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Seeing that it was almost the time to burn an incense stick and Luo Wushuang who was in the bathtub did not make any movements, Puyang Zi thought to himself that things were not going well.

Did this stupid woman really drown him?

He threw the book away and it flew toward the bookshelf.

Behind him, a pair of purple wings appeared, and he flew to the side of the bath barrel at the speed of light.

While Luo Wushuang was holding his breath to focus, he felt a pair of powerful hands pull her out of the water.

Subconsciously preparing to make a move, she fell into a warm embrace, her body emitting a faint fragrance.

Suddenly opening his eyes, he saw Puyang Zi's enlarged handsome face. He had a pair of clear eyes like morning dew, and a pair of dark and deep icy eyes.

Under the handsome bridge of the nose were lips as tender as rose petals. Her fair skin faintly glowed with a healthy luster.

Beautiful! This was a stunning beauty!

They met eyes with each other, but the focus of his eyes was somewhat out of place in her line of sight.

This time, Luo Wushuang believed him. He was truly blind. However, this posture, why was it so ambiguous?

She looked at her naked body and saw that his fingers were wrapped around her slender waist. That feeling was strong and powerful.

Although this body was exquisite, at this time her body still had no skin. It was just that the charred black from before was no longer there, and the muscles on her body were uneven, revealing her red skin.

What surprised her the most was that the skin on her body was rapidly forming into a thin, transparent membrane that was visible to the naked eye in the air.

With her skin progressed, she didn't care if she was in the arms of the blind man. She said in surprise, "It's in the conjunctiva! What a thin layer of film, so crystal clear! Is this my new skin? "

Luo Wushuang observed his own body in surprise. How could she have noticed that Puyang Zi's face was slightly red, and unconcealable fluctuations were flowing through his eyes?

"En, this membrane is the effect of the Heavenly Sage Fish Root. It is only used to protect your muscles and not your skin."

Puyang Zi's pleasant and magnetic voice sounded out by his ear. Luo Wushuang raised his head and looked over there once again.

At this moment, she was sitting in his arms on the wheelchair with him. His face was already looking to the side, and from her side, he could only see the fine lines of his face and the tall bridge of his nose.

It was the first time she was nestled in the arms of such a beautiful man. Her naked body was sticking close to his, especially her buttocks, which stuck close to his firm thighs. That feeling was really strange!

She turned and jumped down from his leg, which proved he was blind, so she didn't have to worry about exposure anymore.

"In that case, my skin still hasn't recovered."

She felt a bit disappointed. At this moment, she was like a skinned cat. Her body was completely red, no better than the charred black from before. Or rather, the layer of shell on the outside of the roasted sweet potato was peeled.


Puyang Zi's indifferent voice came from behind. Luo Wushuang turned around and before he could even stand still, a white robe flew over and landed in her hand.

She shook it off. It was a simple set of white, old-fashioned clothes, but the workmanship was exquisite. The strangest thing was that the size was just right for it.

Men or women, she didn't care anymore. She put on her clothes and tied her belt, and she could imagine the light of her head on her shoulder, a flash of sadness in her eyes.

"Do you have a hat or something?"

Immediately after, another purple colored piece of clothing flew towards her. Luo Wu extended both of his hands and grabbed onto it agilely.

It was a purple cloak that covered his head, not bad.

She put it on and tied it around her, covering her head with the hood of her cloak.

Judging from its color, it seemed to be a woman in disguise. Could it be his concubine's?

"Will your concubine have any objections if I wear her clothes?"

Puyang Zi was startled and the corner of his mouth twitched. Luo Wushuang had noticed this subtle change in his expression, and it was the first time she saw his expression change.

"Why don't you say it's for you?"

"Prepared for me?" Luo Wushuang narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling a little strange, "Could it be …" You knew I was coming to your house? "

Or did he know her from a long time ago?

It was impossible for such a cold and handsome man to treat a stranger like her so well for no reason at all. This raised doubts in her heart.

She would never believe that a pie would fall from the sky.

Puyang Zi didn't reply today. He stretched out his hand, and from an unknown bookshelf, a brocade box flew over and landed on his hand.

He opened that embroidered box. Inside, there was actually an extremely thin, flesh-colored mask. He carefully took it out and handed it to Luo Wushuang.

"Put it on."

Luo Wushuang frowned even more. This man was not ordinary!

She took it and stuck it on her face like a mask. It was a refreshing feeling when she touched it.

This mask was extremely fitting, extending all the way down to the neck.

Puyang Zi had actually prepared a mask in advance, as if he had already known that she was coming to his house. It seemed that things weren't as simple as she had imagined, and this was definitely not a coincidence.


It was better to wait and see. Whether one was an enemy or a friend, one would always reveal one's tail.

"He went out."

After saying that, Puyang Zi extended his hand, and a circle of light that was as tall as a man appeared before them.

When he returned to his bedroom, it was already light.

She walked over to the mirror, took off her cloak, and quietly examined the flesh-colored mask.

Other than her eyes, nose, and mouth, there were no eyebrows on her face. It was a bit awkward, but her face suddenly reminded her of a faceless man.

"Tell me the truth, will my skin recover?"

She truly cared about her appearance. Even if she wasn't pretty after recovering, she would still be much better than having no skin.


Puyang Zi's wheelchair moved towards the table.

Luo Wushuang quickly stepped forward to help him.

"How do I recover?" She couldn't wait for him to act.

"I found a Rank 7 Alchemist. One pill is enough."

"Where is he? I'll go look for him now."

Puyang Zi's eyes moved slightly as he looked in the direction of Luo Wushuang's face. After pausing for a moment, he moved away, his pale red lips slightly opened: "Tomorrow morning, I will bring you there, but …"

"But what?" Luo Wushuang had always felt that talking to him was like riding a roller coaster. He spoke slowly, but she had always been impatient.

"Whether they want to or not, that's another story."

If they were not willing, then there was no use to snatch it. Luo Wushuang only dared to say this in her heart. Her face under the mask tilted to the side as she revealed an evil smile, "Try it. How can you not try?"

"Go to bed." Puyang Zi said.

Luo Wushuang glanced around the room. Although he said he was rich, but the furnishings were not luxurious. There were no chairs like the imperial concubine's chair, so where was she going to sleep?

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