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However, he didn't know that Cheng Feng was deliberately slowing down to control the demonic energy. He believed that as long as he didn't take any action, the person being attacked would be smashed into meat paste. He could easily crush a steel pipe right now, not to mention hitting someone.

The sturdy man had his fists in front of his face, his footsteps light and graceful as he circled around Cheng Feng, looking for the best place to strike, while Cheng Feng only slightly moved his feet, maintaining a straight front facing the strong man. However, his eyes were sharp, making the strong man feel weak in his heart, the strong man thought, this kid's eyes are still very powerful, it seems like he is not an ordinary person.

"What's my flirting with the school belle got to do with you!" As soon as Cheng Feng spoke, the strong man threw out a punch straight at Cheng Feng's left cheek.


This season, the powerful punch was easily knocked back by Cheng Feng. The strong man was shocked and felt a sharp pain on the back of his hand.


Cheng Feng followed up with a slap to the face. A clear slap mark appeared on the face of the brawny man. His speed was so fast that he was not prepared for it at all. After taking a few solid slaps, another tragedy happened …

"You guys are so bored!"


"Find trouble with me!"


… ….

The few people on the ground stopped shouting, staring blankly at this scene, their mouths wide open. The strength of the strong man was well-known, but now it was like a child being taught a lesson by his parents, slapping them one after another on the face, as if they didn't want any money. The strong man was no longer the same as before, his face was swollen like a pig's head.

"Brother Cheng, I was wrong, stop hitting me … …" "Ahhh!"

"It really wasn't my idea... "Ahhh!"

"It's all Fu Yang … "Ahhh!"

… ….

They couldn't help but shiver, and their legs also began to tremble uncontrollably. The current president of our school's boxing club, who was usually well-known throughout the country, had once been ranked in the top four of the national youth boxing competition, but now, he was being chased and slapped by a sunny and handsome boy who wasn't very strong, this was too freaking scary.

Not long after, the strong man squatted down to protect the pig-head-like face, and stopped running, because the more he ran, the harder he felt the slap on his face. At this time, the strong man's tears and snot flowed down his face, and he cried as he said, "I won't hit you in the face. I beg you, I know my mistake …"

At this time, Cheng Feng had also calmed down, so he asked, "Do you have any objections if I want to woo the school belle?"

"No, no. You are wise and wise, and your martial arts are peerless. Only the school beauties can match up to you!" The brawny man was like a frightened child as he hurriedly said, afraid that he would be slapped again if he spoke too slowly. Seeing that he was no longer being mistreated, he quickly added, "It was Fu Yang who told Monkey to find me and ask me to meet two hundred thousand yuan. It really wasn't my idea to tell you to lie in the hospital for a few months!"

On the other end of the phone, there was a second of memorizing. Cdoom provides you with an excellent\novel reading.

"Great!" "Fu Yang, right? I'll have a good time with you this time." Cheng Feng took back his hand that was in the air and said with squinted eyes. He then straightened his clothes and walked towards the dormitory. One must know that the dormitory was still in a mess!

Cheng Feng walked out of the woods with a calm expression on his face, completely unharmed. The people who were waiting here to watch the fight were puzzled; could it be that those people from the boxing club had nothing better to do and wanted to chat with him? Seeing Cheng Feng disappear through the door of the dormitory, they discussed quietly, and after a while, no one from the boxing club came out, so they all dispersed.

In fact, the members of the Boxing Club had left as soon as Cheng Feng had left, but only on the other side. Although it was a bit far away, it was still better for such a shameful thing to be known by fewer people.

It was still in that luxurious dorm room. Monkey was currently asking Fu Yang for credit, "Young Master Yang, you just used a mere three hundred thousand and you managed to settle the biggest competitor. You're truly brilliant …"

The monkey was flattering Fu Yang. The money! He had plenty of money, and face was the most important thing. Monkey and the burly man said it was two hundred thousand, but Fu Yang naturally said it was three hundred thousand. Fu Yang had never spent money, so he was an idiot if he didn't earn it!

At this moment, Monkey's phone rang. He took out the phone of the brawny man, smiled and said to Fu Yang, "Young Master Yang, it's done!"

Fu Yang also smiled as he lit up a cigarette. He leaned back in the big boss's chair, looked at his legs, and leisurely smoked his cigarette as he said, "Take it. Let's see if Cheng Feng's injuries are serious or not. Don't kill him."

"Hey!" Monkey only let out a single cry before the muscular man on the other end of the phone shouted with all his might, "Monkey! You bastard! Since Cheng Feng is so skilled, why didn't you say so earlier? Several of my brothers are already in the hospital and we can't lose even a single one of them. If they were to lose a single cent, you and Fu Yang can just wait. Du … "Du …"

Monkey listened to the busy tone on the phone and looked at Fu Yang with a deathly pale face. He stammered, "Yang …" It was as if something small had happened … If there's an accident, then … "

Just as he said those words, he was flipped over with a kick from Fu Yang. Fu Yang rushed over like a madman and kicked him, cursing loudly, "I told you to scam me for money, I told you to scam me for money!" You can't even do such a thing... "

After venting his pain, Fu Yang stroked his messy hair and looked at the dying monkey on the ground. He gritted his teeth and said, "Cheng Feng, Cheng Feng! "I'm going to tell you to die without an intact corpse!"

At the same time, when Wang Yan and the others opened the door, they were stunned as they saw the brutal battlefield in the room. A bed was lying on the floor, and the upper bunk was broken into pieces, and even the upper bunk was just half lying on the floor. What clothes, socks, and other items were scattered all over the floor.

"Ol 'Three is really powerful!"

"Look! There's another hole in the ground!"

"What the hell happened here!"

… ….

Wang Yan and the others wiped their sweat as they thought to themselves, "Could this Cheng Feng have killed everyone? With his combat strength, he was actually the aircraft carrier!" He really didn't realize that Ye Zichen was a real person, how terrible was it that he would become like this!

Seeing the mess in the dorm, the several people kept thinking about the fight between Cheng Feng and the two girls. Their eyes were filled with green light while Cheng Feng suddenly appeared at the door with a guilty look on his face. Of course, they did not know about their dirty thoughts.

Only then did the few of them notice Cheng Feng. Wiping away their saliva and calming down their dirty moods, Wang Yan asked, "Brother, is there something you need?"

Cheng Feng was stunned. He looked at Wang Yan as if he was looking at an idiot, "Boss, you're so stupid!"

The few of them stared at Cheng Feng at the same time, their eyes widened in shock, an expression like they had met a ghost in the daytime, this person did look familiar, it looked like they had met before, but it also looked like they had never seen it before. The clothes he wore did not look like it belonged to him, although they did not recognize him, but the voice was very familiar.

"Third brother … "You are number three!"

"Are you for real!"

… ….

The few of them immediately knew that the handsome guy at the entrance was Cheng Feng. Wang Yan pulled Chenfeng along and said, "What's wrong with you? You lost so much weight in one night and became more handsome!"

At this point, Zhou Kai glared at him and said, "This is unbelievable! You've really been sucked dry!"

Everyone looked at Cheng Feng in surprise, sizing him up. After losing so much weight, with Zhou Kai's reminder, they were even more certain that this kid had not returned home tonight, and had not done anything good for the entire morning!

After being constantly scrutinized by several people, Cheng Feng was a little scared. He quickly made up something and said, "Yesterday, I was taken by Ling Fei Fei to have a liposuction surgery, and also took the newest diet pill that she bought abroad …"

In short, Cheng Feng was just making up a bunch of lies. Regardless of whether it was reliable or not, it was just a bunch of nonsense. Wang Yan and the others were all dumbfounded. What the heck was this, a liposuction operation! You drew so much at one go, why don't you just kill yourself! Wang Yan was the first to rush forward and push down Cheng Feng, while the rest of the students also rushed forward and started to punch and kick him.

"In the future, I'll just add a bit of skill to my lies!"

"Fatty being handsome all of a sudden is too infuriating!"

… ….

Although he could easily deal with Wang Yan and the rest, he could not, and would not do so. After all, they were his good brothers, and he could only coordinate with them to let out a few symbolic cries. Although the performance was extremely grand, these people did not have the intention to kill him.

Seeing that Cheng Feng was being beaten so miserably, Wang Yan pushed away the others who had not had a good fight yet. He picked up Cheng Feng and lustfully said, "Tell me honestly, last night, was it … …" "Hehe!"

The two school beauties have been crazily chasing him for the past few days. Last night, they didn't return home for a single night, so it was hard for them not to cause others to misunderstand. Hence, he could only smile bitterly in his heart. Who knows who will suffer? This night is far more exciting than you think!

"Third Bro, quickly tell me which one of them is whiter and which one is crazier. Based on my experience viewing women, Su Ao Xue's appearance is cold and detached, but this kind of woman is often in bed …" The more he spoke, the more excited he seemed, and the blue light in his eyes became even more intense. He was just like a beast, and the others were similar as well — a bunch of beasts!

Hearing Wang Yan's words, Cheng Feng was at a loss of what to say. He quickly changed the topic. If Su Ao Xue knew about this, she would definitely exterminate Wang Yan's family! He quickly said, "Don't talk nonsense! I'm not as hungry as you, I'm a good girl! "

"Screech ~ ~" "Aiyo, hey, look at how anxious Ol 'Three is and how much he's trying to redress the grievances. As for what Ling Fei Fei, she's not that reserved, right? She almost ate you up in front of everyone, not to mention that night is slowly approaching and the moon is hanging in the sky. It would be weird if she still doesn't kill you." Once Wang Yan said this, Cheng Feng really didn't know what to say. Moreover, just now, he also said that it was Ling Fei Fei who took him away, but since Ling Fei Fei was so passionate and bold, no one would believe that nothing shameful happened last night.

(End of chapter)

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