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Soon after, she was stunned. This man was so handsome that he didn't seem like a real person!

His expression was indifferent, his handsome eyes of a spirit of the world were devoid of any impurities, clear yet bottomless.

Her skin was as translucent as jade, and her long, dark hair hung down to her shoulders, suffused with a faint light.

Unexpectedly, he wasn't curious about her. Ever since the room was lit up, she had never seen him look directly at her face. His pair of deep eyes stared at an unknown place with an extraordinary aloofness.

After staring blankly at his face for a moment, Luo Wushuang picked up the pearl and put it in his hand, afraid that he would go back on his word, "This glass bead is not bad. The lighting is pretty good, I'll put it away for you."

The man in white parted his thin red lips and said, "If it's not bright enough, there's more in the cabinet."

He still did not look at her. This made Luo Wushuang, who had always bragged about being a beauty, a little disappointed. Fortunately, she had always been thick-skinned enough.

"Uh, hehe, that's enough."

Since he was so generous and carefree, wouldn't it be more realistic to ask for some silver taels from him? He would also have to worry about selling the items he took from him.

Although she said that it was enough, her body still moved towards the cabinet. This young and rich man was so generous to her, she couldn't help but to suspect that if the host's body ignored the charred body, wouldn't his face have the appearance of a devastatingly beautiful woman?

"I say, great philanthropist, why don't you give me some silver? When I have enough money in the future, I'll definitely return it to you."

In the future, it was only a matter of time before he would pay her back. She had said that she would wait until she had money, if she had none, then she would say something else.

She slowly made her way to the cabinet. Suddenly, she felt a white figure following her from the right. She stopped abruptly and took a step back. What she saw was a mirror!

However, this was not the main point!

The point was that the person in the mirror was like the African refugees, wearing a large white embroidered robe wrapped around a charred body. She quickly pulled the clothes tightly around her.

In this wrap, on a white torso in the mirror, there was a piece of black paint, which could barely be called a head. On the charcoal black head, there were only two eyes that were extremely bright.

She blinked her eyes and instantly collapsed. Just as she was about to open her mouth and scream, white teeth appeared in the mirror once more.

Was he even human? It was clearly a white-clothed monster!

Not daring to look at the monster any longer, she suddenly turned around. After staring blankly for a moment, her body went limp. She followed the curtains of the bed and sat at the edge of the bed.

And she's a beauty! It should be the Monkey King! Even the Monkey King was a hundred times more beautiful than her!

"Oh my god!" Since things have turned out like this, it's better for me to just go back and die! " She screamed in her heart. She wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Everything around her had nothing to do with her. A hundred ways of dying flashed through her mind like a movie, and she began to count which way was the easiest and least painful.

She had been brimming with confidence in front of the handsome man just a moment ago, but now she really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

After staring blankly for a long time, she spoke up for her shamelessness just now in a low voice, "I need two taels of silver to buy a coffin and bury myself."

"This looks like a loss-making business. If you die, how can you pay me back the silver?"

The man in white's pleasant voice lightly came over. Luo Wushuang no longer had the mood to admire him. She leaned her head against the bed curtain and looked at the space in front of her with empty eyes.

"I have the Spirit of Heaven. It will help you get lucky."

If he died, would he teleport back? If she wasn't afraid of the pain, she would have already crashed into the south wall and died.

But what if he was too hard to pass out and became a fool?

As she was lost in thought, the voice of the man in white pulled her back. "Someone is coming. Avoid it."

It was not good for a man and woman to be discovered if they were in the same room. If it was the Luo Wushuang from before, she might think this way. However, at this moment, she was thinking about how she was neither a human nor a ghost.

She put away her grief and instantly became alert. Looking around, her gaze then stopped at the bottom of the bed. Without any hesitation, she twisted her body and hid herself under the feet of the man in white.

However, after a while, the door was gently pushed open from the outside and a girl walked into the room.

She gazed at the white-clothed man by her bed, her eyes filled with autumn water, a smile on her face. With just a glance, her gaze focused on the night pearls rolling down the ground, her face filled with melancholy.

"If you want to take the Night Pearl, why didn't you order your lowly concubine to come?"

The voice of the woman was like that of an oriole in an empty mountain. It was pleasant to listen to. Just by hearing the voice, Luo Wushuang already felt that this woman who claimed to be his concubine had an extraordinary face.

That's right, this white clothed man was so handsome, and only a girl with a beauty that could topple empires could be worthy of him.

Since this girl was his concubine, she would most likely stay in the same room with him. Then, should she spend the night under this bed?

The woman slowly walked to the Night Pearl and bent down to pick it up. She then walked to the lamp on the floor and placed it inside. The room instantly became even brighter than before.

"Hurry up and bring me some food to eat." The tone of the man in white was impassive, yet it carried a spirit that did not allow for rejection.

"Alright, this lowly concubine will arrange it right away."

The woman happily turned around to prepare.

She quickly got out of bed and prepared to leave. She did not have the patience to stay under the bed for the whole night, however, just as she revealed her head, the cold voice of the man in white came over, "She came back before you could walk out of the room."

She stretched out half her body and stopped crawling. She used her hand to support her head as she looked at him casually, imitating their tone of voice and said, "Then what should I do? Should I stay and admire the majesty of your bed?" Since he had already said so, he probably wouldn't consider blocking her path. For him, blocking her path was a small matter, and delaying his beautiful scenery would be a huge matter.

The man in white didn't answer her. His handsome eyes moved slightly in her direction, fixed on an unknown spot. He still didn't look at her, his handsome face expressionless.

Luo Wushuang took the opportunity to size him up. He hid his seductive eyes, his high nose and thick lips. It was perfect, even a woman like her would be ashamed of her fair neck.

"What's your name?"

The man in white probably did not expect that someone would directly ask for his name, and even asked this kind of rude question. He was stunned for a moment, then his face reddened slightly. "Puyang Zi."

"Puyang Zi is now? This name is really nice to hear. My name is Luo Wushuang, you can call me Wushuang or Shuangshuang. "

Is it nice? It sounds pretty good, but the combination of "son" and "now"... Puyang gold? It seemed a little sudden!

Pah pah pah! She was a rich and handsome woman, but she could also be her parents. She was a saint that could not be sullied!

Luo Wushuang patted away the silly thoughts in his mind. First, he would try to get close to this young rich man. After all, friends had more ways to go.

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