Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C26 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 26
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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C26 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 26
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C26 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 26


26 ◆ Careless enemy


 The place where I ran a little along the river from the city.I went into the forest from the road and went out to an open place.

 A large 10-metre cave has opened its dark mouth on a Rocky Mountain.As if to block it, a huge humanoid monster with green skin was sitting somewhere.

 3 a big monster that exceeds meters.

 His plump physique and blustery eyes were somewhat charming,but his sharp fangs extended from his lower jaw to the top.The skin is soft and hard as iron.The skin of the tree was peeled and tied,and it was wrapped around the waist.

 It's a king troll.

 It bears the name of the king,but the sight of him alone and blankly drifts with pathos.

 The status is almost A staggered.It has the inherent skill of magic defense system,it is quite troublesome opponent.

 We hid in the trees and watched.

"I don't even move," he said.Is not it sleeping?Iori said.It's stuck to me for some reason.It's close.

"It's happening," he said.It seems like he doesn't sleep at all.」

 I read the ecology of King Trolls and answered.

 The monster is omnivorous, spending the day in a blur, and when he can't stand hunger, he goes to the forest and eats plants, nuts, and animals.It rarely attacks people or subhumans.He seems to be the equivalent of gethemono.

 The size of a meal is quite large.However, it seems to eat only once a few days.

 Those seeking the"black cave" enter the cave as soon as the King Trolls go out for a meal.

"But I just finished my meal yesterday, so I'm not going to move for a while」

 It is not a good time."Black cave flower" blooms once a few months.I'm rather lucky because it fits perfectly with that timing.

"Then you can sneak into the cave through the side so that you won't notice」

"It's impossible.It is a blur, but it seems not to miss the moving thing in the field of view」

 So what to do?

 It would be nice for me to draw the attention of the demon, and Iori-San to enter the cave in the gap.

 The king troll is the guardian of the elf kingdom.I can't defeat them.

"Wow, wow.」

 The bird cage held by sylphi began to rampage.A black cloth is wrapped around the Birdcage.I flipped the cloth and called out inside.

"What is it?"」

"I don't know," he said.How long are you going to keep me locked in the dark?」

 The fairy tipple was angry.

"Because you're supposed to get in the way of doing"spark" or something, aren't you?」

"I'll do that.I'll interrupt you.」

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it again, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it again.

"Mel, I want to confirm one thing.」

 Iori is always looking at me.That's why it's close.

"I've always been curious,but why are you talking to an empty Birdcage?" No, that's not the essence of the problem.」

 Mr. Iori came even closer to each other's noses,

"I heard a voice from an empty Birdcage!?」

"Why are you teary-eyed?"」

'I'm not scared.I'm not afraid.Even if it is a kind of Youma, I will show you slashing down with my favorite sword.However, opponents who do not have a physical attack are no good.There is a ghost in it!?」

"The voice is loud," he said.Please be quiet.」

 I closed Iori's mouth with my hands and kept his face away.I'm not good at this person's sense of distance.

"There are fairies," he said.Mischievous.If you look closely, you can see it.」

 Iori-san, I squint my eyes and look at it.

"Oh my god!? There's something tiny here.」

 Now.This is a joke.

 I'll tell Iori about the plan.I will become a decoy,and Iori-san will take the"black cave flower"with a gap.

"It's pitch dark inside, but is it okay?" he said.」

"There is no problem.If you destroy your heart, you can see the enemy's movements through the eyes of your heart」

 The other party does not move with flowers, but... is it really okay?

"Mel, are you all right on your own?"」

"There's a little bit of a plan," he said.」

 The tea is cloudy,and I call out to sylphi.

Sylphi was hiding here.」

 There are no beasts or anything around.The king would be afraid of trolls.

'Mel, be careful.Don't get hurt.」

"Oh.It's okay.Well then, Mr. Iori, let's go.」

 I pulled out the "sword of the brave" from my waist and jumped out in front of the king troll.

 He looks at me slowly, but does not try to move.

 So I slipped through the side of the king troll and tried to infiltrate the cave.


 The demon followed the roar and hit my fist in front of me while I sat down.It's not a direct target, it's a warning.

 I jumped back and tried to pass by the monster again.

 This time a huge fist came down from directly above.

 I'll fly back again.

 After repeated several times, it seems that the king troll was also angry.

 I got up with the sleigh and confronted me.

 I attract attention with strange movements.The King Trolls slowly moved away from the cave entrance.


 Iori rushed into the cave holding the bottle.

 For a moment, the King Trolls were like, " Oh my god.""I looked back with a feeling, but I got a thing without a fuss with Wow.

 After that, I was just waiting for Iori to collect"kurodohana"and come back...


 Iori jumped out of the cave sooner than I expected.

"I can't see anything in the dark.I can't do anything.」

"What about the eyes of the heart!」

 The festival after yelling.

 "I'm not going to let it go," he said.

"Mel, you're amazing.I can't take a step back from that kind of Monster.」

 It's ticklish when you look at it with glittery eyes, but if you hit a big mouth too, I wanted you to do your job properly.

 Well,that's why.

 We decided to redefine our strategy.


"Come on, it was the second round」

 I'll jump in front of the king troll again.Sorry many times.

 He holds a sword in his right hand and a bottle in his left hand.

 "I think it's a good idea," he said.

 I left sylphi's escort to Iori, I jumped into the cave alone,while fending off attacks of monsters, to collect"black cave flower".

 Very simple.

 It's a secret to Iori-San,but I can somehow do this by reading the surrounding information even in the dark.

 But how about it while fighting?

 Although there is anxiety, I charged to the cave with the optimistic thought of"I will be able to do something".

 It's pitch dark.I can't see anything.Otherwise, the "black cave flower" will not bloom, and it will not be as it should be.

"Goo Oo!」

 While guiding the angry king troll, infiltrate the inside of the cave.

 I do not mind only the character information, but I carefully proceed to the back.

 Eventually, I reached a cool place.The deepest part of the cave.I saw a black flower blooming on the side of a pond with spring water.


He said: 'I'm not going to say that.? Oh, it was dangerous....」

 The king troll has a sharp sense of smell and hearing and knows exactly where I am.

 I can't look ahead directly to the king troll movement because I can't see the opponent.

 "I think it's a good idea," he said.

 Because I read and steal the ability of the hero Earth Drago, I have managed to manage by the status difference.

 It is not nice to spend too much time.The flowers might be crushed.

 I'm going around the king troll at high speed, and I'm going around the king troll, and I'm going around the king troll, and I'm going around the king troll, and I'm going around the king troll.,

"That's it, that's it, that's it!"」

 While opening the lid of the bottle, quickly jump to the "black Donghua", pick it, push it into the lid.

I'm sorry to Bother You.」

 I ran through the cave toward the exit.

 It is a good skill enough to fall in love while I am.

 Okay.There were various, but the material of the purpose was safely obtained.It was quite easy.

 I was off guard at this time.

 I left sylphi to Iori.

 It was an unfamiliar darkness.

 Because I could not afford the parallel work of collecting material with the opponent of the demon.

 It's no longer just an excuse.

 Anyway, I was off guard.So ...

"I'm sorry!"」

"I'm not sure," he said.?」

 When I jumped out of the cave, it was the figure of two people who were attacked by someone that jumped into my eyes.

 A thin man with a dagger in his hand threw something at Iori.It burst in front of her, and became fog and blocked Iori's eyes.

 Iori-San thrust sylfi at once,so the fog was only bathed by Iori-San alone.

 The mist was a lethal poison.

"This, ooh ooh!」

 I immediately rush to the man and make him eat a strong kick on the side.The man who blows away.Ignore such a guy,I give Iori-San The"Fairy elixir" that had been in the pocket.

"Geho, Geho, U,U... ha!? I'm not sure what to do.......」

 Good.I made it in time.Iori was still unable to see clearly, and had his eyes closed.But the condition is good.He will recover soon.

 "The elixir of the fairy" became about the remaining two mouths, but it can not be replaced with human life.

 He takes a breath and pulls sylphi up.

"Well, what? Don't treat me like that.」

 The bird's cage, which had been rolled together, had a complaint, so he took away the black cloth.

 Yeah, I'm really stupid.

 I wonder why I relaxed my mind at this time.


 Sound like broken glass.

"Oh my god!?」

 The man's screaming echoed.The Voice of the man I kicked, who attacked Iori and sylfi.

"No, no..., Guruji!」

 The man ripped off his clothes and ripped through his body,

"Oh, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god, my God!」

 What a blurb.,

""Arrow of light God phoibos』」

 From the right hand that protruded, it shot a ray towards us.

New chapter is coming soon
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