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How boring. It was impossible to communicate with such a cold and aloof person. It was not funny at all. Luo Wushuang always felt like he had punched cotton, and suddenly felt powerless.

If someone lost, they would marry that ugly-looking girl. This answer was something that she couldn't voice out in her heart.

Not only did he not answer her, he even retaliated against her, secretly ridiculing her for being ugly!

Holding back her anger, she glared at him and snappily said, "That ugly woman is thinking about the Rank 7 medicine that this man promised."

It was really her fault, she had only been curious about his mouth to ask questions, but she had forgotten about her current ugly appearance for a while.

She stood up and prepared to walk out of the room. "I'll wait for you outside."

She had just turned around when a shadow flashed into her sight from outside the room. She looked over and saw a woman walking in with a smile plastered on her face.

The girl was fresh and elegant, her eyebrows were not painted, her thick dark eyelashes were steady and elegant, her nose was small and delicate, and her cherry lips needed no adornment.

She wore a light pink dress with deep purple trims, with cherry blossom patterns embroidered on it. She wore a white pleated inner skirt, which accentuated her creamy skin, making her look like a mortal.

That woman glanced at Luo Wushuang and was momentarily stunned. Then, she turned to Puyang Zi with a smile: "Husband."

This was the girl who had delivered the meal last night, the one who claimed to be his concubine. It was like the sound of her voice; beautiful!

"What's the matter?" Puyang Zi hadn't looked at her since she appeared.

The woman said, "Can I arrange for the girls to tidy up your room?"

"You can arrange it." Puyang Zi's wheelchair slowly moved towards the door, his face slightly turned towards Luo Wushuang, "Again, help me up."

The woman looked at his face with a gloomy expression, wanting to help him, but she didn't dare to.

Inwardly, Luo Wushuang was puzzled. Back in that Spirit Scorpion Magic Ring, he had obviously fished her out of that bath barrel. Why was she so weak now that she needed someone to support her?

She could not afford to offend her "eating and clothing parents." Her greatest ability was to be submissive, and she was too lazy to think about why. She walked forward, bent over, and wrapped her arms around his back.

This sturdy body felt really good!

It was unknown if it was an illusion or what, but when her hand touched him, she felt his body slightly stiffen.

He reached out his arm and put it around Luo Wushuang's shoulder. Then, he used this strength to help him to stand up. Then, Luo Wushuang helped him to walk slowly towards the door.

Behind him, the woman quickly moved the wheelchair into the courtyard.

Puyang Zi sat back in his wheelchair and lightly said, "Again, accompany me for a walk outside."

The woman lowered her gaze and slightly frowned. Her eyes were filled with indescribable grievance and gloom. She looked at Luo Wushuang and asked gently: "Is this my husband's maid?"

Luo Wushuang lightly nodded his head in agreement.

That woman glanced at Puyang Zi and then walked in front of Luo Wushuang. She reached out her hand to shake her hand, but Luo Wushuang calmly put it behind him. As a hitman, she had never wanted to be so close to anyone.

The woman could only withdraw her hand. She looked at Luo Wushuang and said with sincerity: "Husband has never liked going out and he also does not want anyone to serve him." She glanced gloomily at the courtyard, "This large courtyard is cold and quiet, it would be better if you waited on it."

Luo Wushuang understood in his heart that it was no wonder that she was able to climb into this yard so smoothly. It turned out that other than Puyang Zi, there was basically no one else here.

The woman continued, "You must take good care of him. Can you tell me your name?"

"Luo again." Luo Wushuang replied.

"My name is Zhilong. From now on, we'll call each other sisters."

Zhilong's eyes were extremely sincere, but how sharp was Luo Wushuang? Her first reaction was most likely due to the fact that she had been sleeping in the same bed as Puyang Zi last night. Thus, she could only accept it.

To Linglong, she, Luo Wushuang, was just an intruder, an existence that belonged to the enemy. If she wanted to win over her opponent, that was to gain their trust and then grab their lifeline, giving them a fatal blow.

Or maybe it was because she was overthinking it!

It didn't matter what kind of original intention Linglong had in mind to befriend this woman who had only met her for the first time, just befriending her was fine.

She had done well and sat upright. She and Puyang Zi were innocent and without any emotion. It was not a big deal to be friends with his concubine.

"Alright Linglong, you can call me Pu Yang today or later."

If she wanted to curry favor with Puyang Zi and let him heal her skin. If she could teach him a few moves, then she would have to build a good relationship with his concubine to prevent him from being troubled.

"Okay, again." Joy surfaced on Zhilong's face. This woman wore a bald mask, and it was unknown what her face looked like under the mask.

After a pause, she said, "And why isn't there an eyebrow on your mask?"

"Again, I'm leaving." Puyang Zi's voice was now filled with a faint hint of displeasure.

Inwardly, Luo Wushuang was startled. He quickly pushed his wheelchair and said: "I better not, see you later."

The mask was bald, and the eyebrows couldn't be described as pretty.

She followed Puyang Zi's instructions and walked towards the mansion's back door. Zhilong stood on the spot, watching the two of them leave, her eyes full of gloom.

Walking onto an ancient street, the duo instantly attracted the attention of the surrounding crowd.

Most of the passersby were staring at Puyang Zi. Even they were surprised that such a handsome man had problems with his legs.

If they knew that this goddess-like man not only had leg problems but was also blind, how would they feel?

What luck! God opens a window and closes a door!

Luo Wushuang looked around at this unfamiliar street and sighed with emotion.

"Let's go quickly. I heard that the evil woman was caught and hung on the market's entrance to expose her corpse."

A voice came from the crowd, and soon after, the crowd seemed to be on stimulants as they looked towards the direction of the speaker, and then followed their footsteps towards the same direction, where the stream of people were flowing towards.

Heh, it seemed that in this ancient world, people could not escape from being fond of gossiping, so forgive Luo Wushuang's curiosity.

"Evil woman?" She asked in amusement, "Could it be a three-headed, six-armed monster? Can you transform? "

She had personally witnessed Puyang Zi taking things from a distance, and that Yuan Xin's mouth which was three times bigger than his face, so what kind of weird people didn't have it? She was curious about what kind of 'devil' this evil woman was, and this Black Tortoise Continent was just too unbelievable!

"It seems that you want to see this evil woman's appearance." Puyang Zi's voice came from the front.

"Yeah, if we can make it in time, there's no harm in taking a look. What do you think?"

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