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As expected, a few days passed in a row and Yulian still hadn't received any news of annulling the engagement.

The only thing that made her feel awkward was that Wenren Wu-shuang was really avoiding her.

He couldn't get through to the other side of the phone and didn't reply back. He didn't even stay at home when he went to find Ye Zichen.

Today, Li You Ran, who was once again blocked at the entrance, lost his patience. With a sad face, he said bitterly to his aunt who opened the door, "Why is he not here every time I come to look for him? Where can he go? "

Due to the high frequency of ease, the aunt who opened the door became more familiar with her. Seeing her depressed face, she couldn't help but think and remind her in a low voice, "Our Little Heng is always busy with work. He leaves early every morning."

"Early morning? "It's only six, I've come enough …" Li You's retorts came to a sudden halt as he suddenly realized something. His eyes lit up. "Work?"

The other nodded meaningfully.

Li You jumped up and revealed a huge smile of gratitude. He then quickly turned around and ran to his car. He signaled Chen Feng. "Uncle Chen, let's go to Wenren Corporation's building."


As it was still early, the door was not open.

Li You Ran leaned over and asked the security guard, "Uncle, when will you open the door?"

"You're a new employee?" The old security guard looked her up and down, then back at the car that had driven her here, his eyes full of suspicion.

You Ran nodded without a blush. "Yes, my house is quite far away. Today is my first day at work, so I was afraid that I might be late so I caught a taxi."

Uncle Chen, who was not far away, came to the realization and quickly drove the luxurious car away.

The security guard felt reassured and smiled, "You're too early. The company won't open its doors until after 7: 30. It's only a little past 6."

"So it's like that, thank you very much." Li You Ran pretended to be enlightened and nodded his head. His brows slightly creased, he then asked, "So you're saying that Director Heng also hasn't come to work yet?"

"The boss wouldn't have come so early. He only came about ten minutes before the staff." The security old man subconsciously smiled.

Li You Ran paused. "Where else could he go if he didn't come to the company?"

"That I am not sure …" The security uncle suddenly stopped smiling and changed the topic. "But why are you asking about so much information?"

Realizing that he had been exposed, Li You Ran hurriedly ran into an alley before the security guard could chase him away.

Since Wenren Wu-heng had not come to work yet, she decided to stop him here. She didn't want to miss him for the rest of the day!

With this conviction, Li You gazed at the nearby entrance of Wenren Enterprise.

After waiting for a while, there was still no one at the door. Since Li You Ran didn't eat due to the urgency of leaving the house, he was a bit hungry now.

If he knew earlier, he wouldn't have let Uncle Chen go back.

She thought for half a second and decided to go around looking for some breakfast to fill her stomach. Thinking of this, she took out her phone and searched the surrounding gourmet restaurants.

By the time she found the breakfast shop and had a satisfying breakfast, she saw that it was already eight o'clock.

"Oh my god!" Wenren Wu-shuang couldn't have already joined the company, could she? " Li You Ran rushed out of the store and ran towards the main entrance of Wenren Corporation as per his memory.

Because she had plenty of time to come here, she didn't feel far from You Ran following the navigation system. Now that she had run back, she realised that she had gone far enough.

When she ran back to the door, panting, she saw that the door that was originally tightly shut had already been opened. There were already quite a few people entering and exiting the door, which was a huge contrast from the previously quiet and empty place.

"So many people have come. We're finished." Sighing in defeat, Li You found a spot near the edge of the flower bed and sat down to catch his breath.

After looking at the door for a while and not seeing any sign of Wenren Wu-shuang, Li Jun confirmed that Wenren Wu-shuang had entered the company during her absence.

She stood up, tidied her clothes, slightly lowered her head and prepared to mix in with the crowd, avoiding the eyes of the security uncle just now. She would first sneak into the company's main entrance before doing anything else.

Who knew that before she could dodge Uncle Security, her wrist was grabbed by someone in the next second, and that someone had taken her hand away from her face. It's really you? "

Hearing this voice, Li You Ran felt something was wrong. He turned around and saw that it was indeed Wenren Yan, the bearer of misfortunes again!

With the previous example, Li You quickly withdrew his wrist from his hand and instinctively took a few steps back. Looking at the many people coming and going, he finally had some confidence, "So what if it's me? I didn't do anything to your Luo Mo this time, did I? "

Can't you, the male and female protagonists, just go on and have a date? Why did he always want to drag her into this?

Fortunately, Wenren Yan couldn't do anything as terrifying as that day in front of so many people.

"Come with me, I have something to talk to you about." Wenren Yan looked around with a cold face, indicating that she should go to a place with fewer people.

Li You Ran stood unmoving. She wasn't stupid, so she wouldn't give him a chance to attack like last time. "If there's anything you want to say, just say it here!"

"Are you sure?" Wenren Yan raised her eyebrows and stood straight in front of her.

"I'm sure!" Li You Ran hurriedly nodded his head. The suffocating feeling he gave her last time was still lingering in her heart even now. Only in the crowd could she feel safe.

Hearing Li You Ran's confirmation, Wenren Yan froze for a moment before chuckling. "If that's the case, then I'll be straightforward. You want me to go out with you today?"

"A date?" "In her mind, she couldn't remember which plot in the script this was. The original one had threatened Wenren Yan with dating her quite a few times, but now, no matter what, it was unnecessary. Therefore, she raised her chin slightly to express," "It doesn't matter if it's done or not, you won't be bothered if I say I won't bother you. Just don't worry about your love with Luo Amber!

Mr. BUG is the only person in my heart!

"You said so yourself." Wenren Yan's eyes darkened. She suddenly changed the topic and stretched out her hand. "In that case, give me the thing. We owe each other nothing. Don't ever offend each other again!"

Li You looked at his outstretched hand with a slight pause. It was fine for them to owe each other something, but what exactly did she take from Wenren Wu-shuang?

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