Our Very Own Story/C8 Piece of paper
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Our Very Own Story/C8 Piece of paper
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C8 Piece of paper

Grace thought of going to her mom's ward but she decided to go downstairs to buy food for them first. She chose the foods that was light and was allowed to be eaten by her mother.

Grace opened the door of her mom's ward and she caught her parents talking about something.

Damien and Freya looked at their daughter who just entered the ward and they surveyed her if something really was wrong with her.

"Acy, are you alright?" Damien asked her lovely daughter.

Grace was puzzled because of her father. Could it be that they knew that I and Eric had broken up?

"Yes, I am fine dad." She answered with a wide smile and you could not really see any sadness in her face.

Damien intently looked at her daughter and thought of the man who just came in the room and informed them about Grace being heartbroken because of their break up with her boyfriend.

"Are things going well with you and Eric?" It was Freya who asked.

Grace looked at her parents suspiciously. Could it be that they really knew?

"Mom... dad... Eric and I... our relationship has ended..." Grace voice was broken as she said those.

She really couldn't understand herself. A while ago she just said to herself that she would be strong and now she's crying again. Maybe moving on would really take time. It was just that she really felt dismayed because they had been in a relationship for almost 4 years and suddenly everything was ruined.

"I knew it..." Damien whispered and that caught Grace's attention.

What the man has said to them was indeed true, Damien thought. Damien and Freya don't know the cause of their break up, they just knew that they had already broken up because the man who came to the ward told them.

"What? How..."

"An unknown man came here and told us that we should be there and comfort you because you had a break up." Damien told her daughter.

Unknown man? No way...

Could it be the man from the car again? Why do he keep on meddling in my personal affairs...

"Everything was going smooth between you both, right Acy? Why did you suddenly broke up?" Freya asked her daughter carefully. Both Freya and Damien was curious on what could be the cause.

As Grace thought about it, tears suddenly rolled down to her cheeks.

"Shh... it's okay if you don't say it..." Damien comforted her daughter. He felt sorry and broken seeing her daughter being like this.

He suddenly want to beat up the person who caused pain to her precious daughter.

Freya feels the same way as Damien, Grace was their only daughter so that's given that they are very protective on her.

"He cheated on me..."

Both Damien and Freya was speechless when they heard it. Damien gritted her teeth and felt extremely angry. Right now, the only thing they could do is to comfort and to make Grace feel better.

Grace continued crying until she felt asleep.

The next day, Grace was awakened by her father. Her mother was already discharge and they are now ready to leave the hospital.

Grace wake up with her eyes swollen and when they are already at their home, Damien suddenly remembered something.

"Acy, here..." He said and gave the small piece of paper to Grace.

The man from the hospital told to him to give it to Grace so he did.

"It's yours, the man told me you will know it once you see what's written there." Damien said again to her daughter.

Grace felt tired and exhausted so she just went to her room and put the piece of paper in her table and she took a bathe. After she take a bath, she completely forgot about the paper and she immediately went to sleep.

Nathan on the other hand was expressionless and was not in a good mood, it's because he has been checking his phone from time to time but there's no phone call from that particular lady. He feels like he has been waiting for years.

What's wrong with her!? Has she not yet received the thing I gave to her? or was she busy crying again? That lady is really driving me nuts!

"Aishh!!" Nathan groaned in frustration.

Rend looked at his boss confusedly, has he gone mad? Rend thought. He noticed that his boss would constantly look at his phone as if he was waiting something. Could it be that he was waiting a phone call from the beautiful lady in the hospital?

New chapter is coming soon
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