Our Very Own Story/C7 I'm not the one at lost
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Our Very Own Story/C7 I'm not the one at lost
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C7 I'm not the one at lost

Grace went to the bathroom and she felt miserable seeing herself in front of the mirror. Her hair was disheveled and her face was so mess.

Because of continuous incidents that have happened to her, she almost forgot her issues about Eric. But when she saw and confronted Eric a while ago, she felt that all the pain and hatred came back to her.

She was so disappointed and relieved at the same time. She's disappointed because she expected so much from him and she didn't expect him to be an asshole. She's relieved that she caught them cheating and she early knew Eric's true colors.

This can't be. Grace wiped off her tears and cleaned up herself.

She then looked at her reflection and thought, I shouldn't be felt miserable and I won't let them be happy and see me sad and downhearted.

I'm not the one at lost. It's him so I must show them how I am going to move on and on how wrong their decisions are.

Grace thought's was interrupted when she heard the door of the bathroom opened and the man from the car entered.

What is he doing here? This is woman's a bathroom for pete's sake!

" Didn't you leave? What are you doing here? " Grace asked him seriously.

The man didn't mind her asking and instead he surveyed her whole body and his eyes stopped at her face. She's really beautiful as ever, that's why he didn't know why would a man would have a guts to hurt someone like her. But he was thankful that this beautiful woman is single. that way he could pursue her without any problem.

"I'm asking you. What are you doing here? Mister this place is for women." Grace spoke again when she noticed that the man didn't have any intention to talk.

"Are you done crying? Have you moved on?" His response was way out of expectation of Grace so her eyes widened.


" You clearly heard me." The man looked at her intensely and even expecting for an answer.

"Did you heard and saw everything that happened a while ago?" Grace asked in disbelief.

The man didn't answer and just avoided eye contact with her, exposing his self that he really know what happened to her a while ago.

Grace was embarrassed but she didn't want it to show to him so she just acted angry about him snooping.

"Mister, aren't you going too far? Just because you gave me a ride doesn't mean you can just snoop about my personal matters. What? Are you here to tell me and mocked me for being a careless and useless girlfriend!?" Grace sounded angry as possible.

Now she felt guilty for shouting and scolding this innocent man, she knows that anybody could just hear her confronting Eric because they were in a public place. She also know that this man maybe didn't mean to heard them but what was he even doing here in the first place.

"You? Useless and careless girlfriend? Nope. Your ex-boyfriend is the problem, he's a complete bastard." The man was shocked so he just responded humbly and then he left.

Grace on the other hand was taken aback and that made her feeling worst, she was beyond guilty.

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