Out of Nihility/C11 A Fight Between Adepts(part Ii)
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Out of Nihility/C11 A Fight Between Adepts(part Ii)
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C11 A Fight Between Adepts(part Ii)

The forest quietened down as soon as the questions left his mouth. Du Duwu and the other three were quiet for a moment, then looked at each other, secretly expressing their determination, before Du Duwu spoke out: "Nope, don't be sad, I used my Time Domain ability just now, the cultivation technique was sent last night. At that time, when we saw you sleeping soundly, we didn't wake you up. This is your cultivation technique, I've long since kept it properly for you. "

None took the cultivation technique that Du Duwu passed to them, "Meditation Technique (Advanced)". Without going through the entire book on advanced meditation technique, compared to his own Derivation Spell, it was like heaven and earth, the difference was too great. This advanced meditation technique was equivalent to a kindergarten's enlightenment level to the Derivation Spell, but it was still of some use. At the very least, this advanced meditation technique had added to the confusion of the Derivation Spell, making it extremely clear.

"This is the cultivation technique given by the academy?" With a snort of disdain, he returned the Advanced Meditation Art to Du Duwu. Seeing that there was nothing he was not happy about, Fa Zheng could not help but say: "Big brother, don't mind me. We are only at the Intermediate Meditation level, and only second brother, Returning Son Fan Ge and other two have High Level Meditation Techniques. You can't blame second brother, you don't know how big of a risk he has taken this time."

"Oh, you still want to take the risk for this? What risk? That's not right, you're saying that only the three of them have this advanced meditation technique, so it doesn't belong to me? What about me? " No one asked.

When the four heard this, they felt that something was wrong. Fa Zheng also fiercely slapped his own mouth, cursing himself for revealing it so quickly. The four of them fell silent.

Wu Dai looked at the silence of the four and had a few answers in his heart. There was definitely something that was hidden from him, and it was even related to him. After thinking about it for a while, he lost the will to continue asking. He also didn't want to make things difficult for the four of them.

"Alright, it's fine if you don't want to say it. However, the cultivation method of the academy is too trashy. Learning it is delaying others." I'll show you something better. " Then, he said the first part of the Derivation Spell word by word.

"I mean I am here, I think I think, I want to see.

It was an inexplicable wonder. The body was tangible, intangible, intangible, intangible.

The corporeal; the intangible; the vapour; the intangible; the divine; the intangible.

Things become natural, from beginning to end, fear the years, the wind and rain, observe the changes of the world, judge the fate of the sun and moon.

Although he had comprehended occasionally, he didn't understand the reasoning behind it. Explore the reason, so that it can enter, help the fruit of heaven and earth, tilt the world into failure.

The one who gains its fruit will be able to live forever, and time will make it immortal.

Those who had lost their power could become great creators. However, those who destroyed the heavens and the earth could not continue for too long.

Qi was the origin of all living things. It was the ability to converge energy into one's attribute.

Qi may be made from things, but it is not easy to teach them, so that they will not be created on their own and will be able to live forever.

Gasify thousands in a mass, can make heaven and earth be born, can make all things perish.

Gather all things to want to use spirit, hide the universe in the void, also nurture all things to be able to grow, can also bear its pathology.


The four of them did not care at all from the start. One must know that high level meditation techniques were the best cultivation methods in the academy. They did not believe that there was a higher level meditation technique. However, as soon as the words left his mouth, they were immediately overheard by the four of them. Their expressions immediately became serious as they focused and listened attentively.


Its heart was unfathomable, its shape undefined, but it also had a strong willpower that allowed it to be lowered and controlled. "Everything is born from the heart, everything is born from the heart." With that last sentence, the four of them came back to their senses and looked at him in disbelief.

"Big, big brother, this is really the meditation technique that you are going to teach us?" Gui Zi asked in surprise.

"That's right, big brother. This meditation technique is too profound, even more profound than that high level meditation technique. When I heard this, my whole body felt like it was able to pass through the heavens and earth. It feels so comfortable." Fa Zheng said with an intoxicated expression.

"That's right, big brother. Such a profound cultivation method, we, we …" Fang Jiang was a little hesitant because he wanted it or not, but he didn't want it.

"Enough, enough, look at you three, is there a need?" Du Duwu looked contemptuously at the three of them, then walked in front of them and grabbed them by their huge feet as he wailed, "Brother, my blood brother, please repeat yourself. I didn't even hear what happened before, I didn't remember. "Please be merciful and tell me again. If you don't mind, let me copy it down. I beg you, please do me a favor and take pity on me."

Heir: "."

Fang Jiang: "!"

Fa Zheng: "!"

Looking at the invincible slut Du Duwu, no one felt any regret on their face. They regretted not knowing such a shameless person. Alright, alright, stop it, stop it. "Heh, Big bro has to warn you. If you don't hear of it, I won't be polite. Just wait a bit and go to the side."

"So you agreed." Du Duwu immediately stood up and laughed out loud: "Haha, I should be more wise. "Haha, big brother is awesome."

Seeing Du Duwu's shameless look, the other four were speechless once again. Returning Child, Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng had extremely strong memories, hence they remembered everything in one go. Only Du Duwu had been the only one to tell him this lesson ten times, in order for this piece of information to be imprinted into his mind.

"Sigh, I don't have anything. Big brother has something that I don't know whether I should ask or not." In a big tree, Du Duwu and were seated down, and the latter asked with a serious face.

No one turned their heads to look at Du Duwu's serious expression, and their hearts tightened before calmly replying, "Is there anything that we shouldn't have asked? Is there anything between us that we shouldn't have said?"

"Oh, that's true." Du Duwu smiled, "I just want to ask, where did you get this cultivation method from?" As expected, Du Duwu asked this question. He looked around to be sure that other than the three who were cultivating, there was no one else, and half-truthfully said softly: "My stomach, I am only telling you this, you must keep it a secret ah. Actually, this cultivation technique was brought here by my superpower. I don't know what was going on either. The instant the Special Ability Awakening appeared, two cultivation techniques appeared in my mind. Don't tell anyone. This matter can only be known to the heavens and to the earth. " Du Duwu saw that there was nothing else with that extremely serious look, and immediately believed it. He also solemnly nodded his head.

"Damn, I thought I was lucky enough. I didn't think I would be lucky enough to wake up with two powerful cultivation techniques. I didn't expect that I would be lucky enough to survive." "Wait a minute, take out two cultivation techniques from his hands in the future." Du Duwu thought in envy.

"Wow, this is great! Big brother's cultivation method is too amazing. In such a short period of time, my sea of consciousness has formed a strand of Spirit Power. This is unbelievable!" At the side, Fang Jiang,, and Gui Zi woke up with an excited expression. Gui Zi couldn't help but speak loudly.

"Come on, brother, I managed to cultivate the first strand of Spirit power yesterday, so what's there to be proud about after cultivating it just now?" Du Duwu attacked.

"Second brother, you can't make me happy for even a moment." "Oh right, if we knew that you had such a skill, we wouldn't have bothered about it. Second Brother wouldn't have had to take the risk." Returning to the old saying.

"Oh, what's going on?" Without a face, Su Su asked.

This time, the four did not hide anything and told everything. Du Duwu said: "Actually it's nothing, it's just that those people in the academy look down on me and think that there's no need for you to continue cultivating, so they did not give you the cultivation technique. The academy's meditation technique is also not allowed to be taught to others without permission. "

"Oh, so it's like that. It's alright. If the academy doesn't give it to me, I wouldn't mind. Big brother just casually comprehended a few Dao Techniques and naturally created a training method that is much more advanced than that bullshit meditation technique." Brothers, don't cultivate that stuff anymore, just focus on refining this for me. " He ordered with pride.

"Of course, with gold, who would still ask for silver?" Du Duwu said as a matter of fact. Thus, this matter was settled. As for the cultivation technique issued by the academy, of course, it was thrown into a corner by a few people.

There was still some time until noon before he grabbed Du Duwu, "My stomach, keep practicing with me for a while longer. That punch of mine just now, big brother has yet to get it back."

"Sure, who's afraid of who? If someone is looking for a beating, how can I stop them?" "Hehe, it's been ten years. Your father can finally take revenge. No one will get beaten up now, right?" While talking, Du Duwu rushed towards everyone. Fang Jiang, Fa Zheng, and Guizi all acted as if they had seen a ghost. They watched as Du Duwu punched, cursed, laughed, and punched and kicked at the air, then looked at Wu Can who had nothing to do, as if he had seen a ghost.

"Big brother, what happened to second brother?" Gui Zi asked with a surprised expression.

"It's nothing. It's just that I saw that he was too energetic, so I decided to find some fun for him to relax his energy." There was no reply.

The three of them looked at each other, not understanding what was going on. This scene was just like yesterday, filled with mystery.

"Brother, is this your Discipline?" Fang Jiang asked tentatively.

Wu Dai nodded his head. There was nothing to hide from his own brothers. "That's right, this is my superpower, the Wanxiang – Illusory Realm."

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