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Seeing that she did not make a move, Wenren Yan's face darkened. He lowered his voice and said, "Don't act stupid for me. Hand over the video of Hu Po!" You said you'd give me the video as long as I was engaged to you and had a date with you! "

"Ah!" So it's a U disc video! " After hearing his warning, Li You Ran suddenly reacted and couldn't help but blurt out.

It was probably because she was too excited after knowing the whole story and did not hide her expression, causing her to show a hint of happiness. As a result, Wenren Yan's expression instantly became fierce, "You are really playing a trick!"

This time, Li You Ran was truly feeling guilty, and he continuously retreated back a good distance.

This video was also the key item in the plot. The female lead, Luo Amber, was poor, so she had to work as a waitress in a bar, and because she was good-looking, she had to always be taken advantage of by customers. Later on, when she was away, someone had to drug her, knock her out, create the false image of her being tainted by others, and make a covert video, which was used to threaten Wenren Yan Shi Yan, agree to be engaged to her, otherwise, this video would be announced, which would ruin Luo Amber's reputation.

However, this USB drive had been destroyed long before the engagement, due to Li Ran's carelessness. Whatever video file it was, it had long since disappeared.

Therefore, at this moment, she really couldn't take out the video from Wenren Yan.

"I can't carry a USB drive around with me, can I? Otherwise, I can just go back and help you delete it, which would save you a trip, wouldn't it? " Li You laughed, trying to fool this matter.

He stepped forward a few steps and quickly grabbed her hand to prevent her from escaping again. "Then I'll send you back to get it. I want to see you delete the document with my own eyes. Otherwise, I won't be able to rest easy!"

Li You Ran struggled and was on the verge of tears. No, she couldn't let him take her away. There weren't any videos either. If he found out, he would want to kill her!

Thinking of this, a plan suddenly appeared in Li You Ran's mind. He looked around, pushing Wenren Yan, and suddenly raised his voice. "Wenren Yan!" What are you doing? I am your future sister-in-law! So many people were watching! Aren't you afraid of being misunderstood?! "

As expected, when she shouted and revealed her identity, it immediately attracted many employees' attention. Some of them even stopped and intentionally looked over and started whispering.

"It really does look a little like that Miss Li who was engaged a while ago!"

"It's her!" It's her! "

"Oh my god, I heard that she was pestering Wenren Yan earlier. Now that I look at it, it looks like Wenren Yan is pestering her!"

"And this is still at the company's main entrance. Do you think that Wenren Yan came here just to put down Heng, the boss, on purpose?"

"I see that Miss Li is quite annoying. That's right. No matter what, Li You Ran is the precious daughter of the Li Group. How could he fall for such private matters …?" Cough cough, right? "


Some of the words that had been whispered were hidden away, but everyone knew what they meant.

Hearing these words, Wenren Wu-shuang's face turned pale-white as she glared angrily at Li You Ran. He had never expected Li You Ran to act like this. He couldn't loosen his grip on her, nor could he loosen his grip on her.

Right at this moment, Li You's exaggerated expression froze, and then his eyes lit up — — from afar, the one who was walking towards them, wasn't it the same Wenren Heng that she had been thinking about day and night?

"Ah Heng! You're here! I'm over here! " Li You's voice was full of anger as he shouted in the direction of Qing Heng, but he didn't forget to explain, "Don't misunderstand! Wenren Yan and I really have nothing to do with each other! He insisted on pestering me! I have no other choice! "

When he heard this, Wenren Yan could no longer hold back his anger. He quickly loosened his grip on her and shot a cold glance at her. "You're ruthless!"

Then, he quickly turned around and left this place that caused him to lose all face.

Naturally, Li You Ran was overjoyed as he ran towards Wenren Jue.

From the moment she had called out to Wenren Wu-heng, she had noticed that he had visibly paused for a moment and then quickened his pace. It was obvious that he intended to pretend not to know her and quickly avoid her.

But how could she give him the chance?

At the moment when Wenren Wu-heng was about to step into the main entrance, Li You took his arm. Why are you ignoring me? "

Wenren Wu-shuang stopped in her tracks, her face stiff as she stood on the spot. She slowly turned her head to look at him, but her eyes were filled with a complicated look that she couldn't see through.

He was still smiling, but his men were silently pushing her hand out and whispering to her, "I told you, I don't want to see you again. Let go!"

"I'm not letting you go! I finally got to see you!" Li You Ran didn't want to be outdone, so he tightened his hands along the way.

Wenren Wu-shuang helplessly looked up, and noticed the curious gazes coming from all around. She suppressed the anger in her heart, and calmly said to the assistant beside her: "All of you go up first, I'll follow … Miss Li, please wait outside to discuss a matter. "

It was a pity that the usually astute assistant did not have the slightest insight into the situation. She even wittily suggested, "The sun is so bright outside. Heng, if there's anything between you and the young madam, you should head over to the office to talk about it."

These words were echoed by quite a few of the onlookers.

Wenren Wu-heng was really well-mannered, yet he did not lose his temper on the spot. Instead, he gritted his teeth and forced a smile, "No need, it'll be fine in a moment. She's about to leave."

After finishing her sentence, she didn't give anyone a chance to speak. She immediately turned around, put her arm around Li You Ran's shoulder, and led her out.

"What are you trying to do? As you wish, I will not let the marriage annulment even happen to the family, what else do you want? " Wenren Wu-shuang released her, trying her best to suppress her rage. "I saw it just now, you and Wenren Yan are indeed still tangled up with each other. Just tell him what you want to do, and don't drag me into it, okay?"

"I've already told you, I really don't have any feelings for Wenren Yan. I really want to develop feelings for you!" Li You Ran once again explained in all seriousness.

It was obvious that Wenren Heng did not believe her explanation at all. He helplessly waved his hand. "Alright, alright. I don't care what you want to do. I don't like you. Can you please stop your actions?"

"Then let me kiss you!" Lone Ran shamelessly leaned forward, his eyes fixed on Wenren Huan's lips. He was about to tiptoe over them.

Her actions caught Wenren Wu-shuang unawares, and he subconsciously raised his hand to give her a light push …

"Ah!" So it's a U disc video! " After hearing his warning, Li You Ran suddenly reacted and couldn't help but blurt out.

Unexpectedly, Li You Ran was pushed by him and fainted on the ground. It seemed as if he had lost consciousness!

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