Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C6 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 06
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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C6 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 06
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C6 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 06


06 ◆ City of the end of the brave


Let's start with the conclusion.

Clara, a 13-year-old tiger tribe war tiger, I met while on the run. You can use it very much!

For some reason, the rank of the unique skill "hunting" was B +.

Coupled with high athletic ability, it was a big success in food procurement along the way.

When it comes to it, it is strange that I was longing for "beast meat". If I had such great hunting skills, I should have been able to easily get rabbits and the like.

Clara said, "The small animals around that area have eaten up."

Yeah, you eat three times as much as we do.

Well, even if the food is good, it's becoming pitiful to wear my old clothes.

Because I ran around the bushes with thin clothes, I had small scratches on my skin.

I want to dress more decently.

That is also true for Sylphy.

She was brought to me with her clothes on. Again, I'm just wearing my clothes while washing.

That's why.

Aiming for the east, after two more nights, I saw a big city along the border.

Let's procure various things here and prepare for crossing the border.

However, there is a problem.

I am the inquirer of priest killing.

I'm sure the order book is already around.

If that happens, you can't walk around the city by swinging a major player.

However, it is.

"This city is where I used to live."

Before being caught by a slave dealer, he lived there as a day laborer.

It seems that it was a period of stay for several months, but you probably knew it.

I thought that Clara would go to the town alone and buy various things.

"Should I buy a lot of meat?"

"Clothes. The main thing is the clothes. Then I buy new knives, pots and other travel essentials. It's old that I brought it from my house. And the food is well preserved. I don't need much meat."

"In other words, eat meat--"

"I'll give you a memo, so show it to the shop staff."

I am anxious. I have no choice but to worry. And the biggest anxiety is.

"Okay, Clara. You shouldn't follow someone you don't know because you'll give me meat, right?"


"Why don't you ask me" Why isn't it? "

Explain that a bad person literally feeds on something that the subject seems to like and deceives it.

"By the way, I was sold to a slave dealer when I followed someone who didn't know,'I'll give you meat.'"

Have you already experienced it ....

"Let's go together"

"Is it really done ♪"

Well, what will happen?

Me and Sylphy wear a hooded cloak deeply. It's a suspicious traveler, but it can't be helped. I'm a mundane human boy, but Sylphy is distinctive and easy to understand.

Fortunately, Clara is with us, so we are not suspected of being a "duo".

Criminals usually wouldn't make more friends during their flight.

Then we entered the city, left the carriage in a big inn, and went shopping.

The main street was lively.

Various stalls are crowded and a large number of people are gathering.

This city prospered as a distribution base along the border. It is a reasonable size even in Japan.

If you go down the river that runs nearby, you will reach the port town next to the royal capital in Japan.

The town I was in was along the highway, but the products gathered here flowed through the waterways, so the connection was weak.

"My brother, I have meat!"

Clara who tried to attack the butcher shop was squeezed.

By the way, this child calls me "brother". At first, I said "master", so I've stopped doing that until now.

Well, I don't want to be called my name in public, so this is fine now.

While looking at the shops, I came to the end of the main street.

It's a square.

There are many people here as well.

"My brother, what's that? Water is popping out of the pond."

"Hmm? Oh, it's a fountain."

Using the underground waterway that draws water from the river that flows near the city and runs all over the city. I read the feeling from the fountain.

"Oh, it's out again. Pyu!"

I thought it would have been familiar to me if I had lived before, but apparently, she didn't come around here during the bright hours. Basically, he lived in a poor plot away from the main street.

Clara stares at the tip of the water column that soars high in the sky and looks down as it falls.

"Hmm? Brother, what is that?"

When the fountain disappeared, a large rock out of place on the other side caught my eye.

A sword is stuck in the top.

The simple sword with no clever design was a symbol of the city.

This city is also called "the city of the end of the brave".

The place where the hero who once defeated the evil dragon and brought peace to the world died.

It is said that the hero squeezed his last power and stabbed the giant rock with a sword, and magically sealed it until the next hero appeared.

With a sword that was forged by kneading fairy scales, even if you slashed a dragon, it wouldn't spill a single blade and would never break.

Because it was a story hundreds of years ago, the truth is uncertain.

Of course, people with "appraisal" skills tried to get detailed information on the sword many times, but it seems that they do not know anything other than "the name is" the sword of the brave ".

Maybe it is protected by some mysterious power.

I tried to activate the "appraisal" skill with a light feeling.


Name: Hero's Sword

Classification: Weapon

Value: 500,000,000G

Attack power: S

Defense: S

Attack power: A

Anti-magical power: S


The one-handed sword used by the brave Earth Drago.

A unique sword that was forged by kneading fairy scales.

The magical power of him and the opponent he shot and destroyed is accumulated, and it can also be used as a source of magical power.

[Special effects]

"Blessing of the Fairy King"

Never break. No blade spills.

It is possible to give the user an invincible state for 15 seconds. (Once a day)

"Fairy Dazzle"

Hide the performance of the sword other than the owner.

Also, the status of the owner can be disguised arbitrarily.


Because it is sealed, it is not possible to use any skills.

To break the seal, you need to have the same or higher status as the brave Earth Drago.


I can see it ....

It's full of amazing information, but after all the price is eye-catching.

500 million G Gir is insanely expensive. Can you buy a mansion with a pool in the middle of the royal capital?

The status is also exceptional performance.

For both people and things, "S" is basically a status value that cannot be expressed as "phantom", but attack, defence, and even the ability to counter magic are S ...

This is a great special effect.

For me, "Fairy Dazzle" is too attractive. However, the fact that I can see this special effect does not show how skill rank EX is out of the standard.

Even so, this sword may be cheaper than 500 million?

Maybe because it is sealed, it may be an artistic value setting that takes that into consideration.

However, is it okay to leave this in the open air?

The answer was written on the signboard in front of Oiwa.

Because there is a distance, it cannot actually be read, but the descriptive information can be read by "appraisal".

"Please feel free to bring it with you!"

I'm afraid.

But I think I'm so confident.

It is usually impossible to carry such a large rock, and the rock cannot be destroyed by a magical effect.

And the sword of the brave cannot be pulled out unless it is as strong as the brave.

Well, it doesn't matter to me.

Even if I read the ability of things and steal it, I can't become a sword.

By the way, we went back the way we returned our heels.

At a clothing store.

"Oh, cute"

"Oh, yes ...? Ehehe"

Sylphy dressed in a young grass-coloured outfit that is slightly better than everyday wear.

A beautiful girl looks good no matter what she wears.

"How about me, brother?"

Clara has the pants looks and wears a vest with a lot of pockets.

Her atmosphere is a wild word, but her young face is adorable, so she looks good no matter what she wears. My hair is short so it looks a little boyish.

"But this is a bit painful for my chest."

"Oh, yeah. I think it's better to have one size larger on the top."

Correction. The volumely chest was a woman no matter where she looked.

I went shopping for about two hours and got everything I needed.

It is convenient to have "appraisal" skills.

You don't have to be fooled even if you are about to buy a cheap one at a high price.

I'd like to find a bargain, but I can't stay long, so let's try again.

Luggage is wrapped in a large cloth and Clara is carrying it.

I said that I would have half of it, but I have to ask if I was told: "I am strong".

"Then you can buy meat as a reward."

"Is it true !? Thank you for your brother."

There was a store that grilled meat and sold it at the storefront.

I select high-quality meat by "appraisal" and have it baked.

"Hafu, it's delicious."

"Mogumogu ... Yeah, it's soft and delicious."

Clara and Sylphy who ate steak at once.

If I was looking at the two of them while screaming.

"Hey, isn't that tiger girl Clara?"

What a voice calling Clara's name.

Looking back, the bad-looking duo of Gala looked at me suspiciously.

"Mugo !? Muchamuchahamuhamugokun ... Puhaa"

Clara seemed to be in a hurry behind the scenes. And then he shouted.

"My brother, they are the ones who sold me to the slave dealer!"

It is a hot topic.

Of course. He named the criminal in the traffic of the world.

The person who was told was also in a hurry.

"What !? Temee, there's a lot to say!"

"Don't skip the ridiculous thing!"

Wow, more and more people are gathering.

If it stands out so much, it will be noticed that I am the inquirer.

When it comes to this--.

I pointed at the duo and shouted.

"You guys, Otto brothers. Where did you hide the Golden Earth Mother God Statue'that you stole from Mr Loggins's house last week!"

"Why do you do that !?"

"I shouldn't have missed it!"

Oh, these guys are stupid.

Squeeze. This flow is good. It's really good.

This makes me an ally of justice. I don't think anyone is asking.

After that, let the justice hammer eat and stun, and we leave this place dashingly!

Can I go ...?

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