Our Very Own Story/C4 Young Master's Girlfriend
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Our Very Own Story/C4 Young Master's Girlfriend
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C4 Young Master's Girlfriend

Since July's birthday is approaching, she and her family was busy preparing for her birthday party and while July was preparing for her birthday, she is also planning her schemes.

Since I haven't heard any news about you and Eric's break up then this will finally end your relationship.July smiled evilly as she thought of her plans.

The next day in the hospital, Grace finally woke up and this time she felt better as if nothing has happened.

She moved her eyes around her and guessed that she must be in the hospital. Grace was confused on why and how did she end up in this hospital.

She just remembered that she caught her distant cousin and her boyfriend cheating on her so she was so heartbroken and she didn't stop crying. Maybe I fainted and someone brought me here, she thought.

She stopped her thoughts when a middle aged woman entered her room.

" Aya! You're finally awake. How are you feeling? Are you fine now?" The old woman asked her and went near her.

Even though Grace doesn't know her, she still answered her thinking that she must be the one who brought her in the hospital.

" I'm completely fine now, Aunt... "

"Oh, just call me Aunt Marina. You are so beautiful, what's your name?" She asked with a wide smile.

"My name is Grace but may I ask what happened? Why am I here?" She asked, expecting for an answer.

"I don't really know about that. Young Master Nathan just asked me to come here and to take good care of you."

Grace frowned and thought what could really had happened. And Young Master Nathan? Who is he?

"Young Master Nathan? Who and where is he?" Grace asked confusedly.

Now even Aunt Marina is confused why do this young lady don't know her Young Master. Isn't Grace the girlfriend of Young Master Nathan?

She was even delighted when Rend call her and told her to take good care of this young lady because it was her Young Master's request so she ready assumed that this young lady was his girlfriend.

"Don't you know Young Master Nathan? Aren't you his girlfriend?" Aunt Marina asked straightforwardly.

Grace was shocked because of she had heard. She was about to answer when she heard a phone ringing and she immediately know that it was hers because of the ringtone.

"Hello dad, what's up? "

"Grace, where are you? We need you right now, your mom is in the hospital right now." Her dad said in panic.

"What!? Okay, tell me where hospital is that? I'll come right away!"

"It's the hospital near our house, hurry up!" After hearing that, she immediately hang up the phone.

She remove everything that was connected to her body and took her things , she was about to leave but she remembered something.

"Aunt Marina, I'm sorry but I need to go now my family needs me right now and don't worry about me I'm really fine. Please thank Young Master Nathan for me! Thank you." Grace said continuously then immediately left.

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