Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C5 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 05
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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C5 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 05
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C5 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 05


05 ◆ Untouchable daughter knight


Marianne Bademion, Deputy Chief of the Knights of the Red Feng, was on the road with 10 subordinates to investigate a crime.

Wearing red armour, which is the colour of the Knights, it is so beautiful that everyone can look back on it while riding on a horse.

Burning red hair. When tied together at the back of the head, it fluttered in the wind like a horse's tail.

Famous as a genius beautiful girl swordsman who was selected as the deputy leader of the "Red" Knights at the age of 17 as the daughter of the prestigious Bademion family. He handled a long sword, which was twice as fast as he normally had on his back, at a tremendous speed and did not allow any contact.

When Marianne and his friends arrived at the destination-a small town along the highway, the whole town was saddened.

Killing the priest.

It was just after a big murderous incident that didn't look like a small and laid-back town.

Marianne is greeted by influential people under the mayor Machiosa.

"It is an honour to meet Marianne, who has been sung by the world."

The mayor extended his right hand with a tense look.

Marianne just glanced at it

"'Killing the Father' is a first-class crime. I would like to investigate immediately, is that okay?"

"This is rude. Then, witnesses--"

The mayor hurriedly withdrew his hand and guided Marianne to a room in the church.

Call a man there.

Low Barry. A man who works in a church.

Interview the situation across the table.

"-That's why Mel seems to have resented the fact that she didn't have the good skills in the blessing Ceremony'."

The motive is weak to kill the priest for just that reason.

However, as long as I didn't understand the detailed exchanges, it could be considered an impulsive crime.

"What is the girl that Mel boy took away?"

"I'm an elf orphan. About a year ago, I protected my priest from wandering in the woods. I lost my memory and decided to pick it up at the church because I didn't know what it was."

Rowe flutters and flutters, as if it had been prepared in advance.

Marianne looked at the man standing next to her.

An elderly man wearing a robe. He wasn't a warrior by any means, but after staring at Rowe, he listened to Marianne.

She frowns at the suspicion.

"Then the last question"

Rowe smiled as if to say, "Please ask me anything."

Immediately after, the facial expression freezes.

"Did you know that the murdered priest sold the orphans to a slave dealer?"

"No, no, that's ... no way, haha


Marianne glared at Girori and Rowe as a signal.

"Guha !?"

A giant soldier in the corner of the room grabbed Rowe's back of his head and pressed it against the table.

The man is Marianne's aide and is called Gazuso.

At the age of 50, he is still one of the top swordfighters in Japan.

Marianne chills out.

"That reaction. You definitely knew it."

The priest is a reputed personality. What would a person do if he heard that he was involved in the sale of slaves?

First of all, you will doubt my ears. Listen back to the question or scrutinize the content in your mind. On top of that, he doubts that he is "that stupid." I try to confirm the situation, and some people get angry.

However, he doesn't match any of them. He swam his eyes to cheat and was clearly upset.

"Gazuso, I'll leave the cross-examination to you."


Gazuso grabbed Rowe's neck and pulled it up in front of him.

Rowe was terrified when he saw the cross-wound on his cheek.

Marianne left the room without looking back. An elderly man in a robe follows.

With the guidance of the mayor, I set foot in the morgue in the church.

The priest's corpse is contained in a casket.

The blood had been wiped off, but he was stabbed in the chest several times.

"How about it?" Marianne's words, an old man in Robe stares at the priest's body.

"I was surprised. This guy is the great thief Hegel Ois."

This man is a rank B appraiser with only four people in Japan.

"Yeah, it's a pretty big guy. I never lived in a place like this."

"Hegel had abandoned the bandit business and was lost, but he seems to have hidden his identity in the countryside and made a fortune by buying and selling slaves."

However, the man twists his neck.

"It's strange. A big thief who is good at deceiving is killed by a boy who has just acquired his own skills."

"You've got a very useful unique skill. The question is motive, but ... did he know the priest as a great thief?"

Marianne asks the mayor, who was so confused that he couldn't believe the conversation between the two.

"What kind of boy are you?"

"Yes. My name is Mel Lailute. After my parents died, I lived alone on the outskirts of town and helped the farm. He is a very ordinary boy. To the priest ... No, even if he is a criminal. I'm not a child who turns his blade for no reason. "

Maybe, the mayor makes an inference.

"He was very close to the orphans in the same situation, especially because he loved the elf girl he took away, Silfina, and she missed her too."

He continued that he might have tried to help Silfina after learning about Hegel's slave trade.

The big man came in just there, saying "excuse me". It's Gazuso.

"Did you get the statement?"

"Yes. It seems that he was helping to sell the orphans to the slave dealer under the priest."

Knowing that the priest is the great thief Hegel.

"However, he did not directly see the boy's murder of the priest. He tried to take it down after the fact, but he was replied and missed it."

The mayor frowns.

"Mel isn't very good at complimenting. It's not much different from an old man like me. No matter how much Rowe hurt his back, he can repel ..."

"It's interesting. I was curious about what unique skills the boy had acquired."

"Mr Marianne, play with me. Should I focus on detecting slave traders now?"

"Don't make such a bitter face, Gazuso. You may get some information from him. Mayor, do you have any idea where Mel boy went?"

"Several people have witnessed a carriage running eastward at a tremendous speed."

"East? ... Are you going to cross the border from there?"

Gazuso says as he remembered.

"There is a city of the End of the Hero'near the eastern border. A group of slave traders who were caught half a year ago were buying and fishing for sub-humans there."

"Oh, were they the ones who were attacked by the wolf swarm and let all the slaves escape? That's right. You can also investigate those who traded with them."

"If the boy is heading to the city, though."

Gazuso shrugs.

"As guided by the Earth Mother Goddess ..."

Marianne puts her hands together and prays gently.

The appearance of closing his eyes and hanging his head seemed to be a saint of charity even in armour, and everyone on the spot sighed.

And there.


A cat came in through the door that Gazuso had left open.

Marianne gently opens her eyes.

Spicy. It was Gazuso that I felt that such a sound echoed in the room. In a hurry, break in between Marianne and the cat,

"Why don't you go over there? See, I'll give you this."

Gazuso took out the dried meat from his bosom and threw it into the corner of the room.

Cat, dried meat straight.

"Now I'm leaving!"

Marianne did not miss the chance and started running to the door with ferocious momentum.

"Marianne, please wait."

Gazuso chases Marianne.

The aim was "the city of the end of the brave".

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