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It was 10 o'clock in the night.

Within the apartment, there was a faint glimmer of light. The phone on the table vibrated. Zhong Youjiu, who was dozing off, suddenly woke up and picked up the phone to have a look.

It was Xiao Wenyao.

"Did you get the script? I've spent quite a bit of effort to get you to take the opportunity to study it properly and perform a bit better during the audition. " The moment the other party opened his mouth, he immediately went straight to the point.

Zhong You Ran's gaze once again fell on the thick stack of script on the table and nodded his head: "Ok, I know."

After pausing for a moment, she wanted to say something, but Xiao Wen Yao immediately followed, "Fine, then look at the script. After pausing for a moment, she wanted to say something, but Xiao Wen Yao immediately followed after," Fine, then look at the script.

"Oh, okay, safe trip." Zhong Ran hung up the phone in disappointment.

They had not seen each other for over a month. Even this script had been sent over by someone else.

However, no matter how much she thought about it, she could only swallow her disappointment into her own stomach. After all, she was just a tepid little actress, while Xiao Wen Yao was the most popular celebrity in the entertainment industry. So until now, she still couldn't understand why Xiao Wen Yao would take the initiative to pursue her.

After reading through the screenplay, it was already past midnight. Zhong You Ran had a better understanding of the character's emotional experience.

Then she searched for the original, trying to get a better understanding of the character relationship, and as she was engrossed in it, the phone on the desk vibrated again. This time it was the agent who called.

"You Ran, how's the script going?" the other asked her with concern.

Zhong You Ran's hand continued to search through the original book as he casually replied, "I'm done reading. I'm looking for a novel to read."

"How is it? Are you confident you can pass the audition? " The other party was a little worried.

Zhong You Ran paused for a moment before smiling confidently. "Dong Zhi jie, don't worry. You forgot that I am a 'vile woman with specialties'. Is there any problem with that?"

She was very confident in this.

However, Ruan Dongzhi seemed to be hesitating. After a while, she sighed, "You Ran, I heard that the director of your audition tomorrow is honorable and is different from the other directors. That's why I called you specifically to get your attention."

Hearing this, Zhong You Ran looked at the time and said helplessly, "Sister Dong Zhi, you didn't sleep in the middle of the night just to remind me about this?"

"From the way you're speaking, why aren't you paying attention at all? "Relax, this director is not someone to be trifled with. I've heard that he has won countless awards abroad. This is his first movie to be hosted upon his return to China, and the media is paying close attention to it."

"He won countless awards abroad. Did he accept such a drama when he came back?" Zhong You Ran couldn't help but laugh. "That old man is too blind."

Zhong You Ran wasn't trying to belittle the script. It was just that there were too many of them. They were both common and incompetent. How could such a proud director do such a thing?

Hearing that, Ruan Dong was stunned: "What uncle? He is only two or three years older than you, so don't randomly address him as' great director Heng '. "

"So young?" Zhong You Ran was indeed a bit surprised. After all, the directors that she had interacted with since she entered the industry were in their middle age. She had never met anyone who had won so many awards abroad at such a young age.

"That's right. I heard that the honorary director did not want to come back due to development abroad, but it seems like it's because of his family. I heard that he was forced to take over this movie as well, so I heard that he was already unhappy about it and was even more picky about the audition." Ruan Dong Zhi revealed all the information he knew.

Zhong Ran nodded thoughtfully. "Alright, I will pay more attention. Sister Dong Zhi, rest early. I'll read the original book again."

"Alright, don't watch it too late. Maintain sufficient sleep before you go to the audition." Nguyen Dong Zhi didn't say anything more. He just said a few words of instruction and then hung up the phone.

Zhong You Ran put his phone aside and started to read the novel.

The novel was called "Amber's Love," a relatively common Cinderella romance. In conclusion, the female lead and male lead had finally made up their minds after many misunderstandings, and the female lead she played was about to jump out and destroy it.

However, all the protagonists always had a halo to protect them. In the end, this type of girl would naturally not have a good ending.

What surprised her was that this girl's name was You Ran. It was as if she was a character tailored for her.

As she looked at the two words "Leisurely Leisurely", a strange feeling rose up in her heart for some reason …

Without waiting for her to think, an overwhelming sleepiness came over her. She immediately lay down on the table and closed her eyes, falling asleep.

In his dreams, Zhong You Ran seemed to see the words in the book pulsating one by one. He then felt a white light engulfing her …

In the middle of the night, Zhong You Ran woke up from the cold.

The cold was so cold that it was like the wind blowing in one's ears in the deep autumn forest.

His whole body felt stiff and uncomfortable.

Zhong You Ran couldn't help but wrap his arms around himself as he thought to himself: Is the air-conditioning too strong?

Just as she raised her hand to the side, the touch from her subordinates caused her to freeze. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and abruptly sat up, looking around in fear.

That's not right! Why was she in the mountains?

His clothes were not his own, and he was surrounded by grass and trees. Through the faint moonlight, he could see that there was no one around him.

Zhong You Ran didn't know what was going on, but it was imperative that he get out of this wilderness in order to think about other things. Otherwise, he would starve to death or freeze to death here.

The moonlight was not bright, so Zhong You Ran could only identify the general direction. The road under her feet was covered in mud. When she saw a faint shadow of a person in the distance, her feet tripped and she fell to the ground.

The intense pain made Zhong You Ran gasp. He raised his head to look at where he had stumbled and widened his eyes in fear.


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