Our Very Own Story/C2 Exquisite Lady
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Our Very Own Story/C2 Exquisite Lady
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C2 Exquisite Lady

Wait and see Grace on how am I going to make the people loves you, unlove you. July again smirked as she thought of so many schemes to do.

July's mind immediately returned to reality when she heard Eric's loud and firm curse.

She stood up with the blanket covering her naked body and followed Eric to the living room.

"What's happening?" She asked as she scanned all the gifts that on the table.

Grace was here?

"Do you think she saw us doing that?" July spoked, pretending to be shocked while in her mind she was happily celebrating.

Once Eric and Grace break up then finally Eric will really be mine.

Eric suddenly tensed up when he heard what July has said. She love Grace so much and she couldn't afford to lose her.

Grace has no someone to talk to about her problems and she doesn't know where to go so she just drove her car continuously.

She and Eric never slept together so her heart was hurt when she saw the two of them doing that. For the first time she felt so low.

When she saw a breathe taking sea at her side, she drove her car there and cried silently. She tried to take out all the pain that she was feeling.

With the beautiful waves of the sea, she suddenly wanted to swim. She got off the car and went nearer to the sea.

She gently and elegantly took off her casual dress, revealing her attractive and curvy body. With her halter swimsuit, everybody would have a second look to her.

Her face turned sour when she remembered that she purposely wore a swimsuit underneath because she planned to celebrate their anniversary at the beach but it was completely ruined.

She suddenly thought of an idea to tear her swimsuit but she knows that she can't do it cause she'll be seen naked by the people around her.

As Grace walk towards the water, inside an expensive and luxury car a handsome man has already set his eyes on her and watched her every move.

He can't take his eyes on her as if she would be gone when he would blink. Rend was confused on why his boss asked him to stopped the at this seaside when they are in a hurry to go back to the company for an urgent meeting.

He looked at his boss through the mirror and he saw that his boss was mesmerized by something. He followed the direction of what his boss was looking and he saw an exquisite lady swimming alone.

Boss must have taken fancy of her. Well, who wouldn't? She's so beautiful, Rend thought.

"Don't you dare look at her again." Nathan said coldly to his assistant when he saw that he was looking at her woman.

Rend cleared his throat. "Yes, sir." He said as he put his gaze straight in front.

In a second, Rend was startled when he saw his boss got off the car and ran towards the location of the beautiful lady.

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