Our Very Own Story/C1 Ending of Happiness
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Our Very Own Story/C1 Ending of Happiness
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C1 Ending of Happiness

Grace was so happy and cheerful because today is their anniversary with her boyfriend—Eric. She planned and prepared everything.

She drove his car to the condominium of his boyfriend and she finally arrived at the parking area.

She took all her gifts for his boyfriend and immediately went upstairs.

She opened the door and called his boyfriend's name but no one is answering. He must be sleeping, she thought.

She smiled and put all the thing she brought on the table and arrange them neatly.

As she went near the door of his boyfriend's room she heard a wild and soft moans coming from that room.

It can't be, right? I'm just imagining things. She comforted herself

Her brows closely knitted and her heart is beating faster and faster.

She took a deep breathe and she slowly opened the door. The moans that she was hearing a while ago became louder and clearer.

Her eyes became redder and she felt that her heart was ripped into pieces as she saw her boyfriend and her cousin—July doing something inhumane.

The man and the woman under the sheets doesn't even have the slightest idea that someone was watching them.

Grace can't take it anymore so she just walked out of the condo with anger and disgust for the both of them.

"Eric, since you already did me. Do our relationship also improve now?" July said with her sweet and majestic voice as she looked at Eric who's busy in changing his clothes.

"Improve? What relationship do you want to have with me?"

July was shocked because of his response but she still felt so happy assuming that she have a chance to be with Eric forever.

"You know, you should dump your little bitch girlfriend and be with me." She said proudly.

Eric's eyes darkened as she heard what she said. He suddenly want to slap this slut who called her girlfriend a bitch.

"I can't dump a bitch just to be with a slut like you. What happened to us a while ago was just an accident. You know it very well." He said coldly.

July's happy dreams was suddenly shattered into pieces. Grace! What the hell is something great with you that Eric loves you so much!

Wait and see Grace on how am I going to make the people loves you, unlove you.

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