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"Hai." Luo Wushuang raised his head and sighed helplessly.

The Hundred Stones Spirit tilted her head as she asked curiously, "Why is elder sister suddenly so sad?"

"I also feel sorry for my young master. Speaking of which, he does have two concubines, but only I know that he has always refused to let those two stay thousands of miles away. I don't know when he will meet a beautiful lady who truly understands him."

"Big Sister doesn't need to worry too much. Marquis Xiang Ning might not have nimble legs, but his name is known throughout the imperial capital and even throughout the entire Han Dynasty. He's the most beautiful man in the Han Dynasty, so he naturally doesn't need women to accompany him."

"Little sister Rui Ling might not know, but I've heard of your name a long time ago."

Luo Wushuang knew the psychology of a person. No matter who it was, they would always like to be noticed. Naturally, this young girl who had yet to enter the world was not an exception.

"Is that so?" The Hundred Stones Spirit's interest was instantly piqued.

"That's right, my family's Young Master once inadvertently mentioned your name, and afterwards …." Another wave of sorrow emerged from Luo Wushuang's eyes.

"Oh? "Why would Marquis Xiang Ning mention Rui Ling? I don't think we've met before." The Hundred Stones Spirit tilted her head and stared intently into Luo Wushuang's eyes. She was very interested, as if she wanted to ask until the end to break the sand.

"I also don't know why he mentioned your name, but later on, he locked himself in his room and was unhappy for a long time. Until today, he said that he would definitely come to the Gui Yuan Sect to heal his legs." With incomparable sadness, Luo Wushuang looked at the Hundred Stones Spirit and said: "And here I thought that between all of you …"

After a moment of silence, she sadly said, "If only Grandfather was here. He would definitely have a way to cure Duke Xiang's leg."

"That's right, I just heard from the Second Elder that the witch, Luo Wushuang, stole the treasure guarding your Gui Yuan Hall. What is going on?"

"Big sister, you don't know, but that Luo Wushuang would do anything." When the Hundred Stones Spirit mentioned Luo Wushuang, it also had a bitter look.

In the past thousand years, my Origin Reversion Shrine has existed in the Black Tortoise Continent and has been undefeated by the Potioneering families because of these two top grade ten medicinal pills that have been circulating for thousands of years. I never imagined that the evil woman actually used some kind of mysterious technique to steal them, and she even injured my grandfather. After that medicinal pill was lost, the status of our Origin Reversion Shrine in the entire Black Tortoise Continent has gradually declined.

"Later on, my grandfather became depressed all day long and eventually became ill and fell ill violently. My grandfather was originally a rare tier 9 alchemist and was the pillar of our Gui Yuan Sect. Ever since he died, our Gui Yuan Sect has never been in contact with anyone from the Jianghu."

The more she spoke, the more agitated she became. Her fair face was filled with disgust.

"All of this was caused by that evil girl!"

Luo Wushuang swallowed his saliva and asked curiously: "That Luo Wushuang, is he good-looking?"

"Ugly, she is the ugliest woman in the entire Black Tortoise Continent!" The Hundred Stones Spirit said angrily.

Luo Wushuang was speechless. She should not have asked her. She agreed: "That is indeed quite despicable."

So it turned out that she really was just a street rat. Everyone was shouting and beating her, but Puyang Zi was actually going against everyone else and wanted to take her in. Thus, she became very curious.

"But, what's so special about those two pills? How could they be called a treasure guarding the manor?"

"Of course!" "Everyone knows that in the entire Black Tortoise Continent, only we, the Gui Yuan Sect, have produced a top tier alchemist. Those two pellets took the blood and sweat of our Martial Ancestor and three generations of his descendants to refine only two of them, and if a martial artist without psychokinesis takes one, he can quickly cleanse his marrow and reach the second level of the Crimson Fire Realm. If a martial artist at the ninth level of the Crimson Fire Realm uses one, then he will be at the fourth level of the Non-Phase."

"Yue Rushang, where does he come from?"

Once again, Luo Wushuang heard the name of this legendary figure. Just who was he?

From the way they spoke, it seemed as if they were extremely arrogant!

"Elder sister, why don't you know anything? You're even more ignorant than Rui Ling." Bai Rui looked at Luo Wushuang and questioned.

"Rui Ling doesn't know about this. In these ten years, I have almost never stepped foot outside of Puyang Mansion, so I have rarely heard of the matters outside."

"This month, Rushang is a rare genius in psychokinesis. I've heard that he is a cultivator of the Wind, Earth, Fire, Water elements and all four elements. He has long reached the Non-Phase Realm. However, it is unknown how many levels he has already reached."

"What does he look like? Is he someone from your grandfather's generation?" Luo Wushuang asked.

"I don't know. No one saw what he looked like." Bai Rui let out a soft sigh and said dejectedly: "If only I could take him as my master. In the future, no one would dare to bully our Gui Yuan Sect."

It seemed that it was necessary to meet this expert called Yue Rushang. If she was lucky enough to be his disciple, then she would be awesome. Luo Wushuang was wandering around in his mind.

"Then, even he did not get those two top-notch pills, what virtue or ability does Luo Wushuang have to be able to successfully steal them from you?"

"That evil woman, Luo Wushuang, is also at the Non-Phase Realm, but she has only reached only the first level. This sister doesn't know, she is a rare dark element in the world, she doesn't belong to the Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Light, any type, although they are only at the first level of the Non-Phase Realm, they are very difficult to deal with. I don't know how she found the forbidden area and was able to enter it, according to common sense, it is impossible for my father and second uncle to enter it, much less an outsider."

"Dark faction?" These departments were truly complicated.

"Yeah, in the entire Black Tortoise Continent, once people with the dark element are found, they will be killed immediately. Otherwise, once the dark element has developed, they will become a demonic existence, threatening the safety of the entire Black Tortoise Continent."

"In that case, the people from the Dark Faction are really too hateful!"

Luo Wushuang's heart was in turmoil. She had stolen two top tier pills that everyone wanted, and they were dark attributed warriors that no one could tolerate. It was normal for her to die. However, where were those two pills?

If she found it, wouldn't she be rich?

Eating one for sale, life was simply too wonderful!

It seemed that he would have to find a way to retrieve the original owner's memories.

Puyang Zi was kind enough to take her in and treat her wounds for the sake of those two top-grade pills that had been circulating for a thousand years?

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