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C23 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 23


23 ◆ The key to "Fairy Land"


Mother Goddess was convinced that it was the fairies who cooperated with the evil dragon and were in the way of us (I do not say that there is confirmation).

And now, I had caught the fairy flying around.

A little girl whose whole body is green and glows faintly? Something like that. There was a translucent thing on the back that looked like an insect wing.

It's an unfortunate opportunity to mask their true intentions,

"Maybe a confession of love? No, what should I do? Chipple, I'm in trouble ♪"

In my hands, the fairy was shy and shy.

For the time being, I would like to clarify the identity of the fairy.

They have "divinity", and if they try to "appraise" and read information poorly, it will put a great burden on my body.

However, I wondered if it would be possible if I did a little small amount.


Name: Chipple

Title: Fairy / Playboy


The odour of the bottom was terrible.

Well, the fairy is a fairy. Let's divide. You may know a lot even at the bottom.

I get out of the hot water once. Wrap a towel around your waist while struggling with one hand.

The body is warm now, but if you talk to it, it will get cold. I soaked my feet in hot water and sat down on a rocky place.

Now. Even if you're a fairy partner, you can put up with it if you just read it for a moment.

The status is postponed, and I will pinpoint the idea of

the tipple fairy described in [Status].

Although I was enthusiastic,

"Fufu, staring at me hotly. But, it's not so easy. Ufufu, I'm messing around, I'm going to make you like chipsle ♪"

‥ ... Isn't it necessary to read it? The thoughts are flowing down.

Do you want to speak normally for the time being? I want to avoid the burden on my body as much as possible.

My intuition tells me to be careful in conversation. If you apologize for your choice, you'll end up with a lot. maybe.

"It's not a confession of love."

To be honest, I tried.

Will it make you angry? I'm thrilled, but I don't lose my expression.

Fairy-Mr. Chipple, as he calls himself, squinted his eyes.

"Huh, don't do it"

What is it?

"I'm trying to bargain in love with Chipple. Ufufu, it's getting fun."

"... What kind of business did Mr Chipple have here?"

"Oh, I'm curious about Chipple right away. Is this an easy win for Chipple? Chipple came to see what a brave man was."

"What were you going to do when you saw me?"

"That's not decided. If you're a good man, you'll be tempted to be captivated by Chipple ♪"

"...so cute"

I knew that it was abrupt, so I honestly praised him.

Mr. Chipple, shrug your shoulders and shake your head.

"It's really exciting to express the facts as they are. It might be a little disappointing."

"... I didn't mention Mr. Chipple."

"Now !? Of course, I know the thighs!"

"Hairstyle is cute"

"Huh !? After all, it's a tiple!"

"... No, it's my friend's story."

"I knew it. What is it? This guy isn't interested in chips at all? Hmmm, kuyahhhh.

Approximately, it's getting better.

This fairy answers the question easily.

And it seems that he really wants to get involved in romance when talking to me.

Yeah, I understand. I know.

If you proceed as it is, it is probably hell.

At her pace, don't get involved in love affairs.

If you make a mistake and miss it, Mr. Chiple could assassinate all the people near me with his covertness, mobility and cruelty.

"Does Chiple cooperate with the evil dragon?"

Let's cut it straight down and ask for it.

However, it is.

"Evil dragon? What's that? Chipples aren't calling big boobs. At best, human size?"

"That? I don't know the evil dragon ...?"

"I know that. That's a dragon, isn't it? A bad dragon. Yeah, that's yeah, yeah."

Even if I didn't read it, I felt I wasn't telling a lie.

"It seems that there is a fairy who is trying to get in the way of me as a brave man in cooperation with the evil dragon. Do you know?"

"Hey, what are you talking about from a while ago? I'm not interested in what other fairy Renchu

is doing."

This guy ... "I can't use it!"

"Huh !? What, what?"

Oops. Mr. Chiple swelled his cheeks and glared with tears.

"I'm sorry. Just yell ..."

"Hmm. I don't know how to yell at the lady. I don't know you anymore."

It seems that Mr. Chipple was angry. She turns away.

"How do you know about other fairies?"

I keep asking questions without being disappointed.

"Hmm. If you want to know about fairies, you should ask the king."

Mr. Chipple who answers honestly.

How nice. It's going well. I'm completely away from love stories.

"Hmm? What is the King ..."

The name of the special effect of "Sword of the Hero" had the word "Fairy King". Queen Eleonora also managed to say "Fairy Land", and it was the Fairy King who took away the body of the brave Earth Drago.

"How can I meet the Fairy King?"

"I haven't been out here for a while. I'm withdrawn into the royal palace of'Fairy Land'."

"Then, do you have to go to'Fairy Land'to talk?"

"You can't do it. I can guide you with a tiple."

Hmm, ask Mr. Chipple, who is good at it, to "take me".

"Huh? I don't like it."

Akanbe was rejected.

"How can I get you to take me?"

"Eh? That's right."

Mr. Chiple seemed to come up with something like Pikon, and answered with a grin.

"I hope you let go"

Yup. It's really easy to understand. "If you release the restraint, you will fly and run away."

"Somehow there. Please!"

I ignore it and try to push it with momentum.

Uh, it's pretty hard to read the [state]. My head is throbbing.

And the moment I was off guard.


Peka. Mr. Chipple shined brightly.

"Oh, Mabushi"

The frightened place was bitten by a sprawl.

"What !?"

I unintentionally loosened my hand,

"Heheh! Zamamiro ♪"

I was able to escape properly. Mr. Chipple jumps at a height that I can't reach even if I jump.

"You're hitting something else. Recently, everyone is going out to the outside". "

I got good information, but I would like to secure her if possible.

I don't know when and where I can meet what kind of fairy, and above all, Mr. Chipple is easy to handle.

I heard a voice on the other side of the rocky area.

"What? It was shining right now."

"Hey, Clara! If there's Mel there. Wrap it around a towel."

The voices of Clara and Liza. Was that a female bath?

"Oh, my brother ♪"

Clara showed her upper body. It was shocking, but it seems that Liza wrapped the towel around her body properly.

"Are you talking to someone now?"

"Oh, oh. There's a fairy ..."

When I pointed to the void, Mr. Chipple was surprised and wary. I'm scared to see Clara, not me.

"... Is there anything there?"

Mr. Chipple who gently stroked his chest and gave me a sideways glance.

Apparently it doesn't look like Clara.

Can I see it because I have a "god's eye"?

"Well then, bye bye ♪ I'll never see you again."

I don't know. If nothing is done, it will escape.

Therefore, I came up with a plan.

"Oh, yeah. But I'm glad. If I had eaten the light again, I would have suffered so much that I couldn't stand. Oh, I'm glad. I didn't have that light attack again!"

Mr. Chipple smiled with a devilish smile.

"Ahahaha. I found a weakness. I'm going. Spark!"

Oh, it's dazzling. But if you squint, you can endure it. I was just surprised suddenly.

"Clara, fly to the center of the light! And hold it!"

"Nya ♪"

Clara flies without any doubt.

Kapuri. "Pugya !?"

I got a brilliant fairy.

Clara couldn't see Mr. Chipple, but he recognized the light emitted by the technique name "Spark".

I rescued Mr. Chipple from her mouth while stroking Clara's head after landing.

Somehow, I was tired.

There seems to be no trauma. It seems that Clara was good at it. It seems that he just fainted because of the fear of being eaten.

Anyway, I got the key to "Fairy Land" again.

The rest is how to deceive-soothing and having it function as a key.

Yeah, I feel heavy ...

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