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Cheng Feng was momentarily at a loss for words. He really wished that he had gone to lose weight with Su Ao Xue just now, and now he could not return, but he could not tell these people what happened last night. If he did, he would have been diagnosed with a mental illness, what would he do?

"Little Wind!" "Big Brother Feng, I've missed you." From downstairs came Ling Fei Fei's unique delicate voice. Cheng Feng used to think that this voice was pleasing to his ears, but at this moment, this voice could save his life! He pushed Wang Yan away. While everyone was still reminiscing about the melodious voice, he had already rushed out of the door. He only heard a voice, "I forgot to ask for someone. Let's clean up your room. Thanks!"

"Hey!" Third Bro, you son of a bitch! "

"You're too heartless!"

… ….

Initially, I thought that this time there would be an extremely alluring story to hear. This brother knows that I don't have the ability like you, Cheng Feng, but I was just too bored and didn't give in. Then, Wang Yan showed the imposing manner of a boss: "Everyone, listen up! Ten great tortures in Qing, the tiger stool, the chili concoction … In short, even if we have to do everything we can, we still have to pry open Ol 'Three's mouth. "

On the other end of the phone, there was a second of memorizing. Cdoom provides you with an excellent\novel reading.

"You've become so handsome now, and you even ran away from two school beauties. Now, the real world has finally turned against you!" Zhou Kai poured a bucket of oil over the burning fire.

"Heh heh …" "Hehehe …"

The crowd burst into eerie and terrifying laughter, so loud that it was creepy. Those who didn't know this would think that their Third Bro and they were enemies who killed their fathers and stole their wives!

Of course, these words came into Cheng Feng's ears, because his hearing was extraordinary! But he would rather not hear these words. How is he going to come back in the future? I reckon when he does, all of you will be buzzing around him like flies, Mama! Save your miserable son!

He saw Ling Fei Fei standing there. Every time he saw Ling Fei Fei, her clothes were always different, but they were always hot, beautiful, and unlike Su Ao Xue, who would wear white for a thousand years without changing, it was also a type of different beauty. Now that he knew that the two super beauties had a request from him, he tried his best to rope them in, so Cheng Feng decided to follow the principle of not taking advantage of the bastard, and cheerfully walked towards Ling Fei Fei.

"Dear little Feng Feng, this is such a hot day, it must have been hard for me to wait for you!" Ling Fei Fei's fiery enthusiasm and intimate address immediately attracted strange gazes from passersby. However, Cheng Feng had already gotten used to it these few days and did not feel anything special. It seemed that after the training of these two beauties, his face was not only ten times thicker.

Seeing Cheng Feng walk over, Ling Fei Fei grabbed his arm as usual and said, "You must be hungry, handsome. Fei Fei will treat you to a meal."

"That person is Cheng Feng!"

"Oh my god!" "Why have you lost so much weight in an instant!"

… ….

Facing everyone's doubts, Pang Luo pulled Cheng Feng onto the fiery-red sports car and disappeared from the school gate, leaving behind the whispers of the passersby.

… ….

In a private room in a restaurant near the school, Ling Fei Fei laid her head against Cheng Feng's shoulder like a couple in a love affair. Cheng Feng held the menu, while Ling Fei Fei held Cheng Feng's hand tightly and said to the waiter while flipping through the menu, "This, this, and this …"

That girl was sexy and pretty, and that kid could be considered pretty, but what was he wearing? The clothes were so fat, could it be that the fuerdai were all in the habit of dressing up like this? I'll have to make a set of clothes for myself in the future, maybe I'll have to spend the rest of my life blissfully.

"Give me five servings of the dish you ordered just now, and another twenty bowls of rice. Hurry up!" Ling Fei Fei said, but her tone was very different from when she was talking to Cheng Feng.

"Sir, this lady, if there are more people coming back, I can give you another large room. This is only a small room for ten people," the waiter said as he pressed the counter. From his point of view, it was perfectly normal for there to be at least twenty more people coming back.

Ling Fei Fei looked at the waiter with her charming eyes and said, "No one will come. It's just the two of us. Can't the two of us order so many dishes?"

"Yes, yes, of course. Please wait a moment, please." Then, he went to pass the dishes around. He thought to himself, This world of rich people is really hard to understand! Could it be that he was going to eat one plate and watch four!?

Before long, all sorts of delicacies were laid out on the table. The plates were stacked to the brim with three layers of plates, and the waiter had even specially pushed a dining cart with a few plates of unplaced talent and twenty large bowls of rice.

"Please enjoy!" After serving the dishes, the waiter left the restaurant after saying so. He thought to himself, "After you guys leave, we'll see how much you guys can actually eat."

Cheng Feng was indeed hungry now, but he ignored his image and continued to eat. That scene caused Ling Fei Fei to continuously giggle, laughing as she said, "Eat slower, eat slower, I won't fight over it with you … …"

"Eat, I'll tell you more about our Thousand Monster Conference. Yesterday, I reported it to the competent Monster King, and even he is very envious of the Monster King's conditions." While Cheng Feng was eating, Ling Fei Fei once again began her attempt to rope him in. Yesterday, before she could call the Demon King, the Demon King had already called her cell phone, repeatedly emphasizing that he must take down Cheng Feng.

Ling Fei Fei looked at Cheng Feng who was wolfing down his food as she said in a sweet voice, "The Demon King intends to accept you as his last disciple. In the future, you can be considered one of the top figures in our Demon Region. This kind of treatment cannot be compared with money. It can be seen how much the Demon King values you."

Hearing that the Demon King wanted to accept him as his last disciple, Cheng Feng did not know what kind of Demon King he was so he curiously asked, "Is the Demon King very powerful? How big of an official are you in the Demon Area? "

"The Demon King's position is extraordinary. Now that the Demon Emperor has fallen, the Demon Area is in the hands of the four Demon Emperors, and the four Demon Emperors have a hundred and eight Demon Kings under their command." When Ling Feifei mentioned the Demon King, she couldn't help but retract her charming demeanor, revealing a look of reverence in her eyes. It could be seen that the Demon King was a supreme existence in her eyes.

"As long as you join our Thousand Monster Conference and become the last disciple of the Lord Monster King, you will have great achievements in the future. Even in other parts of the world, you can do whatever you want with power." Seeing that it aroused Cheng Feng's curiosity, Ling Fei Fei quickly said while it was still hot.

At this time, the door opened, and Su Ao Xue, who was still dressed in white, walked in. She slanted her eyes towards Ling Fei Fei before sitting on the other side of Cheng Feng and saying: "Witch!"

As soon as he sat down, Su Ao Xue mocked Ling Fei Fei. She looked at him again, and sparks flew everywhere. Cheng Feng could not help but shake his head. These two enemies, as long as they met, they would cause a lot of trouble.

Su Ao Xue then looked at Cheng Feng, her gaze became a lot gentler, but at this time, she felt that something was nudging his feet again. Cheng Feng looked down, and it turned out that smelly stench was looking at him pitifully, so he picked up the smelly stench and said, "Little thing, you must be hungry too."

"I'm so hungry that I'm about to lose my looks." Both of them said in a hurry, then jumped to the other side and said, "There's no need to be so polite, other than you, Handsome Master, there's only two beautiful mistresses left."

"Screech!" This little pig is the sweetest, eat whatever you want, today your beautiful mistress will treat you to enough! "Haha …" After saying that, Ling Feifei once again let out a charming laugh, her laughter causing the flowers to flutter. That lithe figure in addition to her skintight and low-cut clothes only made the smelly smell cause her to become a little dazed.

And when Su Ao Xue heard the word 'smelly', she immediately and fiercely glared at the "smelly" female hostess, her face became even colder, instantly making the smelly person's hair stand on end, and she no longer dared to look at Su Ao Xue!

Following which, his stinky eyes seemed to grow on Ling Fei Fei's violently surging chest. Little stars appeared in his eyes, and he didn't even realize that he was spitting water onto the dining table. He immediately jumped up and said to Ling Fei Fei, "Stinky, you want a beautiful mistress to hug you!"


Just as the smelly little pig's paw was about to leave the table, a plate accurately hit its face and sent it flying against the wall. At this time, Cheng Feng's voice sounded, "If I had known earlier, I would have held you back. This is just a lesson.

"Do you really think that your beautiful mistress is so easy to take advantage of? If Little Feng Feng hadn't hit you, you would have already been cooked by her. I heard that roasted suckling pigs are very plump!" Ling Fei Fei smiled as she spoke, but the meaning behind her words of warning was very strong. It was easy for a B Class demon to exterminate a little pig demon.

Stinky got up slowly and rubbed his bruised face, saying ingratiatingly, "A beautiful mistress' figure is already perfect. She doesn't need a full chest anymore. She doesn't need a full breast anymore."

"You're just a Level E Pig Demon, how dare you be so impudent. I know you really want Cheng Feng's blood, but you better know what's good for you. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude." Su Ao Xue's cold warning permeated her body and the temperature of the room dropped by a few degrees. The stench caused her to shiver and she felt as if she had fallen into an ice hole.

"Stupid, you know you're wrong, sorry I didn't dare." Smelly quickly admitted his mistake, afraid of turning into a cute ice pig.

At this time, Su Ao Xue looked at Cheng Feng and said, "Today, I received my leader's order. If you join our Supervisor Bureau, you can directly break through into the secondary school level, and as for the pill cultivation technique, it will naturally not be lacking. But as we are a State organ, so everything can only be claimed after you have completed your duties."

Saying that, he took out a briefcase and opened it in front of Cheng Feng, "This time it's 2 million RMB. Chief Zhang said that you can take it and use it first."


Cheng Feng looked at the box full of money and swallowed his saliva. His head felt a bit dizzy. This was 2 million RMB, that was more than enough for him to earn! This cash was indeed exciting. Yesterday when Su Ao Xue gave him the card for one million, she was only shocked, but if the two million cash was right in front of him, that would be shocking!

(End of chapter)

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