Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C8 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 08
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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C8 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 08
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C8 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 08


08 ◆ Chasers


Musashi Kido is tied up with the three Otto brothers in a mood and humming.

"Uncle Musashi, what are you doing?"

A girl with silver hair tied sideways came over. The pointed ears are proof of an elf.

The light clothing with a little exposure emphasizes the well-shaped cleavage. The holder contained a "magic gun," which is extremely rare on the thighs.

"Liza, if you quit uncle. I'm still in my twenties."

"It's a little different from me. He's a good uncle."

Musashi drops his shoulders.

"Who is that? The bounty neck?"

"Well, he's the culprit who stole the example" Gold Earth Mother Goddess "."

"Wow, that's amazing. Did you find it even though there were few clues?"

"It's not me, it's a human race boy. I got the whole spill. By the way, I didn't hear the name."

Musashi recalls that he was a mysterious boy.

The sword is required to move differently from the double-edged sword, but I used it without any discomfort. The footwork and dexterity are similar to Musashi's "Kido-Ryu Nitojutsu". No, it was a sword, but it can be said that it is.

It looks like a very ordinary boy with no features.

Why does he of such a human race know the swordsmanship specialized in the demon human race?

"No way, do you have a 'heavenly eye'...?"

Tweet without knowing it.

A super-rare unique skill that is said to have been possessed by the legendary hero Earth Drago.

Not limited to swordsmanship, it is a particular skill of the foul class that you can deeply understand all the techniques just by looking at them, and if you get a high rank, you will acquire what you can master in about 10 years of penance in a few days.

It is said that the benefit of this skill is the greatest for Earth Drago to gain legendary strength.

If that boy had a "heavenly eye".

"I failed. I had to make some adjustments."

However, it is strange.

Although he had that skill, he didn't have a weapon, let alone a sword.

"What was it, really?"

"What have you been mumbling about since a while ago?"

"No, this is the story. How long will you stick to me?"

"Did you say before until you achieved your goal?"

"Looking for people? If so, you need to follow me to imitate the bounty hunter--"

"I said that before. It costs money to gather information, and I can only attack remotely, so I need a bodyguard that can fight with human bullets. No, I found a job on behalf of the vague uncle. I'm coming to you. "

"Hmm, I'm a bounty hunter as a living business, but I have a different purpose."

"I wanted to fight against the only" heavenly eye "in this country."

Musashi nods.

He is a genuine swordsman, and to become stronger, he is wandering to fight and win the strong.

The owner of "Tenno" is called a genius.

I strongly wanted to defeat them with the swordsmanship that I learned after my efforts.

However, it is not so easy to fight because the "heavenly eye" possession of this country is a high-ranking person.

I really don't want to imitate Tsujigiri. I had that much common sense.

"Hmm, good news for such an uncle."

Elf girl-Liza takes out a piece of paper from the accessory case attached to her waist.

"I've found a delicious job. What! A kidnapper who killed a priest."

"Hey, did you even get kidnapped for a first-class crime? You're brave."

But, Musashi shakes his head.

"I don't need to earn money for a while. I don't think anyone who has a kind priest is very strong."

"That's where it is."

Liza laughs nastily.

"Actually, the Knights in the centre were chasing the criminal in the meantime. I just arrived in this city. Who do you think the Knights are?"

Musashi opens the details slightly.

If it was a quiz without hints, it would not be answered.

However, if the flow of conversation is a hint.

"Knights of the Red Phoenix, Deputy Leader, Marianne Bademion ..."

"Correct! A genius swordfighter with a 'heavenly eye'"

Hmm, Musashi thinks with his arms crossed.

If you are chasing the same criminal, you have no chance to fight directly.

However, it depends on the situation. Maybe it can be adjusted in a destructive manner?

Or if you catch the criminal first and ask for mock combat as a reward ...

Swordfighters are people with high pride.

However, Musashi does not have the pride and pride of people. It was not a shame to sit down in the public circle.

"Yeah, I'm motivated"

"Hehehe, I did it ♪"

"But Liza is also very motivated? Is there any merit for you? Other than money"

"Ah, did you find out? Actually, the kidnapped child may be the girl I'm looking for."

"Is it the daughter of my aunt's friend?"

"Oh yeah, like that"

Did you say "my mother's friend's niece" before?

Musashi thought that he was a nobly born child from Liza's speech so far.

However, there is no point in snooping.

"So what are the characteristics of the criminal?"

Liza answers while looking at a piece of paper.

"Well, a 15-year-old boy. His name is Mel Lailute. It's too ordinary."

"Normally, hey ..."

Imagine the boy just before.

A boy who is too ordinary, with no characteristics.

He had two girls with him.

One is a beast-man. And the other one was hidden in the hood and wasn't particularly interested, so his appearance is unknown.

However, the temporal region of the robe was unnaturally raised.

It was as if even the sharp ears were hidden inside.

"The human boy I talked about earlier maybe a little suspicious."

"Really !?"

Liza grabbed the chest and leaned forward.

"Yeah. It was a trio, but considering the height, one can be considered a girl about 10 years old."

Liza's blue eyes turned into an exciting one that could be taken with joy or anger.

"Isn't it suspicious? He had good swordsmanship, but he didn't have the personality to kill people."

"Isn't it often the case that you're just crazy? It seems that even though you were given a strange skill in the" Blessing Ceremony ", you went against it and committed the crime."

"It's a motive that seems to be attached."

"I don't care about the motive. We catch the criminals. That's it."

Your purpose is to search for lost children? I didn't say that.

"Then, let's stick these guys out to the guards and go find them."

"Is there a guess?"

"Hmm, I think I went to a big inn somewhere."


"They were like they were coming to this city for shopping. So I think they've finished shopping because they had a lot of luggage. Didn't they use a carriage to move?" The carriage should be parked at the inn. "

"Oh, I see."

Liza claps her hand.

"Marianne Bademion will be hitting that too. If you don't do it early, you may be overtaken."

"Wow, then I have to hurry."

Liza struck up the fainted brothers and rushed to "walk all the way".


Meanwhile, at that time.

Marianne was finding the carriage that Mel had stolen.

"There is no doubt that there is a boy named Mel Lailute in this city," says Gazuso.

"Maybe you're shopping in the city. You should wait here."

"Why don't you split into two?"

Those who wait here and those who go to the main street to search. That seems more efficient, but ...

"Can you still do it?"

Marianne asked the old man in Robe. He is an "appraiser" who can be used in the court. There are only four people in Japan, who have a skill rank of B, and who can identify people.

"That's right. If it's four or five more times ..."

The appraiser's face was bleeding with fatigue.

Since he entered the city, he has already appraised some boys and girls along the way.

"Appraisal" is a convenient skill, but it takes a lot of physical and mental stress-especially the burden on the brain. Also, it tends to be more information to appraise "people" than "things". If the rank goes up, it will be a little better, but in rank B, the limit was about 20 people a day.

"Then, what are you waiting for here?"

This is a carriage connection behind the inn.

There was a person looking at this from behind the building.

"Brother, what's wrong with those people?"

"Wow, don't go out"

It was a girl with short black hair who appeared a little. I had cat-like ears on my head.

Marianne, who was frightened for a moment, remembers with a surprise.

When I talked to the receptionist at this inn, it wasn't the duo of the boy and the girl who left the target carriage, but another girl of the beast-human type.

Two hands stretched out from behind the building.

It is a hand to pull back the beastman girl. One looks like a boy's and the other looks like a girl's hand.

"I was there! You, Mel Lailute, right?"

"It's gone!"

"Oh, wait a minute. We are--"

"Clara, I'll run away!"

Pulling the beastman girl, the three shadows disappear.

"Marianne !?"

"I will chase them. Gazuso should stay here. They may come back."

Tell the old appraiser to contact his subordinates who went to another inn.

"But Marianne alone ..."

"Okay. The other person is a beast-man. Because he is a beast-man ..."

Horses cannot run in the city. If so, the fastest person should go alone.

"I will inherit the will of the brave man." You must not be afraid of anyone. "

Marianne rushed to blow away her fear.

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