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C1 Wake up

China's national quintessence, the country's classic "Classic of the Way of the Way," begins with the saying: "Tao can be said, very good." A name could be called, but not a name. Nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth; the mother of all things. Therefore, it is not always desirable to observe; it is often desirable to observe. These two were both different names, yet they were both similar in name. They were both mysterious, mysterious, and a door to the wonders of the world.

There was such a young man who had read the 'Classic of the Way of the Way of the Virtues' since he was young. In the underworld, the heavens had bestowed upon him the power to create something from nothing, and he had comprehended this law.

He could have become an Immortal and become an Ancestor, but the Heavens would never allow such things to happen. In this world at the end of all magic, Immortals were not allowed to exist, nor were Daofathers.

Under the divine lightning, there was one more departed soul, and the world had one less young cultivator.

Of course, the Great Dao was fifty, the Heavenly Art forty-nine, and Escape one.

The first was life. It was an opportunity left behind by the Great Dao for all living beings in this world. This youth was also a member of the common people, and he was no exception.

Because the youth possessed the ability to create from nothing, although the heavenly lightning destroyed his fleshly body, it was unable to dissipate his soul.

The Heavenly Dao could do nothing about the soul of the youth. In order to not be annoyed by him, it had expelled him from this world.

The youth's soul had nowhere to hide, so he began to wander aimlessly in the boundless universe.

Time was merciless, time passed without a trace. The young man wandered for an unknown period of time. Perhaps a hundred years, or a thousand, or even ten thousand. In short, it had been too long, and his memories of the young man had long since faded.

He had forgotten where he had come from, and where he was going. He had also forgotten everything about him.

Just like this, the young man's soul wandered for a few more years before he began to feel tired. He wanted to rest.

He finally stopped wandering and fainted.

The moment he lost consciousness, a black and white world floated to this place. It was like the primal chaos itself. The world swallowed the youth in an instant and then hid between the heavens and the earth.

When the youth woke up again, he was already in another world.


"Nope, get up quickly. You still dare to be lazy? The instructor said that if you are still unable to complete your mission this time, he will expel you from the academy." "Get up …"

In a student dormitory, room 358. An eighteen year old young man was trying his best to shout for a young man. He was the same age as him, a young man who couldn't even get up from his bed.

Everything on the bed turned over unwillingly. With his eyes closed, he waved his hand in a random manner.

In a daze, he said unhappily, "Hey, old man, I know. Wasn't this just morning class? Aren't you tired of reading the "Classic of Virtue" every day? Will I die if I am allowed to rest for a day? Come, come, come. Don't bother me. "

The man who called him was pushed out of the room in a daze. After yawning, his body fell back onto the bed, covering his head as he went to sleep.

The young man was pushed out of the room like that, and mumbled to himself, "This kid, when did he become so strong?"

However, from the window, he could see that none of them had fallen asleep. The youth was enraged.

"Heh, you don't have anything. Just treat me as an old man and ignore me. You even dare to be lazy. It's been a few days since I last saw you, so I wonder how powerful you've become, right? "

"Fine, you're really good. Just you wait."

With that, the youth angrily left.

Looks like he was going to prepare his so-called ultimate skill.

Not long after, the youth appeared again at the corridor's entrance.

However, the difference was that the youth was also carrying a bucket, a bucket filled to the brim.

As the youth walked forward, the water in the bucket continuously splashed outwards.

And this youth, with an evil smile on his face, once again walked into room 358.

"I don't have anything. Big brother will give you another chance. Quickly get up. Otherwise, don't blame me."

The youth walked up to the bed, lifted the bucket, and placed it on top of his head. He made a final effort and advised for the last time.

No one was salivating. They were in the middle of a beautiful dream and were once again interrupted by the youth, feeling very dissatisfied in their hearts.

Although he was very dissatisfied, he was still unwilling to open his eyes. He was afraid, afraid that the moment he opened his eyes, he would not be able to return to this beautiful dream.

Because of this rare dream, there was no way for him to compromise. He begged, "Old man, please do well. This dream of mine is hard to come across. Can't you just pity me and let me be your backer?"

After he finished speaking, he was once again immersed in his beautiful dream.

When the youth standing beside the bed heard these words, veins popped out on his head.

Anger rose in his heart, and a bucket of water fell on his head.

"I haven't finished calling you old geezer. If there's nothing better than you, brat, why don't you think about me, the top ten beauties of the academy, Du Duwu. Is he an old man in your eyes? "Ah?!"

Just like that, Du Duwu's bucket of water extinguished the beautiful dream, forcing everyone to open their eyes.

"Smelly old man, you're going too far …" "It's done …" "Let's go …"

The old Daoist Priest sat up on the bed without a care in the world, but the one in front of him was not the old Daoist Priest as he remembered him, but the unfamiliar Du Duwu.

Wu Can was stunned for a moment, then opened his mouth again: "You, who are you? Who allowed you to enter my house? Don't you know it's illegal to enter my house without my permission? Hurry up and leave, otherwise I'll call the police. "

Du Duwu looked at him in interest, and said indifferently: "Go on, go on and act for me."

"Your family? I've lived with you for ten years, when did I become your family?"

"Call the police? Why are you hugging him? Do you think that I can let you off just by hugging me tightly? "

"I think you still haven't woken up yet. Do you want big brother to use his ultimate skill again?"

"Stinky brat, hurry up and get up. If you can't finish the instructor's task in a while, you'll really be kicked out of the academy."

Du Duwu kept talking in his ear.

While Du Duwu, who was in front of him, was in a state of shock, his mind was in a complete mess.

Those scenes were like a fierce wind that was unceasingly 'stirring up the waves' in his mind.

Outside, he held his head with his hands and squatted on the bed, moaning in pain.

Du Duwu, who was at the side, saw that there was no pain on the bed, and didn't think that he was acting.

"Hey, what's wrong with you, kid? Don't scare me like that, you definitely can't have any good intentions, otherwise brother will regret it for the rest of his life. "

"Didn't I just pour you a bucket of water? "At most, I'll just ask you to pour two buckets. Don't scare me like that …"

Right now, nothing could hear anything from outside. In his mind, the hurricane formed from those scenes had finally stopped.

Thoughts returned to his body. His head no longer hurt. He put his hands down, gently opened his eyes, and began to browse through the memories in his head.

The world he was in was no longer the world he could remember.

This world was known as the "Yin-Yang world".

Half of it was the world of humans, and the other half was the world of ghosts and ghosts. Moreover, it was not peaceful.

And the identity of his body was the orphan of a soldier who had sacrificed his life in the defense line of humanity.

All in all, Nothingness was now an orphan, a fatherless orphan.

"Tsk, that's unfair. I was an orphan in my previous life, but I'm still an orphan now. Am I born to be an orphan now?" He muttered without any dissatisfaction.

Through his own memories, he had gotten a general idea of his current condition. He was now a student who was about to be removed from the academy.

If he wasn't able to complete the mission assigned to him by the instructor this time, or to awaken his origin ability, he would truly be expelled from Gale Academy.

Du Duwu saw that nothing had calmed down, but there was still a dazed look in his eyes, causing him to heave a sigh of relief.

He carefully moved closer to Thoughtless and waved his right hand in front of his eyes.

Looking at the lifeless eyeball, he could not help but ask in astonishment, "No way, are you stupid?" Could it be that the big bucket of water that is my ultimate skill has already been refined to this powerful? "

"Ai, my poor little brother, why do you say you're so stupid? "If you say you're dumb, then you're dumb, but you have to first pay back the money that you owe me, no matter how dumb you are, it still won't be too late."

"Aiyo, I'm so sorry for you. That was my weekly meal, how am I so unlucky?"

"I say, brother, you can't be so stupid. Otherwise, who should I go to for money? Brother, you really can't become a fool …"

As soon as anyone regained their senses, they would hear Du Duwu cry out that something was wrong.

Originally, no one felt moved in their heart when they saw Du Duwu being so hurt because of their own matters.

However, after hearing the words that left his mouth, he did not have the urge to strangle Du Duwu.

"Your stomach, it's enough. Your older brother isn't dead yet. How are you crying? If you don't stop now, do you believe that your older brother won't be able to stop you from talking?"

Du Duwu immediately stopped crying and looked at that eye that was about to erupt with flames. He said embarrassedly: "Nope, you're fine. Great! Just now, big brother was too excited and worried about you. Don't take offense to it. "Don't take offense to it …"

He rolled his eyes and said snappily: "Are you worried about me? I suppose you're worried about your money. "

"Also, tell me clearly, when did I owe you money again? Don't I remember I gave it back to you? "Don't think about trying to trick me, otherwise don't blame me for being impolite ~!"

"Heh heh, of course not. We're brothers, so why are we following each other?" If we don't talk about money, then we won't talk about money.

"Since brother has said you're going to return it, then you're going to return it." With the friendship between us brothers, isn't it normal? Why are you even giving it to me? Yours is mine, mine is still mine … " Du Duwu said with a mischievous smile.

"Hmm? What did you say? " When he heard Du Duwu's words earlier, all he felt was that Du Duwu had thick skin and that he was shameless, but in the end, when he heard it, he was truly dissatisfied.

"No, no, it's not that. My brother was quick with his words and was wrong. What's mine is yours, and what's yours is still yours. " Du Duwu corrected.

"Un, that's more like it, isn't it?" He nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Ding ding ~ ~ ~" At this time, a bell rang.

"What is that sound?" No one asked.

Du Duwu replied carelessly: "Nothing, just that it's time for class."

"Oh, class..." What? "Class!"

"Ah, bad, let's hurry up, we're going to be late …"

After saying that, the two of them tidied up their clothes and ran out of the building …

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