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The wind was blowing and the dark thunder was rolling. It was like an angry lion roaring and hissing at times. The dark moon covered by thick clouds was faintly emitting a blood-red light. The night was especially gloomy and terrifying.

The ground was pitch-black, so dark that it was creepy. If one looked carefully, they would see that the pitch-black ground was filled with charred corpses. The smell of burnt flesh permeated the air, causing people to feel nauseous.

A few masked men in black tiptoed and carefully searched among those scorched corpses, as if they were looking for an important treasure.

Only when the sky began to shine did they straighten up and give each other a look. Then, like a roc spreading its wings, they left with light steps and soon disappeared over the top of the mountain.

Not too far away from the charred corpse, a black sedan chair suddenly appeared in the middle of the mountain. It was hard to tell if it had been hidden in the darkness for a long time, or if it had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Beside the black sedan chair stood two young men dressed in plain clothes. Those masked men in black had disappeared for a moment before one of the young men bowed respectfully towards the black sedan chair and said, "Young Master, it seems like they did not find him."

There was no sound from the sedan chair for a long time. If it wasn't for the fact that they had followed the instructions of the sedan chair and brought the dejected sedan here, they would have suspected that the sedan was empty.

The person in the palanquin did not say anything, and the youth did not dare to move. Only the sound of his clothes fluttering in the wind could be heard.

The young man with his arms crossed as before sneaked a glance at the young man on the other side. Luckily, he was there with him, otherwise, in this desolate charred corpse mound, if he were to accompany this sinister black sedan chair, he would have collapsed.

He was curious about who was sitting inside, but the more curious he was, the more terrified he became.

He wanted to lift up the black curtain with the dark lines embroidered on it to see what was going on, but, when the wind blew from all directions, their clothes fluttered in the wind, and that carriage curtain was strangely motionless, he didn't dare to do it.

It wasn't until the horizon lit up again that a deep and pleasant male voice came from the palanquin. "Is it almost daybreak?"

This pleasant, magnetic voice, along with the voice of the young man, made him feel comfortable. For some reason, this voice made him feel a lot more at ease.

"Reporting to Young Master, yes, it is already the fourth fragment of the night."

"Go back." The person in the palanquin only said these two words.

The two young men looked at each other in dismay before feeling gratified at the same time. They heaved a sigh of relief at being able to finally leave this damned place and paused. The young man who spoke earlier asked: "May I ask, Young Master, where are we going?"

"Return to where you came from."

"Yes, young master."

The two young men hurriedly lifted the sedan chair and walked up the mountain.

On the way, the people in the palanquin didn't make any sound or say anything. The young man in front of the palanquin felt a chill down his spine. In order to earn this huge labour fee, he was willing to give it his all.

Normally, they would help people mourn their deaths, but today was the first time they had sent a living person to the grave. They didn't know why, but they felt an indescribable fear in their hearts, especially the palanquin, which was the color of a coffin.

If it was a coffin, they were already used to it, but this coffin like palanquin made their hair stand on end.

Only when they returned to that remote area and carefully put down the palanquin did they calm down.

Two gold ingots shot out from the curtain and landed on the ground. Before the two young men could see clearly, the curtain had already returned to its original state. The speed of the curtain was as fast as if nothing had happened.

The two young men bowed and greeted him, "Thank you young master, thank you young master."

After waiting for a while, there was no sound coming from the palanquin. The two young men quickly picked up the gold ingots on the ground and left.

The two young men quickly walked to the gap at the end of the alley and glanced curiously at the black sedan chair. The two young men quickly walked to the gap at the end of the alley and looked curiously at the black sedan.

On the left was an extremely vast lake, and on the right was a tall wall. Apart from the fact that the palanquin had disappeared into thin air, they could not find a better explanation.

He looked at each other in fear and quickly ran away.

Not long after the black palanquin left, near the edge of the pile of burnt corpses, there was a faint movement, and the movement became more and more intense, the two charred corpses were pushed aside, and a black corpse struggled to stand up. Its entire body was so black that if it moved, it could fall out of the black dregs, and if one looked closely, the corpse's eyes were extremely clear.

Luo Wushuang breathed in a mouthful of fresh air and choked on the smoke. She let out a loud sneeze.

Instantly, Luo Wushuang's confused mind became much clearer, "Who's thinking about me?"

As far as the eye could see, the vast forest, the biting cold of the mountain wind, and the suppressive feeling of the dark clouds made one unable to breathe freely.

Another wave of dull thunder rolled on the ground. Afraid of the rain, she quickly moved her feet and prepared to leave. Just as she took her first step, she felt a terrible pain in her leg.

She looked around and saw a charred branch, but why was there a smell of meat in the air?

She squatted down and carefully examined the charcoal wood. She saw that the charcoal wood was curled up into a human shape, and some of it looked like the remains of human limbs. A bad piece of information instantly gushed into her mind.

How was that charcoal wood? It was clearly a curled up corpse!

She was so scared that she jumped up and ran. Her heart was in her throat and she was in so much pain that she wanted to cry.

She remembered that she had been exploring with a few of her donkey friends in the wild. Later on, as it was getting closer to night, they found an abandoned wooden house and slept. One of their teammates was afraid and built a fire, so they took turns staying for the night.

Fortunately, she survived.

Ignoring the pain in her body, she ran all the way, hoping to find the nearest village and ask for help.

The sky grew brighter and brighter, and as she ran, her mind became clearer. As she got closer to the edge of the woods, she realized that she was naked, so she found a large patch of leaves and tied them together with thin vines to hide the important spot above and below.

When she thought back to the situation in the valley, she was too scared at first. Now that she thought about it, it didn't seem like an accident, but someone had done it on purpose. It was clearly just a few people before they died, so how could there be so many corpses?

Planned murder?

The moment this idea came to his mind, Luo Wushuang shuddered and his footsteps became faster.

Let's find someone to call the police first!

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