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C16 Combative System

Early in the morning, the sun was shining on the bed, and the June sun was still so early. Nothing had slept soundly yet. He lazily stood up and stretched his body. As he slowly walked to the window, a gust of fresh air rushed towards him.

"Ah, the air in this world is still the best. It's been a long time since I've breathed in air so unrestrainedly. I almost forgot about the smell of air. Eh? Isn't that Feng Lingyun? I didn't expect there to be a morning run in this world as well. " Unintentionally or unintentionally, his eyes caught sight of Feng Lingyun, who was running in the forest far away. His grey moving clothes and curvy body completely attracted his attention. Looking at the Feng Lingyun in front of him, he couldn't help but think back to the Feng Lingyun at the podium yesterday.

"When you successfully weaved the 'Child Symbol' from the 12 dans with 60 strands of Mental Energy, you entered the first stage of the Apprentice Level, the 'Child' Stage. When it is successfully weaved in your sea of consciousness, it will be like having a spare special ability and spirit source, with 60 strands of spirit power inside. You can use it at any time, and it will also automatically restore the spirit energy you have consumed. " Feng Lingyun explained.

"Then Teacher, according to what you're saying, as long as we weave this' Zi 'talisman, won't we not have to worry about exhausting our Spiritual Force?" Fang Xue questioned.

Of course, there is no such thing as good news, the role of the 'Child Symbol' is only to help one's spirit recover, under high intensity battles, spirit energy is always insufficient, I will give you all a piece of advice, don't overuse the 'Child Symbol,' it's best if you always leave a trace of spirit energy inside, otherwise, after ten times, the 'Child Symbol' will collapse, and your cultivation level will also drop by one level. Feng Lingyun said solemnly.

"Then teacher, what is considered overdraft?" What do we do if we don't have enough spiritual power? " Fan Peng questioned.

"Don't be anxious, Student Fan Ben. What's considered overdraft? As long as you use up the last strand of the 'Child Symbol' or the rest of the talismans' spiritual power, this would be considered as one overdraft. As for the lack of spiritual force, what should he do? That's simple. Didn't I tell you that there is an Earth Stage and Twelve Chens Stage in a single realm? Also, you will need to use sixty strands of your spiritual power to weave. When you finish weaving the twelve lines of 'Zi, Shi, Yin, Zen, Chen, Zu, Zu, Zong, Wu, Shen, Zong, and Hao' in your Sea of Consciousness, you will have touched upon the first level of the Heavenly Karma Stage. " Feng Lingyun continued to lecture.

"Isn't this too troublesome? How much mental power did it take to weave the words' Zi, Shi, Yin, Ming, Chen, Wu, Shen, unitary, shu, hai 'into twelve characters? How long would it take? And this was the only way to reach the edge of the A realm? Then how many years would it take for him to reach the tenth level of the Heavenly Solidification Realm? Ai? Does teacher have any shortcuts? " Du Duwu asked with a depressed look.

For Du Duwu, this was really a good calculation. For example, if he could cultivate six spiritual powers in one day, he could cultivate up to 60 in 10 days. This would take 120 days to cultivate up to the twelfth stage. In addition to that, the spiritual weaving technique would definitely take a lot of time. Just listening to the word 'weaving' was a meticulous job, and for a coarse heart and thick limbs like him, it was not a good job at all. Even using ten days to weave a rune, that would still take 120 days. One month 30 days, one year 12 months, 360 days. This year passed just like that. Next year, he would have to face real combat. How could he not be depressed?

"Heaven rewards the diligent. The path of cultivation is already very arduous, there are no shortcuts. "If you can't handle the hardships of cultivation, you'd better give up on your path as soon as possible." Feng Lingyun's expression immediately darkened. He spoke to Du Duwu and the other nineteen students of the Special Ability Class at the same time.

"When did I say to give up? Big brother has always loved to suffer since he was young, isn't it just that he has been suffering for a long time? "Big brother is afraid of his grandmother." Being provoked by Feng Lingyun, Du Duwu's fighting spirit immediately rose, and he was no longer dispirited like before.

"Ahem, it's good for Student Du to have a vote, but you have to pay attention to your words." Feng Lingyun fiercely glared at Du Duwu as he berated. What did they call him a grandmother? This was the first time she had met someone as crude as Du Duwu in the classroom, since she was young, and the fact that she had received such a vulgar statement made Feng Lingyun speechless.

"About that, about that, I spoke too fast. Teacher, don't mind me, I didn't say anything about you, I really didn't say anything about you, really." "Don't mind it." Du Duwu laughed and sat down. As for how Feng Lingyun was doing, it could be seen from her raised eyebrows.

The person sitting in the corner watched all of this, and the corner of his mouth curled up, "It's really worth it, Student Du Duwu."

Feng Lingyun took a deep breath, and said with a smile on his face: "Now, I will teach you the weaving methods of the runes, when your apprentices have completed it, I will teach you the method to advance to the Heaven's Path."

Just like this, under Feng Lingyun's patient guidance, all the students of Special Ability Class grasped the weaving methods and techniques of the runes.

"Alright, students, we will stop here. The other six days are for you to practice alone. If you feel bored, you can go to the academy's central mission hall to receive a simple mission, or go to the academy's Combat Department to learn fighting techniques. Alright, we'll meet up next Monday for the Wind School. " With that, he turned around with a smile of relief and walked out of the classroom.


"None? Nothing? "None."

With memories up to this point, none of them managed to come back to their senses. Looking at Du Duwu in shock, they asked: "What are you doing?"

"Well, what kind of god are you? You seem to have lost your soul? " Du Duwu asked doubtfully.

"Oh, it's nothing. Do you need anything?" He replied perfunctorily.

"Oh, I asked you to come and visit the Academy with me. Didn't Feng Lingyun say that we could go to the Mission Hall and the Combat Department? "Since I'm too bored, I might as well find you and see if you go. If you go, I'll go wake up those three lazy fellows." Du Duwu said.

"Mission Hall? Combat Department? "Alright, let's go take a look." No one thought of the cultivation system Feng Lingyun mentioned yesterday morning, and they all cared about it in their hearts. If it was really as he thought, then his' Nothingness Spell 'wouldn't have anything to worry about.

"Then I, I'll go call them."


It was very lively here. When one's spirit was exhausted, an effective combat skill could save one's life. For students of Gale Academy, this was an indispensable lesson.

By the time the five of them arrived, there were already no seats available. Even the open space was filled with students. One could only imagine how popular this class was.

"Hmm, it seems like we are late." No one looked at the densely packed crowd and frowned.

"Nothing. Don't worry, I have a brother." Attributed son, have you finished talking to Gu Wu? " Du Duwu said.

"Don't worry, Second Brother. It's already been completed." Wait a moment, I will go find Gu Wu. " With that, Gui Zi walked into the crowd, and in a short while, he brought Gu Wu out.

"I thought you guys wouldn't come? "Let's go, the best seat in the front row." Gu Wu said grandly. As Bai Tusheng was Bai Tusheng's only disciple, it would be difficult for him to take care of such a small matter.

"Kid, you're good. Un, I have a bit of an air about me now. As expected of Old Bai's only son. " Du Duwu laughed.

"He's not the only son, he's the only disciple. Martial Arts, you're wrong." Gu Wu hurriedly explained.

"Hey, what's wrong with that? Isn't there only one word of difference between an only child and a disciple? It makes no difference to me at all. One meaning, one meaning. " Du Duwu said.

Originally, there was nothing to thank, but seeing Du Duwu and Gu Wu's arms around each other's shoulders, the thankful words were swallowed back into his stomach. Hearing Du Duwu talk about the difference between an 'only son' and a 'disciple', the corner of his mouth raised into a smile, and he sighed emotionally in his heart: "This kind of difference, I'm afraid only Du Duwu can talk about it, only a person with a brain like his would think this way."

In front of the arena, Bai Tusheng was demonstrating fighting techniques to the two of you. There was a row of six people who came to the seats Gu Wu had prepared for them, and only then did they realize that other than the four girls, everyone else was there.

"Yoh, brother, you came early enough. Big brother came late, please forgive me." To be able to say such shameless words, the only one left was Du Duwu.

The corners of everyone's mouth curled up as they turned their attention back to the stage. No one immediately sat down and began seriously listening to Bai Tusheng's lecture.

Time passed by slowly. On the arena, Bai Tusheng had also told everyone about the knowledge he had to teach them. Even the few of them had become more knowledgeable on fighting techniques, and it felt like they were enlightened.

"I didn't think that this old man Bai would have so many tricks up his sleeve." It seems that I have to speak to Gu Wu properly in the future, and must go through the back door. " Du Duwu made up his mind. Hearing this, the other four nodded their heads in agreement. They, too, had received quite a bit of inspiration.

"I have already finished talking about the human body's many crucial points. I will now proceed with the actual combat training. Only through continuous fighting can you understand the charm and significance of fighting. Life would not die, and battle would not stop. "Next, let's begin." As he spoke, Bai Tusheng brought out his arena.

At the same time Bai Tusheng walked down the arena, a young man wearing a white battle uniform came to the arena. He cupped his fists towards the surroundings and said, "Seniors and juniors, juniors and juniors, I am Sima Feng, a first year student of the Combat Department. Please do not hesitate to instruct me."

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