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When they stopped again, they were already behind Puyang Zi.

Nangong Yuan Xin hid behind him, her hands covering her mouth as she peeked over Puyang Zi's shoulder at the door.

As for Luo Wushuang, her heart was beating wildly with fear. This was too sudden. Among the three of them, only Puyang Zi was as steady as Mt. Tai with an indifferent face.

His eyes slightly shifted in the direction of Luo Wushuang. No one knew what he was thinking at this moment.

"What the hell is this?" Luo Wushuang asked calmly.

"Bone Penetrating Blacksoul Tiger, Guardian Beast of the sixth step." Puyang Zi stretched out his hand, and a yellow-green bird landed on his slender finger.

The bird was good-looking, but the most striking thing about it was its long red beak.

Since when did a bird appear?

Luo Wushuang suddenly realized that he was too busy talking to Puyang Zi. Unknowingly, Nangong Yuan Xin had disappeared.

Looking at the bird's mouth, she had a bold idea. She pointed at the bird and exclaimed, "Your wife was actually frightened into turning into a bird!"

Puyang Zi didn't answer her, as if he hadn't heard her words.

Nangong Yuanxin lowered her head as she took two steps back from his hand.

Too adorable, too inconceivable. A person could actually turn into a bird, or she could have been a bird in the first place.

"Look at your bird!" When Luo Wushuang saw her funny smile, he smiled, "Come, come to me. I will open up your sister's shoulder for you."

Nangong Yuan Xin flapped her wings and flew to Luo Wushuang's shoulder, "Tsk, a mere Rank 6 Fire Spirit Beast, Yuan Xin is not afraid of it."

"Fire Element?" Luo Wushuang heard a new phrase. These Spiritual Beasts were actually separated into different groups.

"Yeah, if I wanted to destroy it, it would be effortless. Hmph!"

"Then why are you still so scared?"

"I was just letting it go. Husband, you don't want me to be rude. Otherwise, I'll kill it."

The man and the bird spoke earnestly, not noticing Puyang Zi's change in attitude at all.

Of course he knew the mystery behind that gate. However, where did this woman who claimed to be Luo Wushuang come from?

For a moment he was uncertain, so he let her try.

Regardless of whether it was the appearance of her voice or her aura, it was certain that she was Luo Wushuang. However, her character and words were different.

Furthermore, the Rank 6 Spirit Beast had already attacked her, but she did not know about it.

"Who's causing trouble here?"

A deep voice sounded as if it came from the horizon.

Nangong Yuan Xin flapped her wings and flew forward. She landed on the ground and transformed back into the petite and exquisite girl. She said with a calm voice, "In the capital, Pu Yang's residence, I am here to pay a visit."

After saying so, the red door slowly opened. A young girl walked out with light steps.

The young girl looked to be no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. She was dressed in purple and had a picturesque appearance.

She looked at Pu Yangzi, who was sitting on the wheelchair, and asked with a smile, "May I ask which young master of Puyang Clan you are?"

"Puyang Zi, thank you for your report." Puyang Zi indifferently said.

The woman's eyes lit up when she heard this. She hurriedly extended her hand in a gesture of invitation. "So it's Duke Xiang Ning. Please forgive me for not greeting you."

Puyang Zi was actually a Marquis? He was a cripple and a blind man, yet he could still be conferred the title of Marquis! Luo Wushuang sneaked a peek at him and became a bit more curious about him.

She pushed him towards the tall door. The high threshold made it impossible for a wheelchair to enter, so she had no choice but to help Puyang Zi get up.

He put his arm around her shoulders and the weight of his tall body fell on top of her again.

Since the beginning, it had been quite difficult for him to lift his foot. He did not expect that this time, he had actually slowly lifted his leg and stepped over the threshold.

Nangong Yuanxin had already moved the wheelchair and was waiting for him at the flat area.

Luo Wushuang supported him and carried him back to that wheelchair. He continued to push him and followed the purple-robed woman.

It was an extremely wide area. It was as if they had entered an ancient forest. There were all kinds of flowers, plants, trees, strange plants that she had never seen before. The fragrance of plants wafted through the air.

As expected of a pill concocting family, one look at the courtyard was enough to tell that it suited the taste of an apothecary. (TL: Apothecary/Apothecary/Apothecary/Apothecary/Apothecary/Apothecary/Apothecary/Apothecary/

When she thought of the pills, Luo Wushuang felt extremely excited. A Rank 7 pill could restore her looks once she ate it. As she got closer and closer to that quaint building, her heart beat faster and faster.

"Your young master, Bai Qingzhe, is in the manor." Puyang Zi asked.

"My young master has left the clan since the year before last. He has traveled all over the world and has yet to return."

Luo Wushuang's heart sank. If he asked Bai Qing Zhe, then this Bai Qing Zhe must be a level 7 Alchemist, right?

If he wasn't here, what could she do? She couldn't wait for even a second, and she didn't want to wait for a second longer.

She turned her head to look at Puyang Zi today. He was still as relaxed as before, with no expression on his face. He wanted to ask, but it was hard to ask.

The purple-dressed woman led them to the largest house in the middle. Before she went forward, a long-bearded old man in a long green robe walked out. He looked like an immortal, and his first thought was that of a Taoist.

He walked out with a bright smile on his face and cupped his hands towards Puyang Zi. "Duke Xiang Ning, it has been a long time since I last saw you."

"Greetings, Elder Bai."

"Marquis Xiang Ning is too polite. Please come in." Bai Liansheng respectfully extended his hand.

Luo Wushuang quickly helped Puyang Zi up and walked towards the hall.

This was an Elder, which meant that the person in charge here was still here. She didn't believe that in a large Potioneering family, only Young Master Bai Qing Zhe was capable.

The furnishings in this room were much more luxurious than the ones in Puyang Zi's room right now. Eight expensive red rosewood carved chairs lined up on either side of the room. In the middle of the hall, there was a signboard with the words' Purple Qi from the East 'written on it.

On the tea table in Gaotang, the scent of ancient sandalwood and green smoke assaulted his nostrils, giving him a refreshing feeling.

Bai Liansheng sat down at the head of the table and instructed the maidservants to prepare the tea.

Seeing that Luo Wushuang and Nangong Yuanxin were still standing there, he smiled and said: "There's no need to be polite, please take a seat."

Nangong Yuxin shot a glance at Puyang Zi Jin, as if she was afraid of him. It was as if she didn't dare to make a move until he said something.

Luo Wushuang followed the example of an ancient man and cupped his fist towards Bai Liansheng: "Thank you, Elder Bai."

Saying so, she confidently walked to the chair behind Puyang Zi and sat down.

When Nan Gong Yuxin looked sideways and saw Luo Wushuang sitting down, she quickly took a big step forward and sat on the other chair next to Luo Wushuang. Her red lips innocently pouted high.

Bai Liang looked at Nangong Yuan Xin and smiled, "This little girl is very cute. You just need to sit there boldly. There's no need to stand on ceremony."

Nangong Yuanxin also quickly followed Luo Wushuang's example. She cupped her fists and said in a delicate voice: "Thank you, Elder Bai."

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