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"What is Duke Xiang Ning saying?" "Since that witch, Luo Wushuang, stole the treasure of the shrine, the position of the Luo Family has plummeted in the Xuan Wu Continent. This is truly a change from the past! It is our sect's greatest honor for you to condescend to come to our Origin Returning Shrine. "

When he mentioned Luo Wushuang, his eyes were filled with a murderous glint.

"That witch was burned to death. She deserved to die. After ten days, I will drag her here and burn her to ashes. I will use her as a sacrifice for my father's death."

Luo Wushuang was startled, she stole their family's treasure? He even killed his father?

Seeing the sinister gaze of the hundred over, her entire body shivered. Just how much hate did they have for her?

No wonder Puyang Zi said that they might not be willing to help, if they knew that their hated enemy was in front of them, they didn't know what the consequences would be. Puyang Zi was really bold today, bringing her here in public.

However, if those rank 7 pills were to be gifted to them, it would truly be difficult.

"Second Elder need not be so pessimistic. Young Master Bai Shi has already reached the eighth level of the alchemist at such a young age. The Gui Yuan Sect has a good chance of reviving his reputation."

"Daddy, since Duke Xiang Ning thinks so highly of our Gui Yuan Sect, why don't we invite him to stay at our mansion for a few days?"

The gaze of the Hundred Stones Spirit had landed on Puyang Zi from the moment they entered the room. Perhaps they were enchanted by his' beauty '. Indeed, he was a fella who relied on his looks to earn a living.

Bai Liansheng hesitated for a moment before forcing out a smile and preparing to speak. "Yes, Duke Xiang Ning is going to stay at the mansion for a few days. I'll arrange a feast for all of you."

Puyang Zi said, "Since the journey will be long and arduous, and Zi's disappointing legs won't budge, I must thank the Elders for their good intentions. I shall stay in the shrine for one day today and return to the imperial capital tomorrow morning."

Hearing this, Bai Liansheng's expression became a little better. It seemed that even though he looked more amiable and amiable than Duoduo, his personality was not as straightforward as Duoduo.

It seemed that he did not want them to stay here. Luo Wushuang had more reason to believe that they would not agree with what Puyang Zi had said before he came.

Luckily Puyang Zi didn't directly ask for the pill that restored her looks, otherwise he would have really slapped his face.

All afternoon, they had been talking about insignificant matters. Luo Wushuang was burning with anxiety as she carefully planned how to get the pill in her heart.

During the meal, Nangong Yuanxin sat next to Puyang Zi and helped him prepare the dishes. As they talked, she used her hands to support her face, her large innocent eyes swept over everyone's faces. She seemed to find it boring, so she lowered her gaze and played with her long hair.

Luo Wushuang looked at Nangong Yuan Xin with concern and asked considerately: "Yuan Xin, are you tired. How about we go and rest first?"

Nan Gong Yuxin took off her arms from the table, and blinked innocently at Luo Wushuang with her big eyes. After thinking for a moment, she suddenly became interested, "Why don't we go to the courtyard where we came from? It's fun there!" After saying that, she happily turned her head to look at Pu Yangzi with her petite eyes, and once again said in a long and spoiled manner, "Husband … "Yuanxin really wants to go play in that courtyard, hubby!"

She was just short of hands and could not hold on to Puyang Zi's arm. This delicate act of hers was fat and not too greasy, causing Luo Wushuang, who was also a woman, to feel ashamed.

Bai Lianzi's eyes lit up when he saw that this petite girl was Pu Yangzi's wife. It seemed that she was quite a favorite. He smiled and said, "Alright, why don't I let my daughter take you around the garden."

After saying that, he turned his head to the side, looking at the Hundred Stones Spirit behind him. "Ling'er, quickly accompany the two of you to the garden. Remember to not run too far away."

The Hundred Stones Spirit glanced at Nangong Yuan Xin and a trace of dejection flashed in her eyes, "Yes."

She looked at Luo Wushuang, a smile hung on her face: "Please follow me."

"Thank you, little sister Rui-Ling." Since she looked younger than herself, it was natural for Luo Wushuang to call her younger sister.

Bai Liansheng was truly cunning. On the surface, he arranged for his daughter to accompany him as a host, but in fact, it was to monitor them. Luo Wushuang sneered disdainfully in his heart.

She and Nangong Yuan Xin followed behind the Bai Ruo Ling and headed out of the house.

They walked around a few wooden corridors with green vines, heading in the direction of the huge and strange yard they had come from.

Perhaps when the Bai Ruo Ling heard Nangong Yuan Xin call Puyang Zi as her husband, she was slightly disappointed. She did not look too good. She even walked with the intention of staying by Luo Wushuang's side and did not want to walk with her.

"Little sister Rui Ling, the scenery of your residence is truly pleasing to the eyes. When you were born here, even the people here would follow you and be beautiful." Luo Wushuang stared at the Hundred Stones Spirit's face. His eyes were filled with envy. That skin was so fragile, she even suspected that there were pills specifically meant to nourish women's skin.

When Bai Rui saw Luo Wushuang's gaze on her face, she inadvertently revealed an envious look. Immediately, a comfortable smile emerged on her face. She stroked her own face and asked: "Really?"

"That's right, little sister Rui Ling is a rare beauty. Big sister is so jealous."

The Hundred Stones Spirit carefully sized up Luo Wushuang's flesh-colored mask, frowning slightly, "Why is big sister wearing a mask? "Why don't you show us your true identity?"

A trace of deep sadness flashed across Luo Wushuang's eyes, "Little sister, you don't know this, but my young master has never allowed girls with average looks to come near him. Even maids are not allowed to get close to him, but I do not want someone by your side, so … "I had no choice but to cover my face for more than ten years. This mask has long since fused with my original skin, making it impossible for me to take it off."

This mask fit very well with her face. In the carriage, when Puyang Zi removed it, it was still viscous to her face. She didn't believe that others would be able to see that she didn't die.

"So that's how it is..." The Hundred Stones Spirit said.

"Yeah." Luo Wushuang sighed softly, "Little sister Rui Ling is still the best. She's extremely beautiful. My family's young master likes intelligent girls like you and has a good temper. Otherwise, with his proud and aloof nature, he would never stay out for the night."

When the Hundred Stones Spirit heard this, she glanced at Nangong Yuan Xin. She looked around with her innocent eyes, as if she was an outsider and wasn't listening to them.

Luo Wushuang understood the thought in her heart. He whispered in her ear in a voice they could hear: "Don't worry about her, she is not someone to be spoiled. In my master's eyes, she is no different from a servant girl. Look at her, she is short and thin." Luo Wushuang shifted his gaze down and glanced at the front and back of her chest with admiration. He said softly, "You're much better than her. My family's young master likes you. You'd better work harder."

Hearing this, Bai Rui's face turned red and she lowered her head. Her gaze landed on her chest area, and her eyes flickered as she left with a face full of shyness.

"Look at what elder sister said."

Luo Wushuang had no choice but to use this method. If he did not find an opening from this Hundred Stones Spirit, he would have to spend a huge sum of money to buy that pill. Those two elders might not let it go.

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