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"I don't agree."

However, reality slapped Li You's face. The next day, Wenren Wu-shuang, who knew about this, came to her room wearing a hospital gown and rejected her with a cold expression, as if the gentle and warm expression from yesterday had never existed.

Li You Ran froze on the spot, feeling like he was going crazy: Hey, you're just a bug! What position would reject me?

"Why not?" Li You Ran asked as he raised his eyes.

Wenren Wu-heng lowered his head and looked at her for a long time. Finally, his lips parted and he said, "Miss Li, I remember that we don't have any interactions. Why would I agree to your engagement for no reason?"

What he said made some sense.

Li You Ran put away his wronged expression and didn't say another word.

Seeing that she did not say anything, Wenren Wu-heng relaxed and said slowly, "Then I'll trouble Miss Li to explain this to the elders."

As soon as his voice fell, he prepared to leave.

Unexpectedly, when she turned around, her melodious voice came again from behind, "I'm your savior after all, not even helping with such a small favor. It's just that the engagement is not a marriage. Tsk tsk, I really shouldn't have saved you. Sigh."

Wenren Wu-heng paused in his steps, and turned around with the corners of his mouth twitching, "Do you think that children have played house before? Only getting engaged and not getting married? "

"You know, both our families have already released the news. It's hard for me to back down now. As the heir to Wenren Wu-shuang's business, you don't want to see the business fall into the hands of others, right?" Li You continued to lead the way, paused for a moment, and then explained, "After the engagement, can't we just find a suitable opportunity to cancel the engagement?"

"I …" Wenren Wu-shuang subconsciously wanted to retort, but she did not continue.

"Fine, I won't force you. Anyways, I understand. The words you need to thank your savior for are merely words." Li You Ran pretended to sigh.

Wenren Wu-shuang choked, and looked at her with a complicated expression, sighing deeply, "Are you sure you want to find an opportunity to cancel the engagement?"

Hearing his words, Li You Ran knew that he had succeeded. He hurriedly nodded his head. "Of course!"

"Alright, I hope you will keep your word." Wenren Wu-Shuang finally agreed. She didn't forget to look at Ye Xiao deeply before she left, and then she murmured, "Shouldn't you be engaged to Wenren Yan?"

"Hmm? "What?" Li You Ran hadn't heard clearly, so he continued to ask.

Wenren Wu-shuang didn't continue to answer and merely shook his head. "Nothing much, just like this."


Once Wenren Wu-shuang was done, the whole engagement ceremony was over without any obstacles, and everything went exceptionally smoothly.

However, he had never expected that on the second day after the engagement ceremony, Wenren Yan would come looking for him in a rage.

"Li You Ran!" Wenren Yan's angry roar was deafening.

You Ran, who was playing with his phone, trembled in fear. She looked around in alarm and jumped up, "How did you get in? This is my room! "Sister Xiang!"

He didn't know why, but no one responded to his call. It seemed like Wenren Yan had come here prepared.

Wenren Yan's gaze was fierce and full of undisguised killing intent. He sneered, grabbed her wrist, and led her outside.

"What are you doing? Wenren Yan! I've already said that I won't bother you anymore! " A trace of fear rose in Li You's heart, and he yelled at him with his other hand on the door.

"What for? Don't you know that? " Wenren Yan ignored her and used all his strength to drag her out of the room.

Li You Ran was forced to walk towards the direction of the underground parking lot, struggling with all his might: "Let go of me! Wenren Yan! I don't know what you're talking about! "

Wenren Yan's strength was astonishing, she had no chance to escape.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot, Wenren Yan pushed her away from the car with a sinister look in his eyes. "Tell me, where did you take Luo Hu? I want to see her! "

Li You's wrist hurt from his grip, and he was rubbing it with his head lowered. When he heard this name, he couldn't help but complain in his heart.

Luo Amu was the heroine of this novel, but ever since she transmigrated, she didn't even know what she looked like. What could she do to her?

"I don't know! I haven't seen her at all! " Li You Ran rolled his eyes and prepared to leave.

Unexpectedly, before he could even take a step forward, he was pushed back to his original position by Wenren Yan. The next moment, Wenren Yan leaned over and placed a hand on her neck, "You don't know? "Heh, should we say it or not?"

"I said I don't know, but I don't know!" Li You Ran subconsciously retreated, but his back was against the car. There was no way out.

As soon as his words fell, Wenren Yan gradually increased the strength of his men. With bloodshot eyes, he asked, "I'll ask you one last time, where did you take Luo Hu?"

"I, I really …" "I don't know." Li You Ran's face was flushed from the pinching. His breathing gradually became difficult, and he didn't even have the strength to struggle.

Hearing that she still did not give up, Wenren Yan squinted his eyes, looking as if he was really going to strangle her to death. The strength under his hands became tighter and tighter.

Just as Li You Ran was wondering if he was going to die in the hands of Wenren Yan, a blinding light shone through the dark garage.

Wenren Yan's underlings suddenly relaxed. While he was not paying attention, Li You broke free from the shackles and squatted down to take deep breaths. When he looked up, he saw a person walking out from the light and walked straight to her. He frowned and asked, "What are you guys doing?"

It was Wenren Wu-Shuang!

For a moment, Li You Ran seemed to see the angelic aura around him. This bug that she saved with her own hands, it was simply her guardian god!

She rushed over and tightly hugged the man's body. She could not help but burst into tears. "I'm so scared! If you had come a step later, I would have died!"

Wenren Wu-shuang froze, and instinctively tried to push her away. However, when she saw Wenren Yan's gaze, she thought for a moment and did not push her away. Instead, she asked with some doubts, "What's going on?"

Wenren Yan was probably feeling guilty to begin with. He looked deeply at Li You Ran and shook his head. "It's fine. I'm leaving."

He then opened the car door and quickly drove out of the underground parking lot.

You Ran let out a long sigh of fear as he watched the car drive away

"Alright, let me go." Wenren Wu-shuang frowned and immediately retreated, keeping a distance from You Ran.

This transformation was way too fast!

Li You Ran wiped his tears and took a few steps back. 'Forget it, seeing as you saved my life as a bug, I won't bother with you.'

"You're looking for me? What's the matter? "

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