Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C9 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 09
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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C9 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 09
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C9 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 09


09 ◆ Caution, Hazardous Girl


It's a joke, isn't it?

The carriage was identified by a chaser with an appraiser.

My "appraisal" skill is too special, so I definitely don't want to be known.

Moreover, it is.

A woman who is with me. This is a difficult person.

I know Marianne Verdemion, a world-famous genius swordfighter.

Although he was not much older than me, he was called "the one who inherits the will of the brave man".

The large sword on his back was once used by a swordsman next to the brave Earth Drago and is a venerable and expensive substitute.

There are two unique skills.

I feel that there are few people with such fame, but one of them is too exceptional.

Everything has a super rare unique skill, "Tenno", which has about 3 "super" in its head.

Speaking of how the skill, which is said to have been possessed by the legendary hero, was broken


"Heavenly Eye": B

Eye power to see the essence of the event.

At rank B, for the technology systematized by accumulating knowledge and experience, at first glance, fully understand the essence and know the optimal learning method.

In addition, the movement can be predicted from the target situation, and the coping method can be obtained instantly.


Yeah, I don't know!

But maybe this means that you can spot weaknesses just by looking at it once.

Isn't it possible to put out a special move in front of this person?

In addition, it has an effect similar to my "Appraisal" rank EX.

I read the other person's thoughts and predict the movement, but she can comprehensively judge how to move her eyes and body and deal with it instantly.

In other words, even if I look ahead to her actions, she can read my movements and deal with them.

I can read the opponent's ability and steal it to become stronger, but the ability is exactly the same.

This will not end if you fight...

No, there was another strong uncle, so if that person also met at the same time, he would get stuck.

I'll get caught.

I hugged Sylphy as a princess and ran down the alley.

It is stealing the ability of Clara to run in parallel. After all, this child has high athletic ability. For me, it's an impossible speed.

"Please wait!"

I've caught up with something.

It's kind of desperate, but there is no idiot to wait when told to wait.

I just run without looking back.

If you go out to the main street, you may be able to escape due to the crowds.

I just believed it and came to the main street.

There are many people, but there are gaps.

As expected, it is the ability of wild children who ran through the forest. We then sewed into the square with the fountain.

With the fountain on the side, let's enter the street on the other side and leave the city as it is.

The carriage is a waste, but it can't be helped.

While thinking like that, when trying to slip through the side of a large rock with a sword stuck in it.

"Please wait--"


Did you hear a loud noise behind you?

"I'm telling you!"

Zugant, Marianne came down with her red armour squeaking !?

We hurriedly braked suddenly. Did you fly in the sky? No, did you jump over? Well, anyway.

"Are you really human!"

"Mu, I'm standing up like this, so I'm not going to say,' Towards the lady,' but I'm a little sad to say that."

I don't know. I wasn't treated as a girl and made me sick. I didn't treat it as a person in the first place.

Even so, this person is really beautiful when you see it up close.

The direction is different from Sylphy's loveliness like a doll. It's a dignified beauty.

Is it 17 years old, two years older than me?

It's hidden in the armour and can't be seen, but it seems that you have something as good as Clara.

Dangerous. I can't stop pounding. Maybe this is in love !?

Aside from joking, be calm at such times.

When I gently lowered Sylphy, I read her situation deeply.

Marianne chased "alone". The strong-looking uncle is waiting at the inn, and the appraiser does not come here to contact his friends.

Alright, good.

I have become accustomed to using "Appraisal" so much that I was able to display the necessary information.

She is the owner of "Tenno".

If I and she had the same ability, a long-term battle would be inevitable. In the meantime, there was a danger that a helper would come.

However. I see!

Wow haha, this person has a terrible weakness!

"I'm scared of cats"

In addition to her cute weaknesses, she seems to be an innocent young lady who hates being touched by others.

(Although it's not a cat to be exact) Clara was struck, and when she was frightened, she suddenly clicked.

Alright, let's go with this.

By the way, she has a status item called [Notes] that other people don't have, but what is it?

"Keep cats away"

"Don't touch directly"

‥ ... Is my strategy useless?

What happens if you do that? Is it related to unique skills other than "Tenno"?

The moment I thought, I got the answer.

... Yeah, this is a crazy guy.

I was scared, I didn't know, and I put my hand on the waist sword that Mr Musashi gave me.

Then she--.

"Don't pull out your sword. I didn't come to the fight. Oh, yes. You're worried about being arrested. Rest assured. I have no intention of doing so."

Hmm? Twist your neck and read her intentions.

This person knows that the fake priest I killed is the great thief Hegel Ois.

The reason I was chasing me was to know the situation and motive of the murder.

The misunderstanding seems to have been resolved. To be more precise, it is in a situation where it can be completely solved if you speak properly.

However, I can't act with her.

It would be a problem if the appraiser I was with would know my abilities.

"First of all, introduce yourself. I am Marianne Bademion, Deputy Chief of the Knights of the Red Feng. You are Mel Laylut?"

"That's right ♪" "What do you do when Clara answers!"

I hold my head.

Clara suddenly yelled at me.

Sylphy is in a hurry.

Marianne who makes her face stiff in response to her cat-like daughter.

She was really scared of cats.

Well, that's it.

If the misunderstanding can be resolved, it is definitely better to talk and understand.

Let's finish the story concisely and speedily, and say "Well, we are now".

Oh, isn't this smart?

I explained about the case of murdering a priest while hiding the "appraisal" skill and the identity of Sylphy.

"I see, I understand."

Marianne smiles with a smile. But this person didn't understand at all!

"I'll be officially interviewing you, so let's go back to the inn. What a formal thing, I won't let you take time."

It is written in the translucent window that "I want to know what his unique skill is".

It's not a joke. It's an invasion of privacy.

But this person is basically a good person. In other words, she is a sincere and credible woman.

Even if I didn't talk about the situation in detail, I don't think I would pursue it if I said, "I'm in trouble if I know my unique skills."


It was when I made up my mind and tried to get rid of it.

"I found it"

It was interrupted by the real male voice.

Turn to the side.

There was a demon.

A tall man with two horns on his head. Mr Musashi, a bounty hunter ...

"I don't think you're killing the priest. I'm sorry, but I'll detain you. Oh, I won't say" don't resist, "so you can resist as much as you can."

Mr Musashi crossed his arms in front and held the sword with each hand.

Marianne breaks in in a hurry.

"Wait. This boy is--"

"Oops, I don't know who ... is a knight-like lady, if you get in the way--oh!"

Musashi kicks the stone pavement.

Although I didn't use any skills, I was thinned to Marianne at a tremendous speed.

"Cho, talk--"

"No questions asked!"

The white blade shines brightly.

No, this person.

I know the situation by secretly eavesdropping, but since it is a unique opportunity to fight with the "heavenly eye", I think that I should pretend I do not know and attack !?

Come on, what should I do !?

No, but isn't this actually an opportunity?

I told you that I could talk to Marianne. At least she took it seriously and trusted her.

There is no reason for us to stay here anymore.

If possible, I would like to return Sylphy to my hometown as soon as possible.

Then, you should run away while the two are fighting.

Yes, if you run away ...

I was fascinated by the battle between the two.

Arghh !!

Two collision sounds echoed at the same time.

One is the sound of Marianne playing a slash.

And the other was the sound of my sword and Musashi-san's sword colliding.

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