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Out of Nihility/C20 Forced Appointments
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C20 Forced Appointments

On the stage, facing Jing Ying who looked like a ferocious hawk, none of them seemed to be scared stiff.

"Clang!" An extremely strange scene appeared.

With a crisp sound, Jing Ying's body seemed to have been possessed, as he arrived in front of Wu Huan and smashed into pieces, falling onto the ground with a clang. Those eagles and tigers had all disappeared. They were lying motionless on the ground like dead pigs and had fainted completely. In the completely stunned eyes of the audience, none of them seemed to be awakened by the noise. They collapsed onto the ground, panting heavily.

"Hey, classmate, wake up. Wake up, I've already acted. Didn't you say I would fall down? Why did you fall down? " After being in a daze for a while, Wu Can gently crawled over to Jing Ying, and flipped him over. Then, he slapped his face and shouted: "Student, wake up, the show has ended."

Jing Ying didn't have any reaction.

"Clap, clap, clap ~ ~ ~"

"Wake up, it's raining. Get up and collect your clothes."

Jing Ying: "."

"How about it?"

"Wake up, the sun is shining on your ass."

Jing Ying: "."


"Your mom is asking you to come home for dinner."


The slapping sounds grew louder and louder, but Jing Ying was still unable to wake up. His head was almost turned into a pig's head, and he was still unable to wake up.

"F * ck, this kid is invincible. He can even bump into such a good thing."

"Yeah, he, mom. You must have gotten lucky. "

"Damn, looks like Feng Lingxin's fresh flower is going to be compatible with his pile of cow dung."


"Brat, quickly stop." The scene was too strange and abnormal, only then did Bai Tusheng who was present realize what had happened. Unable to understand everything, he rushed to the arena to stop the violence in his heart, "Little Wu, do you want to beat him to death? Is there anyone who would call you that? " Bai Tusheng unhappily rolled his eyes and carried the unassuming Jing Ying off the arena.

Seeing Jing Ying's miserable state, the eighteen people from the Special Ability Class s immediately burst out in laughter. No one in the Special Ability Class doubted his killing power. Ever since their class one had been ruthlessly oppressed in the Wanxiang Illusory Realm, they had all agreed with his position as the boss. They were deeply impressed by the destructive power of the Wanxiang — Illusory Realm. This was also the main reason why their bodies trembled the moment it was mentioned.

"Hit ~ ~ ~ Boss is too cool."

"Boss, you're too awesome."

"Boss, I'll leave everything to you in the future."

Yeah, boss, you can't abandon us, right? "Otherwise, we will be very sad.

"Yes, yes, yes. "Right, right."

In the face of the Special Ability Class's' foul language ', there was no expression on his face. With a smile on his face, he kept cupping his hands together, "Wha … Lucky, lucky. I was just lucky. "Luck, luck, pure luck." None of them returned to his seat modestly. When the others saw this Special Ability Class that was incompatible with them, they felt an indescribable feeling of speechlessness in their hearts, as if they were people of different worlds.

"Congratulations on bringing a beauty back. Don't you have any objections today?" Dou Chen moved forward, representing everyone present, as they carefully probed.

"Alright, no problem. I'm happy today. Later, we'll eat in the academy's dining hall. There's no need to be polite. If you're polite, then I'll be in a hurry." No one asked in all seriousness.


The Special Ability Class s looked at each other speechlessly, before giving each other a huge middle finger. Without waiting for anything, they scattered and ran out of the battle department.

"Fang Jiang, I see that Big Brother is still as shameless as before. He's not much worse than Second Brother." Fa Zheng muttered in Fang Jiang's ear.

"Little Zheng, how can you say that? Big brother is not wasting it. Saving money is the most traditional virtue of our Yang family." Fang Jiang said seriously.

"Yes, yes, yes. It's my little brother who said the wrong thing." "It's virtue, it's virtue. I want to learn from my big brother and use him as an example to be a good man in virtue." Fa Zheng changed his words righteously.

"Yes." No one looked at the two of them before nodding in satisfaction, "Not bad, it is indeed the two brothers who understand me. I'm afraid you two are the only close friends I have in this world. "Good brother, let's go have a meal. Today, we will eat as much as we can, no matter who can't, and no matter who can't, I will do it without saving money for me. I don't care about money." While they were talking, none of them held onto Fang Jiang's shoulders, and under the snicker of Du Duwu and the bastard, they walked out.

"Hey, Wu Yong, wait a moment." Seeing that no one wanted to leave, Feng Lingxin shouted from behind. However, none of them acted as if they didn't hear him. They didn't even look back and instead sped up their pace.

"Big brother, someone is calling for you from behind." Fang Jiang reminded Yun Che with good intentions. Is there? "No, how can that be called my voice. It's broad daylight, how can you be hallucinating?" "No one can blame him." "Yes, yes, yes, I heard wrong." Fang Jiang immediately understood, and understood that there was nothing that he wouldn't like to do with the people behind him.

To everyone, women were equivalent to trouble, and a beauty was a disaster. Just thinking of that crazy crowd from a moment ago made their hair stand on end. Hearing Feng Lingxin's voice, he pretended that he couldn't hear and left early.

"Big brother, the wind." "Howl, howl." As his best friend from a young age, Du Duwu knew very well that there was nothing he could not do. There were two things that he was most afraid of in his life: one was Niu Buqu, and the other was a woman. But now, there was no one who was not afraid of Niu Buqu. With regards to women, who he had seen before, Du Duwu thought he was still as afraid of them as he was when he was young.

"Shh, let me tell you, there was a time when a woman bullied you, but you still haven't changed your fear of women. You must not interfere in this matter, or else you will know the consequences." Du Duwu carefully reminded the returning child in front of him.

Upon hearing this, Guizi's eyes opened until they were round. After a look of disbelief, his small eyes narrowed, revealing a look of disbelief. He lightly pressed onto Du Duwu's hand and muttered: "So there actually is such a thing. Second brother, you have to tell me properly later."

"This, this won't do." Du Duwu hesitated for a moment, then firmly rejected, "If I don't know anything, why don't you chop me alive? You can't even say it if you beat me to death. "Let's go, just pretend I didn't say anything. If I find out that you've spread the news, be careful of your head."

"Yes, yes, yes. I got it. " "Yes," Guizi quickly replied.

"Hey, hey." Wu Yong, didn't you hear me call you? " A gust of wind blew past the five of them, and Feng Lingxin appeared in front of them like an elf in the wind, as she asked with her charming face.

Looking left and right, Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng both made incompetent movements, and indicated with their eyes: "Big Brother, you should pray for good fortune. I, Fang Jiang, mentally support you."

"That's right, Big Brother. I, Fa Zheng, can help you climb the mountain of blades and descend into the sea of flames.

"F * ck, how could you be so disloyal. You were scared when it came to critical moments, so I took you guys in as my lackeys."

The two of them replied with a look of helplessness, then shrunk their bodies and came out from under both of's arms. They watched them together with Du Duwu, taking joy in their misfortune.

"Guizi, the major event of your life is here. It's your turn." No-one once again indicated to Guizi with their eyes.

"Boss, I'm not worthy of her at the moment. We can go up when I feel capable. Right now, you should take on the burden for your brother." "Yes," Guizi replied with his eyes.

"F * ck," His gaze turned towards Du Duwu, who completely disregarded him, and rolled his eyes. "Motherf * cker, they aren't even loyal."

Feng Lingxin, who was ignored by the five, felt the fire in his heart burning, seeing how the five of them were looking at each other, Feng Lingxin roared in his heart: "Do you think that I do not exist, and ignore my charm? Wu Yong, just wait for me, I am going to mess with you." Then, his face changed and revealed a smile that was like a flower, and said: "Wu Yong, how are you planning to chase me next? Now that I have the time, can we go on a date? " He moved his feet to the side and grabbed his arm.

He avoided Feng Lingxin by accident and acted as if he couldn't see her, and said: "Aiyah, that's not good, I remember there was a gust of wind just now. With my many years of studying Celestial Phenomenon, there will definitely be a torrential storm later. Then, he ran off into the distance. The four of them followed closely behind.

Feng Lingxin looked at the empty spot in the distance and laughed mischievously, "Since you said there's going to be a violent wind, then I'll give you a bit." Following the activation of the wind type ability 'Gale', Feng Lingxin immediately created a wind barrier in front of the five of them, stopping them in their tracks.

"Wu Yong, look at how considerate I am. I've already brought the Violent Wind that you wanted, is that enough? Do you want more?" Feng Lingxin smiled and slowly followed from behind, and asked gently.

"Student Feng, what do you want?" There was no compromise.

"Follow me on a date, and tell me how you defeated Jing Ying on the way." Feng Lingxin continued.

"So it turns out that this little girl was faking her date with me, trying to find out the truth of me." No one understood Feng Lingxin's intention, and decisively refused: "No, I'm not free. Some other day. "

"I'm free, I'll be fine today." Feng Lingxin did not budge an inch.

"I'm really busy." There was nothing for him to say.

"I'm really free." Feng Lingxin said with certainty.


"Alright, alright. I'll speak to the two of you. Don't delay any longer, we're about to order. If you don't hurry up, the cafeteria's going to close." Du Duwu reminded Yun Che as his stomach growled at the appropriate moment.

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