! Why? Why do you forget it !?"

If you read it, you can get the answer. But the mechanism doesn't matter.

The only thing I want to know is how to avoid it. But that was "impossible".

Sylphy shakes his shoulders.

"I won't do it ... You don't have to break the curse. If you forget about Mel, you can just leave it as it is ..."

I was very happy to hear that. But it's no good. You can't do it like this.

I gently put my hand on Sylphy's shoulder.

"Sylphy, you have to regain your memory. You have to remember your mother and your hometown. You have to go back to" Miko Miko, the Priestess of Light "."

Because that was her wish before she lost her memory.

Accepting fate at an early age, preparing for death, set out on a journey to find a "successor to the brave".

She wasn't forced by anyone, she wasn't a child's poor idea, and she became a "priestess of light" with a dazzlingly noble determination.

Do not get dirty. Even if she now denies it.

"That's why--"

"Wait a minute. You shouldn't push it without thinking."

Being interrupted by my grandmother, I finally realized that I was strengthening my vocabulary.

"It's true that it's better to do it earlier. It doesn't change that much for a day or two. Why don't you come home for the time being? You should think carefully there."

"... Yes. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for Sylphy."


We left Gutte's castle at the suggestion of the grandmother.

The way back.

Sylphy was holding his knees all the time in the corner of the carriage.

When the town was finally visible,

"I don't want to forget ... I don't want to forget ..."

I said only that. The sun was completely dark.

Dinner was cramped at a table for 4 people. Sylphy works hard to flatten Nana Lee's home cooking without leaving anything behind. Even though I was in a state of "nothing going through my throat", I was forced to do it.

I used to say "don't leave food", but I kept it even at such times.

It's not a big house, but it's manageable for 6 people to sleep.

However, I and Sylphy decided to spend the night on the carriage bed.

Sit side by side, two people wrapped up in one blanket.

It was silent for a while and was close to each other.

Sylphy quietly opened his mouth.

"Mel, do you remember?"


"The first time we met"

"... Oh. Sylphy, I was absent. Did I ignore my cancer when I talked to him?"

"Yeah. I was always anxious. I didn't know who I was and I didn't know anyone around me all the time. So I wanted you to leave me alone. Everyone did that. But Mel-Kun said. Whenever I came to church, I always talked to him. "

"Oh, that's right."

"Yeah. That's why I didn't like Mel when I met him."

"Uh ..."

Well, that's right. I was talking to him quite persistently. Moreover, because the purpose was "I want to make you laugh", I think he was supposed to be a really strange guy with strange faces and movements.

"But before I knew it, I was looking forward to Mel-kun coming, but I noticed."

Sylphy buried his face in my breast. Grab your clothes and hug them.

"I'm glad I didn't know ... I thought so a while ago. If I didn't know that I would forget about Mel, it wouldn't have been so painful ..."

"Sylphy ... I'm sorry"

"Don't apologize, Mel. I don't think about it now. I'm sure that if you break the curse without knowing it, you'll always have something moody in your chest."

I can't read the future. So I don't know if it's correct. But I thought that was the case with Sylphy.

I stroked Sylphy's head. Silvery hair is comfortable in your hands.

"I'll talk about everything."


"I can read even the smallest events that I don't remember. Even if I don't remember, I'll tell Sylphy everything."

"... Yeah. Please. Even if I hate you, talk about everything."

"Oh. Even if you don't ask me, it's about me. Even if you hate me, I'll talk all the time, I'm sure."

"Fufufu, that's right. Mel-Kun. Even if I hate it ..."

Sylphy put a lot of effort into his hand to grab my clothes tightly.

Then, slowly raise your face--.

"I like Mel!"

In a sudden confession, I lost my word.

The pressure is applied to the straight eyes. My heart was grabbed by my feverish gaze.

"I will never forget. I will never forget. I will never forget."

It was a heartbreaking cry. I couldn't say that it was a wish that would never come true, even if my mouth broke.

But I was wrong.

The strength of this child-the strength of feelings.

"Even if I forget about Mel, my memories with Mel, everything, everything--"

Sylphy shouted with the best smile, with tears in his eyes.

"I will never forget this feeling!"

I was hugging you. I was full of tears. This guy was really a strong guy. I'm already

"I love you too"

Because I responded so, I was doing my best--.

After weeping together for a while, we had a runny nose and other problems, but after that, we talked calmly.

Just as I practised after breaking the curse, I told endless memories.

In an atmosphere that is no different from us until yesterday.

I was sleeping before I knew it.

The day was approaching, and each other was rushed by the bugs on their stomachs to wake up. I looked at each other and laughed.

After having a late breakfast and lunch at Nana Lee's house.

A chair was placed in the middle of the room and Sylphy was seated.

"I want Mel to do it."

If you were told with a clear face, you couldn't refuse. Or rather, I intended to do that from the beginning.

Nana Lee was saying something, but her grandmother was watching over me saying, "I'm not surprised what you did now."

I read and stole my grandmother and stood in front of Sylphy.

After waiting for Sylphy to close his eyes, touch the white and smooth forehead with his finger and draw a mark. I'm ready to cast a spell that doesn't make any sense.

Then, start the technique of dispelling.

Light illuminates the drawn mark.

Sylphy made a wrinkle between his eyebrows for a moment. If you relax immediately, the light will become smaller and then disappear.

That's it, it was over.

The "dispelling was successful". Other than that, I was scared and couldn't read it.

Sylphy slowly opens his eyes. I looked up at me in front of me.

"How are you feeling? Do you know your name?"

When I asked him, Sylphy said with no expression.

"...Who are you?"

Oh, this. It's harder than I expected. I managed to keep my knees from collapsing as my lower back was about to lose power.

"I am Mel Lailute"

When he introduced himself with a tense smile, Sylphy made only his eyes wander. I found Liza behind me and looked relieved.

I'm glad she was there.

Sylphy would have had the same anxiety as immediately after losing his memory if he had lost his memory for a year and was alone in a strange house.

Let's leave the explanation of the situation to Liza.

I turned around and tried to talk to Liza.

Dogo. "Gue"

A strong crush hit my back.

Above all, doubts and confusion dominate my thoughts rather than pain.

"Who are you?"

Sylphy asked the same question as before, with his face pressed against my back and a muffled voice.

"Well, that's why--"

"I don't know you. I haven't spoken or even seen you."

The words that pierce my chest are in a row.


"But why? Why did you turn your back and become anxious? Why did you hug me and not let me go?"

Oh, really. This guy is amazing.

"Why? Why can't my tears stop? Why am I--"

――I cherish you so much!

Why? It's easy to know the answer.

I looked down at Sylphy's hand desperately clinging.

But stop. I wonder if it's a difficult reason that I can't understand even if I do something insane.

Instead of reading, I gently put my hand on her hand and answered.

"Because I also cherish Sylphy."

Sylphy's body bounced astonishingly. The strength of the clinging arm loosens.

Sylphy who doesn't know me-Sylphy who only remembers when I didn't know

"Well, then you're convinced."

After all, it was Sylphy that I know.

Saying goodbye to Nana Lee and others, we set out.

The first promise made by Sylphy-to fulfil the promise of "delivering her to her hometown".

The one-week trip was laid-back and did not get in the way of the evil dragon.

Along the way, I told Sylphy about his memories of the past year.

She didn't dislike it and was looking very happy. But sometimes I get a lonely face.

"It's a little disappointing. I knew Mel-Kun, who I didn't know, a while ago, so I envy him."

It's very difficult to be jealous of yourself.

Just before arriving in the Kingdom of Philianis.

Me and Sylphy promised again.

Let's defeat the evil dragon together.

Because it was a bad guy who disturbed us―.


The first volume of the book version is the contents so far.

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