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However, her weak luck did not work. When she opened her eyes again, she was in the hospital, and the person who was still standing next to her was the middle-aged woman from last night. When she woke up, she nervously asked, "You You Ran, you're awake? How about it? Is there anything wrong with your body? Do you know me? "

The last question clearly had a hint of worry in it.

Zhong You Ran looked at the snow-white ceiling. He really wanted to figure out the sequence of events, but to no avail. He could only answer one question. It seemed like she had really crossed over to a virtual novel that did not exist in the real world.

"I'm not uncomfortable. It's fine. Leave me alone for a while." Zhong You Ran spoke with much difficulty. To avoid trouble, he paused for a moment and then added, "Mom."

She turned around and was about to leave when she suddenly turned around at the door. "By the way, luckily you found out about it in time last night, or else the consequences would have been dire if Wenren Wu-shuang was there. Thank you so much, Uncle Wenren."

Wenren... All of them?

If she remembered correctly, this person was a cannon fodder who died not long after the beginning of the script. It was because he heard about the accidental death of their young master that the male lead, Wenren Yan, turned from an illegitimate child to a righteous son.

But now, she had just passed through and she had already dealt with the person who should have died … Saved?

Crap, did she create a bug?

Since he was already here, he might as well settle for now.

This was a principle that Li You Ran had always followed. She didn't know how to return to reality, so she could only survive in this virtual world.

According to what she had heard from her mother in the past few days, the plot should have just begun. The original plot should have been about Li You forcing Wenren Yan to get engaged, but because Wenren Yan was an illegitimate child, she didn't want to leave home, so she didn't expect him to become Wenren Wu-shuang's only son after he received news of his death.

The question was, since Wenren Wu-shuang had been saved by her mistake, would the aftermath be gone?

"Relax? What are you thinking about? " She waved her hand in front of her face.

Li You Ran came back to his senses and smiled. "It's fine, Mom. I want to see Wenren Wu-heng. Is that okay?"

"Look at Ah Heng? "Fine, fine." Her mother nodded, but she was still a bit confused. In the past, she would have asked people to find Wenren Yan before she fainted. Why did she stop mentioning Wenren Yan this time?

He couldn't figure out what his daughter was thinking, so he could only let her have her way, afraid that she would run away again.

Wenren heng's ward was upstairs in the VIP ward. Li You followed his mother to the door. Through the transparent window, he could vaguely see the other side of the bed with its head lowered, reading a book.

Li You Ran's heart was pounding as he felt a little scared.

This was a BUG. According to the storyline, he was already a dead man.

"Relax? "Let's go in." While she was still hesitating, her mother pushed open the door and brought her in.

Li You lowered his head guiltily, not daring to look directly at the person in front of him.

As her mother, she had no tacit understanding with Wenren Wu-shuang, so she left her alone in the ward to face the huge bug.

"Relax?" A male's voice, with a hint of a smile, came from the front and thanked her, "I heard that you found out that I was the one who saved my life. I should be the one to thank you."

"Ah, no, no. It's fine." You Ran stuttered a bit, but in his heart, he thought to himself: This BUG's voice is pretty good.

Pausing for a moment, the other party once again spoke with a smile, "Do I look scary? "Why do you keep lowering your head? Are you afraid of me?"

Of course, you're the scariest bug in the world, okay?

Although he was thinking this in his heart, Li You Ran still smilingly raised his head and asked, "How are you scary? You clearly look like this …. "He is extraordinarily handsome.

The words that were originally meant to flatter the other party, upon seeing his appearance, couldn't help but turn into sincere praise.

Didn't she exaggerate leisurely? So BUG was actually this good-looking?

The man in front of her had a pair of alluring peach shaped eyes, a high nose bridge, and beautiful thin lips. His facial features were so perfect that not a single blemish could be found on them.

When she thought of this, she came to a realization that this was originally inside a novel!

"Cough, then … is your body alright?" You Ran looked away uncomfortably and wiped his nose with his hand to make sure he wasn't having a nosebleed.

As soon as his voice fell, Li You and the others closed their eyes again. Oh, no. Wenren Wu-heng turned to look, only to see a faint smile on his lips as he slowly replied, "It's alright, thank you very much."

"It's good that you're fine. Then I'll go back first." By the time Li You Ran finished his sentence, he had already run out of the ward.

She waited until she was back in her ward before her abnormal heart rate returned to normal.

Li You Ran leaned against the door and took a few deep breaths before walking inside. As soon as she entered the room, she saw a strange man sitting on her bed. She looked at the name beside the bed suspiciously.

"Erm, mister, are you in the wrong ward?" Li You Ran asked embarrassedly.

The body of the man sitting in front of her bed stiffened, as if he was trying his best to endure something. After a long while, that person didn't turn his head and coldly asked, "Li You Ran, I didn't think that you would go through so much effort just to get engaged!"

What? What and what?

Li You Ran was stunned. Was this man crazy? What did he say... Wait? Engagement?

When he thought of this, Li You Ran froze. 'So this man is the male lead of this novel — Wenren Yan?'

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