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C12 Entrance

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Today was the day that no one from the Extra High Class had officially entered the school. The twenty or so students from Class One had already packed up their things and prepared to welcome a new day. Niu Buqu, their Instructor Niu did not make them wait long, and a beautiful young female teacher entered their eyes.

"Second brother, quickly look! Beautiful girls!" Guizi pulled Du Duwu, who was beside him, and said excitedly. But Du Duwu, who was usually very stingy, had a loose reaction, with a look of helplessness. Following behind the two of them, Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng, who were looking at Du Duwu, could not help but secretly laugh as they covered their mouths.

"Guizi, I think you shouldn't call him that. Judging from his appearance, he must have been abused by big brother last night." I really admire second brother for having the courage to face big brother's illusion. I don't want to enter that illusion anymore anyways. " Fa Zheng had a face full of lingering fear, thinking back to three days ago, when the three of them were momentarily curious, Fa Zheng couldn't help but tremble from head to toe when he entered the illusion world.

"That's right. Although everyone's illusions can't harm a person's body, the power that can hurt a person's soul is not small. Furthermore, it is specially designed to counter one's own desires. On the contrary, it is impossible for one to guard against the corresponding era just by thinking about it. " Fang Jiang similarly had a look of lingering fear as he sighed.

Gui Zi was also brought back to his memories by the two of them. He rolled his eyes and immediately started retching on the spot. "The two of them became very curious when it came to the day they mentioned it." Sigh, Guizi, what did you see that day in the illusion? Three days have passed, but why does it still have to be brought up like this? " Fang Jiang asked curiously.

The image in Gui Zi's head became even clearer after Fang Jiang brought it up and he retched even more. As he begged for mercy, he said, "Don't, don't say anymore. Don't bring up this matter anymore. Let's not talk about it, please let it go. "

The two of them looked at each other, a trace of complacency flashing through their eyes. Fang Jiang continued in all seriousness: "Mn, you said it yourself, we didn't force you."

"Yes, yes, yes, as I said, you didn't force me." Homecoming immediately confirmed.

"Alright, then Fang Jiang will be Third Brother from now on. I am Fourth Brother, you can be a child, you don't have any objections, right?" Fa Zheng said with a straight face.

"Upon hearing this, Gui Zi knew their motive, but he was helpless." After all this is said by you, you still dare to threaten me with this, do I disagree? Can I object? Sigh, to think that I, Guiyi Guiyi, would be so shrewd, why would I have to enter some illusory realm that day? Sigh, all the shrewdness in my life has been ruined by this moment of confusion. " Guizi felt regretful. He was already a third brother because of his superpower level, but now he had become fifth brother because of this. Now, he was filled with regret.

"No objections, no objections. How could I dare? In the future, I will be under the care of my brothers." But it made Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng very satisfied.

"Shh, stop talking. The instructor is here. Be quiet." As the class monitor, Du Heng saw Niu Buqu and the beautiful female teacher walking over, so he reminded the three of them. At the same time, Wu Youzi, who was resting with his eyes closed, opened his eyes. A bright light flashed across his eyes.

"Students, this is your form teacher, Teacher Ling Yun. Everyone welcomes her." Niu Buqu introduced to everyone.

"Welcome, Teacher Ling Yun." Under Du Heng's lead, the twenty people from Class One shouted out, and even Du Duwu became more clear-headed.

"En," Feng Lingyun nodded his head with a gentle smile, "Good morning students, my surname is Feng and my name is Ling Yun. I hope that I can enjoy the academy life with everyone in the future." Her voice was pleasant to the ears and gave off a refreshing feeling.

No one looked at Feng Lingyun carefully. The first thing that entered their eyes were her pair of clear, bright, black and white clear eyes, curved eyebrows, neatly trimmed and her long eyelashes trembling slightly. Her flawless white skin revealed a faint rosiness, and her moderately sized red lips broke into a smile that was as beautiful as a flower. The long hair that covered her shoulders was gently draped over her chest, and it was lustrous and translucent. He was the same size as them, and wore the unique teacher's attire unique to Gale Academy. He didn't look that much older than them, and couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, "A peerless beauty, it's such a pity to not become a celebrity. If this were placed in my previous life, I would definitely be a big red one."

I'm warning you little bastards, don't look at how your teacher bullies her at such a young age. Your teacher, Ling Yun, is a true high-ranked Adept. Niu Buqu looked at those teenagers who were ready to make a move, and specially reminded them.

"Instructor Niu, you're overthinking it. I believe that this group of cute students will definitely not make things difficult for the teachers. Students, do you agree?" Feng Lingyun asked again with a smile.

"Right." Damn, hearing that loud voice, they knew that they had already fallen into Feng Lingyun's' devil hands'.

Niu Buqu looked at the student who had already completely fallen into Feng Lingyun's charm, and helplessly said. "Alright, let's set off now." Following Niu Buqu and Feng Lingyun's lead, no one walked into the Gale Academy that they had been living in for the past ten years.

Gale Academy were located in the Maya town at the border, right beside the Maple Forest that was filled with demons and monsters. The Academy was also the defensive line between the Maya Town and the Red Maple Forest. The Gale Academy covered an area of 130 square kilometers, completely separating the red maple trees from the threat to Maya Town. The classrooms without them were located near the town of Maya, and were relatively safe.

Their dorm room was right next to the classroom, a single three-storey building. From the looks of it, the academy treated them very highly. At the very least, the other students did not have such independent dorms.

Alright, I'll give you guys a bit of time to follow the number I've given you and put down your luggage. I'll bring you guys to take a look at your classroom later, then I'll tell you guys the general situation of the academy. Niu Buqu's loud voice interrupted the twenty odd men who were looking left and right when they heard him.

Of course, none of the five students were in the same dorm. This was also the only requirement for the institution, as the possessor of two different domains, so there was no reason why it shouldn't be. Coincidentally, previously, no one lived in dorm 358, but this time, it was dorm 358. When he opened the door, he found himself in front of a large living room. All the furniture was there, while the five rooms on the second floor were clearly visible. They looked like a small apartment.

"Wow, such a beautiful house. I don't know if it's better than the orphanage we lived in when we were young, or the dorms later on. No, there are too many f * cking things, no, no, I can't stand it anymore, I want to pick the house first. I want the best one, no one is going to fight with me for it." Once Du Duwu entered, he became completely spirited. Throwing away the salute in his hand, he skipped around and brought the three of them to pick out a room.

For him, dorm 358 was already more than enough for him, no, it was more luxurious than enough. As a member of the Dao family, other than eating, living in and wearing clothes didn't have much of an attraction for him. He put the clothes in the closet and opened the window to let the house have some fresh air. Then, he walked out.

"Sigh, I say, the four of you are enough. Everyone is already starting to gather below. Don't be crazy, it's time for us to get down." The four people, who were playing, heard the sound and looked out the window. They saw that the party had gathered and hurriedly followed him downstairs.

There were only the five of them left, the five of them obediently stood in front of Niu Buqu, watching as he fought.

"Teacher Ling Yun, let's go."

"Yes." Feng Lingyun still had a smile on his face as he nodded.

Not long after, the group arrived at the classroom and sat down in the same position. Niu Buqu sat down at the side and with small steps, Feng Lingyun arrived at the podium.

"Students, today is your first day in school. I won't talk about anything else, but I can't talk about anything else either. The main purpose of your trip here is to cultivate your Discipline. As for your Discipline, that is, 'Master will bring you in, and you will practice on your own'. The only things our academy can help you with are your special ability cultivation method, your advancement method, the division of realms, as well as the information provided by your mission objectives, everything else, including your living expenses in the academy, we will only be able to provide you with what you need for a year. When you have the ability to accept missions, you will have to rely on your own hands to exchange for everything. " On the stage, Feng Lingyun changed his gentle smile and spoke of a fact that surprised everyone.

All of these were things that Niu Buqu had taught them before, but they did not expect them to arrive so quickly, but luckily, there was still a year of preparation time, and everyone's faces were filled with anticipation.

Looking at the expressions on the faces of the students, Feng Lingyun revealed a smile, and nodded with gratification, "Not bad, looks like the students do not have any fear at all. This is very good. But I have to say, since you chose the path of Adept, then you are destined to walk on a road of no return. This road is not easy to walk on. It is not a flat road, full of dangers that need your defeat. If you cannot cross it, then unfortunately, you will lose your precious life. The war between us and the Yin Continent has never stopped. I hope you all are prepared to accept the test of life and death in your future. "

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