Our Very Own Story/C6 Break up
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Our Very Own Story/C6 Break up
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C6 Break up

As Grace left the elevator she immediately saw his father who's talking to Eric. What? Eric!? What the hell is this asshole doing here?

Grace ignored Eric's existence and only focus her gaze to her father. "Dad, what happened? How's mom?"

"Your mom is now fine, thank God. The doctor said she fainted because of too much tiredness. You know, your mom enjoys working so much that she doesn't even mind the time and she doesn't eat." Grace's dad—Damien explained.

"Yeah, she's always like that. It's a good thing that nothing serious had happened." Grace felt relieved.

Damien looked at her daughter and noticed that she's wearing a pair of pajamas that looks luxury.

"Acy, I'm sorry I must have been disturbed you from your sleep. It's just that I was really worried about your mom a while ago so I immediately called you." Damien felt a little guilty.

Sleep? Just that time only Grace looked at her outfit and realized that she's wearing a pair of pajamas from the hospital she come from.

Her mind was filled with the thoughts of her mom so she initially forgot everything and left.

"No dad, It"s fine." Grace told ber father and Damien just nodded at her and he entered the room where her wife is sleeping to see her condition and to give Eric and Grace some privacy.

"Grace..." Eric called her softly.

Grace felt disgusted hearing her name from Eric's mouth.

"How dare you come here!" She couldn't control her anger and she felt that this was the right time to confront Eric and end things between them.

Eric hinted that Grace really knew that he slept with July but still acted innocent and like he didn't know why she's angry.

"Grace, what's wrong? Why are you angry? Did I do something wrong? I heard that your mother was brought here so I cancelled my meeting and came here—"

Eric wasn't able to continue what he is saying because a firm palm kissed his face strongly.

Grace felt extremely anger when he heard Eric said those words, she caught them in the act and now Eric is trying to make her a complete fool.

"You're a complete asshole! I saw you! I saw you and July fucking each other! How does it feel? Does it feel good? I hope it is case from now on we're done! You can know fuck each other anywhere and anytime you want without thinking of me!" Grace's eyes were red and swollen because of crying continuously.

Eric was completely shocked and speechless. He didn't know what to do and what do say, it feels like his whole body is paralyzed.

"If you have even a bit of dignity and respect for me then please leave. Don't ever think of showing yourself in front of me, you disgust me." Grace said firmly.

Grace wanted to go in her mom's room but when she thought of her condition and appearance she didn't continue her plan.

Grace ran somewhere and left Eric who looks like he's in so much pain.

Everything that had happened was seen by Nathan and right now there's only thing that he want to do and that is to comfort Grace.

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