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As soon as she landed, the fragrance of flowers rushed into her nose. She didn't have the time to admire the flowers in the courtyard as she traversed the darkness like a thief.

The house that the ancients lived in was like a maze.

There were lanterns hanging from the eaves, and people passed by from time to time. She didn't dare to walk towards the light until she found a pitch-black courtyard. There were only two lanterns illuminating the entire yard, but inside the house, there was no light at all.

"Hehe, the heavens are truly helping me. The people in this yard are either asleep or not living here, or they haven't come back yet."

Luo Wushuang jumped lightly to the room in the middle and gently pushed the door.

The ancient people had bad consciousness when it came to guarding against theft. Unexpectedly, the door was not locked. She only lightly pushed on it, and a small crack appeared on the door.

She quickly dodged and waited for the reaction of the people in the room.

One second, two seconds, three seconds

Time passed, and after a long time, there was no sound from the house.

Looks like no one is here!

She quickly and carefully opened the door, slipped in, and then closed the door.

Clothes, find some clothes first!

She groped her way through the darkness, and even though she was careful, she bumped into the table in the room, almost making a sound. The teacup on the table swayed gently, giving out a warning sound. She remained in the same position as before, not moving as she hit the edge of the table. Her eyes peered around the room.

After a long while, she still could not feel anything, so she finally relaxed and stood up boldly.

She hadn't eaten a single bite all day, and with the addition of the nearly burnt meat, she was already thirsty. When she touched the teapot on the table, she lifted it up and gulped it down.

She didn't put it down until she finished drinking the water in the pot.

Awesome! When I'm extremely thirsty, drinking beer is also cool!

The teacup had been ringing for so long, but no one had come. It seemed to be safe. She walked around the room boldly.

On the chair beside the bed, she saw a white garment lying on top of it. She went over to pick it up and put it on.

A pleasant fragrance wafted into her nose. She could not help but hold onto her collar and inhale two more mouthfuls, like the clear spring water of a mountain stream or the light fragrance of a bush flower. It made her forget the tense atmosphere: Thief.

This ancient robe was simply too complicated. She lowered her head to study it for a while but still didn't know how to button it up. She didn't dare to waste any time and just let it randomly slip on her clothes.

"There's a belt on the chair."

An extremely faint male voice suddenly came out of the darkness without any warning, instantly tightening all the nerves in Luo Wushuang's head.

The sound actually came from beside the bed. Looking at the sound, there was no one on the bed. Even the blankets were placed neatly.


Luo Wushuang clenched his fist tightly. The pores of his body were stretched tight, causing her burned skin to hurt. However, she could not feel it because the sound that came out of thin air made her feel pain that overcame her body.

"Is it a human or a ghost?" Her eyes scanned the night like eagles.

"Human and ghost, ghost and human, what is Miss afraid of?"

The voice was as light as morning mist, without any emotion. It was clearly a question, but it did not seem to be a question.

She focused her attention and looked over, only to see a white figure sitting motionlessly beside the white curtains beside the bed. If one did not look carefully, one would think that it was really the curtains.

It's over, I've been discovered!

However, since the master had discovered her and didn't call for the thief, it seemed that the master of this house was more reasonable.

Very well, that was the kind of person she liked to deal with.

She secretly let out a sigh of relief, straightened her body, and rubbed her nose. She braced herself and walked in front of him, saying in a friendly manner, "Why don't you turn on the lights? Seriously."

If the light had been on in his room, she would not have come in, and it was not her fault that the thief had been called.

That person did not answer immediately, nor did he have the reaction that a burglar would normally have if he were to barge into the house. This caused Luo Wushuang, the thief, to be at a loss.

"Hey, you're wearing a white suit and sitting in the dark like this without making a sound is very scary, you have to pay with your life if you want to scare me to death, don't you know that? You have to pay more attention in the future." Luo Wushuang waved his hand in a relaxed manner, turned around and left as if he had nothing to do: "Alright, I won't disturb your rest any longer, good night! "I won't see you again!"

"Take whatever you like, no need to be courteous."

Before he could turn around, the man in white spoke in a cold tone.

This indifferent male voice was deep and rich, filled with magnetism, and this snow-like voice was even like the winter snow. Sitting by the window, sipping a cup of tea that was filled with hot air, it entered one's throat and became warm, yet also like the attraction of gravity, causing one to suddenly have the urge to approach his voice.

Suddenly, Luo Wushuang stopped his steps. He was so shocked that his jaw dropped. This big family was truly different!

Think of money as dung, and let this dung be more violent!

"Is that true?" Her voice was filled with pleasure.

"Yes." The man in white spat out the word.

"Then tell me what's so good about you. I'll see if there's anything I need that I can use." Luo Wushuang walked in front of him in a few steps.

"Find it yourself." The man in white said.

Even if she wanted to, she would not be able to see him. Since he had already told her to take it, then wouldn't it be too much of a loss of face if she did not take it?

"You might as well light the lamp first, I can't see anything in your room that would make your eyes hurt."

She didn't mind taking in the things he was tired of and settling down in her own house.

"The lamp is on the top shelf of the bedside cabinet."

In the light box? What kind of logic was this? Was there something wrong with this person's head?

she muttered to herself, but his steady voice seemed to her to be trustworthy, and she groped her way to the cabinet and opened it.

"It's in that little box."

Indeed, Luo Wushuang had found a wooden box inside and had taken it out. How could such a small box contain an oil lamp? She suspected that that person was trying to frame her.

She did not open it immediately. Instead, she rolled her eyes and took the box back to the white shadow. She handed it to him, "How do you do it? You order it for me. "

The man in white took the box and opened it. As he did so, a gentle light radiated from within.

Luminous Pearl!

This fellow actually used the Night Pearl to light himself up!

She had only seen luminous pearls like big glowing glass balls on television, but she had never imagined that they actually existed!

The man in white took out the pearl the size of a baby's fist, and the room instantly lit up.

With a single glance, her gaze subconsciously landed on this great philanthropist.

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