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Out of Nihility/C17 Punch Vs Eagle's Claws
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C17 Punch Vs Eagle's Claws

Looking at the young man on the stage who was the same age as them, they could not help but notice the Martial Cultivator's imposing manner from his previous life. They were once again somewhat certain about the thoughts in their hearts, "Looks like there should be people who cultivate 'Qi' in this world."

While he was deep in thought, a young man walked up onto the stage. After bowing, the two of them started attacking each other. For a moment on the stage, I will do whatever I want. My skills will be swapped, and I will be able to display my fighting techniques to the fullest. It will be extremely wonderful. In the end, it was still Sima Ling who was a tad more skillful. Under the opponent's momentary lack of detection, Sima Ling's right foot sliced into the space between the opponent's legs, and just like his previous life's Eight Extreme Fist – Iron Mountain, he unleashed his power to defeat the opponent's arena.

"Thanks for the win." Si Min cupped his fists and gave a warm round of applause.

Following that, a few more students stepped onto the arena and were knocked out of the stage by Si Min. After receiving countless applause, a young man with an arrogant face walked onto the arena.

"Look, it's Jing Ying." Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

"Heavens?!" It was really him. I heard that he is a genius of the Elemental division. In just one month of being in the academy, his special ability has already reached the Heavenly Drake Armor realm. " Another person, who understood the situation, said.

"Yes, but what is he doing here?" Just because his superpower was powerful didn't mean it was as powerful as his fighting techniques? There are no rumors regarding him in the academy. " Someone in the crowd asked curiously.

"Ah, look, it's Feng Lingxin! Our beautiful school beauty? Why is she here too? " Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Feng Lingxin slowly walked to the front of the stage.

"I finally, know why Jing Ying is here."

"Nonsense, you don't need to say that. Whoever is present here doesn't want to show off their skills in front of Feng Lingxin. "

In the Special Ability Class region, along with the cheers of the crowd, their gazes shifted over and saw Feng Lingxin, who was being watched by tens of thousands of people. Hmm, Second Brother, do you feel that this beauty looks a little familiar? " Gui Zi's eyes shone as he stared at Feng Lingxin, as if he wanted to eat her.

Feng Lingxin, Feng Lingyun, I already heard about you two sisters. If you don't want to be torn apart by Feng Lingyun that bitch, I, your big brother, really support you. " Du Duwu laughed with ill intentions.

"Even if you die under the peony flower, it would be good to be a ghost. No, it won't do, I have already confirmed her in my life, Feng Lingxin, I'm coming. " With that, Gui Zi moved towards Feng Lingxin as if he was possessed.

"Come on, you better be honest. Once you go, you will definitely not have any bones left. For your safety, you should go when you have time to protect yourself." The Hungry Wolf by her side is not something you can handle. " Fang Jiang grabbed the small body of Gui Zi and comforted him. However, it still could not stop Feng Lingxin's temptation of Guiyi, and continued to move towards him, unable to be pulled away.

"F * ck, you brat, you're not done yet, right? Calm down." In the end, it was Du Duwu who showed off his power, shocking Gui Zi. Only then did Gui Zi obediently sit down. None of them turned a blind eye to Feng Lingxin, as their gazes continued to rest on Jing Ying's hands. Jing Ying's hands were not simple, his skin had a sheen to it, although there were no signs of martial arts training, but the tense look on his fingers made him not care at all, and the fingernails on his fingertips emitted a faint glow, just like the talons of an eagle. Seeing that, the words' expert 'had appeared in his heart, and he was an expert extremely skilled in claw techniques.

After the commotion, the place became quiet. Everyone's gaze left Feng Lingxin and came to the arena. Jing Ying turned to Feng Lingxin with a warm smile and said: "Xin Er, I will prove to you that I am the best, the best choice you can make in this life."

"Wa, this brat, he's quite bold, he actually dared to make such a confession to Feng Lingxin in front of everyone, if the Four Protectors knew about it, they would definitely have given him a hard time."

"Yeah, I started to admire him a little."

"Yes, I am not stingy with my support."

None of them heard the discussions around them, and smiled at Guizi who was suppressed by Du Duwu, Fang Jiang, and Fa Zheng. They sincerely said, "Guizi, it seems like you have quite a few love rivals, you must work hard, or else you won't be able to catch up to Feng Lingxin."

"You, let go of me, I want to destroy that brat. Everything that is between Feng Lingxin and I, is something that my son hates. Don't stop me, I want to rip apart that whatever chicken." Gui Zi also calmed down. He wasn't as angry as before when he heard Ying Ying's confession. Right now, he was just being stubborn. Since the three of them released him with looks of contempt, he didn't want to cause any more trouble.

On arena, after the two parties greeted each other, the match began. However, the gap between the two of them was extremely obvious. Under Si Ma Ling's torrential attacks, Jing Ying leisurely strolled around with his hands behind his back.

"Sima Ling, you're too slow. Show me your real abilities. Let me see what a Combat Department student looks like." After a round of defense and attack, Jing Ying said indifferently.

"Then be careful." Sima Ling's face changed, his expression changed, his actions changing. After these three transformations, there was no one who could sense a sharp aura from Sima Ling's body. It seemed that he was going to reveal his true strength.

"Hah." Si Ma Ling bellowed, he jumped up with his feet and threw a punch towards Jing Ying, but before the punch reached him, it had already arrived. Sima Ling's fist had yet to reach Jing Ying's front, but there were still about fifty centimeters before Jing Ying's long hair automatically floated behind him. However, Jing Ying was a little too conceited. He had obviously instigated his opponent's full strength, but he was still not prepared for it, and still wanted to use his "Easy Life" from before to deal with Si Ma Ling.

With a confident smile, Jing Ying tilted his head to the right and dodged Sima Ling's right fist. He had just dodged Sima Ling's right fist and met Sima Ling's left fist head on. In a moment of desperation, Jing Ying finally made his move, his right hand moved like a mirage, instantly arriving in front of Sima Ling and lightly striking his left fist. Like a willow tree, his body floated backwards.

"Punching Punch."

Looking at Jing Ying who had retreated a step, Sima Ling spoke in an arrogant tone, enunciating word by word.

Following Sima Ling's words, a small wound appeared on the left side of Jing Ying's face, and red blood was left behind. Jing Ying raised his left hand to gently wipe the traces of blood on his face, and said gently: "Punching, not bad.

Punch Fist Technique, a cultivation technique that was first year in the Combat Department. Although it was a entry level cultivation technique, its might was not to be underestimated. Punching techniques focused on speed and strength. When one first learnt it, they would be able to practice for one second and one second, one could practice for three punches per second. As for mastery? No one had ever seen it, but they had heard that as long as one could reach a hundred fists in a second, they could be considered to have mastered it. Some people had even said that one had to reach a thousand fists in a second, but no one had ever seen it before, but they had heard that one could reach a hundred fists in a second.

"It's just a beginner, it's enough to deal with you." Sima Ling confidently said.

"Oh, really? I wonder if you can block a few of my moves with my Eagle Claw technique? "Look at this." After saying that, Jing Ying's hands turned into claws and clawed at Sima Ling. When he arrived in front of Sima Ling, it was like a green dragon's claw, clawing at him with one claw and one claw. The students outside could not even see Jing Ying's actions clearly, all they could vaguely make out was an eagle claw waving in front of Si Ma Ling.

"F * ck, that's too amazing. Is his hand speed even human?" "How is this refined?" Du Duwu rubbed his swollen eyes and exclaimed in shock, it was clear that his eyes could not keep up with Jing Ying's speed of attack either.

"Nothing. Do you think he's still human?" Du Duwu looked at nothing with a serious face.

"Yeah, big brother, what should I do if I meet him in the future?" Gui Zi asked worriedly.

"That's right, big brother. Is there any way for us to reach this level as well?" Fang Jiang said in envy, but Fa Zheng did not say anything, but his eyes looked the same as Fang Jiang's.

"Actually, it's nothing. It's just a small path. As long as you train hard in the future, it won't take long for you to reach this level. It was easy to solve it, but only Fang Jiang found it difficult to solve the problems in her stomach, in her space domain, and in Fa Zheng's stealth mode. Right? If you can replicate Fa Zheng's ability, dealing with him will be very easy. " No one expressed their thoughts to the four of them and guided them on this matter.

"Big brother, you're right. I can only duplicate one ability at the moment. I haven't thought about who I can duplicate yet." Fang Jiang said in embarrassment.

"Is there even a need to think about it? "Of course it's to duplicate my time domain. Is there anything more eye-catching in this world than my superpower?" Du Duwu appeared. After hearing the solution to the problem, he was no longer worried.

"Enough, let's talk about this later. Let's finish watching this essence battle. Look, Si Ma Ling has already gotten used to Jing Ying's attack speed and is about to retaliate. " No one stared at the two people on the stage as they spoke.

Hearing this, the four of them smiled bitterly, "Big brother, we do want to watch, but our eyes can't keep up."

"Concentrate your mind and meditate, silently guide me in the incantations I have taught you." No-one followed closely. The four of them looked at each other, and as expected, they saw clearly the movements of the two people with their secret techniques. As expected, Sima Ling started to counterattack.

Under Jing Ying's pressure, Sima Ling had no choice but to focus all his attention. Unknowingly, his punching speed became faster and faster, from barely managing to block at the start, to the ones that had strength behind him, and finally to his ability to retaliate. As a result, his boxing technique advanced to the beginner level, the level of three punches per second. Under Jing Ying's astonished gaze, Sima Ling shouted out loudly, "Thank you, Student Jing. "As a reward, I'll let you experience my beginner fist strike."

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