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He had just been reading some cultivation techniques and was slowly experiencing it. Now that he knew the power of his body was called demonic energy, he was trying to control it, and gradually, another flame appeared on his body, but it was not as hot as before. It was clear that this was the result of him trying to control it with all his might.

Gradually, Cheng Feng was able to control the size of the demonic energy and entered a mystical cultivation state. In his mind, the bright stars appeared again, but in the depths of the stars, the dot in the middle seemed to have grown a little bigger, just a little bigger, just that it felt a little bigger, and his eyes seemed to be unchanged. He gradually became intoxicated, and no one knew how much time had passed …

Gradually, Cheng Feng could feel the demonic energy in his body calming down, no longer flying around like headless flies, but flowing slowly in his body like a river, all the way until it reached the center of the star. The center of the star was also the source of the demonic energy, and it continued to circulate endlessly, forming a connection between his body and the star.

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Cheng Feng slowly opened his eyes and tried to control his strength a little bit. He picked up a cup of water and moved it slowly, and the cup fell onto his legs with a 'pa' sound. After trying for a while and trying again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, Cheng Feng tried to open his eyes and slowly tried to control his strength for a while, then he picked up a cup of water and moved it slowly.

Right at this moment, a dozen or so people stood downstairs. Among them was a tall and sturdy man with a fierce-looking face who spoke to a small and thin man beside him, "I say, monkey, our Boxing Club has sent out all of their main force this time. As for Young Master Yang …"

Monkey Spirit God said, "Don't worry. After this is done, it will be at least two hundred thousand yuan! If Young Master Yang is satisfied, you can add more money, since you know that money is not a problem at all. "

"Mm, then go call that kid down. We'll be waiting." The brawny man said.

"That's not good, everyone in school knows that I, Monkey, am with Young Master Yang. If I go, wouldn't I be exposing myself? Young Master Yang doesn't want to show himself, so …" Although Fu Yang was not afraid of these people, did this not mean that he was not afraid of the monkey? He could not afford to offend these people.

Even if something happened here, it would mean that he would have to retreat for a long time. After all, he did not do it for nothing, and he understood the principle of getting money from others. He then said to the person beside him: "Little Bin, go and get him. Tell him that there is a mail bag from his hometown downstairs, and tell him to come and get it."

Little Bin went away after hearing what he said. Monkey said, "Young Master Yang said that as long as he doesn't beat him to death, he should stay in the hospital for three to four months at the very least."

The brawny man nodded his head, thinking to himself, 'What the hell are you thinking? Two hundred thousand is like asking for human life! Only fools would do that!' I'm still a student at school after all. If this matter gets out of hand, I won't be able to do anything!

Seeing that Little Bin had entered the dorm, Monkey went back to report. In his opinion, the Boxing Club was a group of wild beasts that fought one against ten. Even if Cheng Feng was lucky enough to survive, he would at least die.

Not long after, Cheng Feng was brought down by Lin Mu Bing, and before he came out, he cleaned up easily. When he saw the strong man and the dozen or so people, he also felt that the situation was not good, and he was not worried about himself, but that he was going to be in the limelight this time. He had to think of a way to minimize the impact.

Looking at Cheng Feng, everyone was stunned. Cheng Feng was not a 200 jin fatty, but he was not fat at all. Furthermore, he looked very healthy and had a handsome face. This was not Cheng Feng at all.

All of them turned to look at Little Bin, and Little Bin quickly went up to the sturdy man and said, "It should be that dorm. As soon as I call for Cheng Feng, he agreed. It shouldn't be wrong."

The sturdy man looked up and down at Cheng Feng a few times, but still uncertainly asked, "You are Cheng Feng?"

"Yes, I am Cheng Feng." Knowing that he had lost a lot of weight, not to mention these people, even Wang Yan and the others would not dare to recognize him. I recently ate a diet pill, so the effect was pretty good. That's why I got a bit thinner, hehe … "

It was a very low level lie, but the strong man did not ask who he loved. As long as he loved anyone, he would know to be called Cheng Feng, whether you were fat or thin, he had a bird's relationship with me, but it was still safer to ask one more question. He then asked: "I heard that you are very close to the goddess Su Ao Xue on the ice right now?"

Hearing that, Cheng Feng completely understood. His judgment was right. A mail bag! With your grandma's bag and a bunch of buggers in your head, why do you keep finding trouble with your bro when you're full? Do you really think your bro is some soft persimmon that's about to rot away? Mud Bodhisattva is even carrying a bit of anger with him.

"Then us brothers want to communicate with you, we are wrong. I heard that you made Li Miao miserable that day, we also want to experience it." As the sturdy man said this, he walked towards Cheng Feng while pinching his fingers together. The others also slowly walked over. It was obvious that Cheng Feng was going to challenge them alone!

"Don't... No, brothers, can we change locations again? "There are too many people, how will little brother continue to study in the school in the future?" Cheng Feng said as if he was begging, as he looked like a beggar begging.

"Screech!" "He's quite shameless. Sure, we're all alumni, so let's change to a more elegant environment. We can chat slowly in places with flowers, grass, and birds." After the sturdy man said this, he walked towards the back of the dormitory, and the others followed after him, pushing and shoving Cheng Feng.

As he walked in front, he thought to himself, "What the hell is this? How could two devastatingly beautiful beauties like this cowardly bastard? How much of a short-sightedness is this?" Just any one of those two beauties would have caused the boys in the school to go crazy, but this brat had seized the initiative. Actually, even if Young Master Yang didn't come find laozi, laozi was going to teach him a lesson, not to mention the 200,000 yuan! You're a bastard who doesn't want to earn money!

As he thought about this, he arrived at the dormitory building. The brawny man stopped his steps, and the ten or so people behind him also stopped. They really looked down on this cowardly Cheng Feng. The school beauties were so casually picked up. These people didn't believe that this Cheng Feng was the one who had been the star of the school for the past few days. He didn't look like that at all.

Just as the sturdy man was about to speak, Cheng Feng hastily said, "Big brother, there are still a lot of people here. Move further away, please!"

"Alright, let's go a bit further." Seeing Cheng Feng's cowardly look, the sturdy man looked at him with disdain and said to himself, thinking that the two people called Gao Fei and Li Miao were really that guy, then they were too useless, just talking as if they were walking further away.

"Who is that person!"

"I heard that it sounded like Cheng Feng, but it doesn't look like it!"

… ….

Seeing such a group of people escorting Cheng Feng away, the passersby all started to point and talk, because Cheng Feng's current figure was already very standard. It was very different from the Cheng Feng in their memories.

After walking for a while longer, they had already entered the forest. The strong man said, "Die early, or die late. You won't be able to escape death. Let's do it here."

"Big brother." Big brother, let's go one step further, let's go another step. " Cheng Feng said in a low voice. He even turned around and looked behind him, but he could no longer see anything outside the forest.

"You are f * cking endless. Do you think that us brothers can't bear to accompany you for a walk? Brothers, let's go together!" The brawny man was getting impatient and immediately gave the order to attack.

The person behind Cheng Feng threw a punch at the back of Cheng Feng's head. From this person's experience, this punch should be fine, but it made him lose his combat strength.

Feeling the fist from the back of his head hitting the back of Cheng Feng's head, Cheng Feng took a step forward and dodged the attack. Feeling the fist from the back of his head striking the back of Cheng Feng's head, Cheng Feng took a step forward and dodged the attack.

Cheng Feng lowered his body and easily dodged the first wave of attacks, after all, in his eyes, these few people were ridiculously slow and easily dodged. Cheng Feng lowered his body and easily dodged the first wave of attacks, after all, in his eyes, these few people were ridiculously slow and easily dodged.

The smile on the brawny man froze on his face. He did not even see Cheng Feng's fist attack before he threw out a few. He shouted, "Brothers, let's attack this kid together."

Following that, the remaining few men rushed out of the building. They were in a state of confusion, cursing, wailing as they fell to the ground from injuries, and also the sound of fists hitting their bodies …

Not long after that, only Cheng Feng was left standing there with his hands behind his back, like a god of war, as he stood there motionlessly. Cheng Feng looked at the sturdy man, waved his hand and said, "It's your turn, come!"


A drop of cold sweat fell onto the ground as it dripped down onto the leaves. Looking at Cheng Feng, only now did he realize that Cheng Feng had been acting weak and acting cowardly all along. He was trying to act like a pig to eat a tiger! Hey! Wasn't this brat good?!

One must know that he had also participated in countless of competitions. Although Cheng Feng's punching speed was very fast, but it was only in terms of speed, and there was no way to describe how fast he could be. He was also ranked in the National Youth Competition and had fought countless of battles before, so he was confident that he could compete with Cheng Feng.

(End of chapter)

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