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C15 Radix Rehmanniae

Gale Academy, the first exceptionally high class in my entire life. Right now, the entire class was filled with wails and complaints, but it was a pity that Feng Lingyun could not hear any of them. She was wearing high heels as she slowly walked back.

"These fellows, if you dare to embarrass me, I will hang you all. When the afternoon class comes, I will even ask you all to teach me a day or two so that you 'stubborn' people will know how amazing I am. "Hrmph."

"Sis, you're back. How were you this morning? Are those freaks good to teach? " A young and beautiful young lady, who looked very similar to Feng Lingyun, walked up to him and intimately grabbed his right arm, as she asked while giggling.

"Freak?" It's you again, isn't it? " Feng Lingyun lightly pointed at Feng Lingxin's small head, and rebuked.

"Aiya, Sis, I'm not in the wrong. Think about it, the one with high potential and the one with high innate ability is called a genius. The one with low potential but has high innate ability is called a genius, don't you find it strange? I call them strange geniuses. What's wrong with calling them 'weird people'. " Feng Lingxin quibbled.

"Good, good, good. If you're a freak, then blame me. But are they really strange? " Feng Lingyun thought back to the outrageous thoughts of those people, and nodded, agreeing with the title of 'monstrous talent'. Following the two sisters, they chatted and smiled as they walked into an exquisite small villa.

Upon entering, Feng Lingyun lost the solemness a teacher should have, he stepped with his high heels and flew to the side, walking into the living room barefooted. Dean Feng Wuming, who was sitting in the living room, sighed helplessly when he saw Feng Lingyun enter, "Ah, I say, Yun Er. You're already twenty years old. Otherwise, how are you going to find a boyfriend in the future? Who would like a young girl like you? "If I get married, are you going to take care of him, or is he going to take care of you?"

"Hey, grandpa, are you at home? What's there to be afraid of? If you can't marry, then you can't. Can I stay here with grandpa for the rest of my life?" Feng Lingyun moved closer to Feng Wuming's side, praising him.

"Alright, alright, stop shaking. Why do you always use this move? Grandpa is already dizzy from the shaking. Alright, alright. Grandpa won't say anything anymore." Feng Wuming put down the book in his hands, there was nothing she could do about this unique granddaughter of hers.

"Sis, grandpa's dinner is ready. Hurry and eat." Feng Lingxin's voice suddenly came out.

"Hehe, I know grandpa treats me the best, I like grandpa the most. After that, she fiercely kissed Feng Wuming's face and jogged towards the kitchen with a smile.

"How is that proper? Ah, how is that proper? She's already so old, how can she not be like that? She's sick since childhood, ah, this granddaughter of mine, I have to quickly find a boyfriend for her. Un, I'll go back and see if there's anything suitable." Feng Wuming helplessly got up, and his heart was constantly pondering about the juniors that would be Feng Lingyun's generation, as he walked towards the kitchen.

On the other side, the high class was led to the cafeteria by Niu Buqu. After getting themselves some food, they sat down together, having a good relationship with each other. Of course, these five players were a part of it.

"Hey, I said there's nothing. I found out that we used to eat pig food. We couldn't even compare. "Just look at this Red Braised Meat. It's delicious just from the outside." As he spoke, Du Duwu gulped down the Red Braised Meat on his chopsticks, with a look of enjoyment on his face. "It tastes better, but I have to eat more."

The other four glanced at him and began to eat the food in front of them.

"Come on, little bums, let's go." Over there, Niu Buqu walked over with his lunch box and said to Fa Zheng.

When Fa Zheng and Fang Jiang saw the arrival of Instructor Niu, they immediately stood up and bowed, "Hello, Instructor." As for the other three? Do what you should, and just pretend that Niu Buqu was not there.

"Alright, sit down." Niu Buqu indicated for the two of them to sit down, and he himself sat in front of them. He pointed to the three people who were sitting opposite to him, "Look at how respectful I am to my master, I'm not like the three of you, who aren't courteous at all."

No one glanced at Niu Buqu, and signaled with their eyes, which Du Duwu immediately responded to, "Ah, I say old cow, you said that we have already officially entered the Gale Academy, why are you still following us? Did you eat too much salt? Are you free? "

Hearing that, Niu Buqu unrestrainedly slapped Du Duwu's head, "I told you to eat too much salt, I told you to be free, is there anyone who can speak to their elders like that?"

"Nothing. Old Ox, did he hit me?" Du Duwu hugged his head, and wrongly reported to everyone.

No one glanced at him and saw that he was deliberately feigning grievance. After some careful thought, they realized that it made sense; "Serves you right, how can you talk to the instructor like that? If it was me, I would hit you too."

"Then, then what should I say?" Du Duwu felt wronged and asked again.

"You should say that." No one turned to Niu Buqu and asked, "Old Cow, since we have grown up, let go of me. "If you're too bored, then eat less salt. This is bad for your health. Ahh ~ ~"

"Slurp." The other three immediately spat out the food in their mouths.

Du Duwu dodged the food spat out by Fa Zheng, raised his thumb and said in admiration: "High, you're really high, if there's nothing in the future, you might have to teach me a few moves."

"Oh, no problem."

Niu Buqu looked at the two of them who were playing tricks on him, and started to lose interest in them. After all, he had been used to it for the past ten years. "Alright, you two little brats, stop messing around, I came here today to tell you that I'm going to follow you, I'm your current life instructor, if you have nothing else to do, then stop causing trouble for me, or else I'll cook you back into the pot."

"It can't be?" None of them looked at Du Duwu as they wailed.

"Eh, it seems like our class' lucky dog was taken care of by Instructor Niu again." Hai Xin and Wuchang, who were standing beside them, had a rare smile on their faces. Towards Hai Xin's words, Wuchang hugged his heart and smiled faintly.

At the same time, Feng Wuming, his grandfather, and his grandson, who were on the other side, also started to chat about the extremely high class.

"Oh right, Yun Er, how are those students?" Feng Wuming put down the bowl in his hand and asked.

"Oh, those students. They are all freaks with strong hearts. " Feng Lingyun said depressedly when he thought of the spiritual torture in the morning.

"Oh, what's going on?" Feng Wuming asked curiously.

"That's right, big sister. Other than the things I said, what other strange things do they have?" Feng Lingxin asked curiously as well.

"I'll tell you guys." Then, Feng Lingyun told the two of them everything that happened in the morning without missing a word.

"Oh, Du Duwu, Guizi, Fang Jiang, Fa Zheng? The others also passed your 'Soul Torture' within three-quarters of an hour. It looks like Niu Buqu has done a good job, I will reward him well later. Right, how is that Wu Yong? " Feng Wuming asked.

"Wu Yong? Is there anyone in our class with that name? I didn't notice? "Why is this person so special?" Feng Lingyun pondered for a moment. Her impression of nothing was very blurry, and she questioned back.

"That's right, grandfather, is there anything special about this' Wu Yong '?" Feng Lingxin asked.

Feng Wuming thought for a moment, then slowly said: "Nothing much, this student has the 'Mirage' ability that exists on the continent, but seeing through it makes me feel that I am inferior. That's right, teach him that meditation technique later. No matter what, he was specially recruited by me. The academy doesn't think it's worth it to not give him meditation, so I'll make it up to him. "

Phantom? Wasn't this the most useless ability on the continent? If one had no fighting strength and was unable to create a phantom, even beginners would be able to tell at a glance. Didn't the academy have a rule not to accept superpowers? It's just a waste of resources. " "Feng Ling Xin asked in surprise.

"So I said, was he specifically recruited by me? Other than his knowledge and experience, that person has a deep relationship with Du Duwu. On the account of the relationship between Du Duwu and him, I cannot abandon him. With Du Duwu's scoundrel personality, who knows what kind of trouble he might cause. " Feng Wuming explained.

"That's true." "Feng Lingyun thought of Du Duwu's series of actions in the morning and nodded in agreement. Grandfather, don't worry. Leave it to me. Also, Xin Er, let me warn you, stay away from my students, especially that one called Gui Zi.

"Alright, sister, hurry up and leave. You're going to be late soon. As a teacher on your first day, it's not good to be late." Feng Lingxin pushed Feng Lingyun out of the door.

"Wu Yong? Du Duwu? Return? "Interesting."

When Feng Lingyun walked into the classroom, all the students from Special Ability Class had already sat down, leaving her alone. Wu Yong, come over here and take a look. Feng Lingyun slowly walked to the stage and said.

"My Meditation Technique?" Didn't you say that you wouldn't give it to me? What's that trash going to do for me? " With doubts in their hearts, none of them came to the front of the platform. Feng Lingyun carefully sized him up. He felt that his looks were not too bad, and there wasn't anything particularly outstanding about him. He just an ordinary person, and he didn't put it to heart.

None of them took the meditation technique in Feng Lingyun's hands, turned around, and muttered soundlessly: "Stingy, too stingy. Trash is trash, and you even gave me a piece of trash among trash. So what if you're low-leveled? Do you think I can't see you writing something so small? " Following which he returned to his seat, carrying with him his speechlessness towards the academy.

"Alright, students. Let's talk about the method to increase the spiritual force now. When our spiritual energy reaches the sixty Perfection Stage, we'll have to weave unique runes. We also have a clear definition of the division of spiritual force. "That is Earth Branch Twelve Chens." Following that, Feng Lingyun picked up a piece of chalk and wrote on the blackboard: "Zi, Gui, Yin, Ming, Chen, Wu, Ming, Wu, Shen, Unitary, Xiaofeng, Hao".

"When you successfully weaved the 'Zi Symbol' from the 12 dans with 60 strands of Mental Energy, you entered the first stage of the Apprentice Level: Child Level."

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