Out of Nihility/C3 The Test Begins with a Start of Surprise
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Out of Nihility/C3 The Test Begins with a Start of Surprise
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C3 The Test Begins with a Start of Surprise

When An Chaoyang said that the assessment had begun, Niu Buqu and the five teachers came to the platform that was created by Chen Fan through his hands.

An Chaoyang and Chen Fan had only revealed a move to each other, but judging from their relaxed demeanor, the two of them were already very familiar with each other.

They had originally been looking forward to seeing the students cry out in surprise, but it was unknown if it was because the two of them did not attack extravagantly, or if Niu Buqu was a good teacher, but the students indifferently watched them walk towards the platform.

There was no fire in the eyes of the students as they wanted to see it. There was only hope and longing for the Yang Blood Essence on the platform.

An Chaoyang and Chen Fan looked at each other in an obscure manner, both seeing the awkwardness in the other's eyes.

Just when the duo thought that the matter was over, an exclamation sounded from behind the students and entered their ears.

The two of them looked at each other again, and smiled at each other in tacit understanding. They were quite pleased with themselves: "It seems that there is still someone who understands."

"Wow, that's too magical. The hand and the object appeared, and in the blink of an eye, the foot formed a platform. Am I dreaming? "

The students couldn't help but exclaim in surprise when they saw the effects of the special skill that they had previously only seen on television.

The scene in front of him made him feel as if he was in a dream.

It was no wonder that there were no such reactions. Although he had inherited the memories of his predecessor, he knew that there were all kinds of unimaginable superpowers in this world.

However, even though he knew about it, he still found it hard to believe when he saw it for the first time.

After all, he was now. His thoughts from his previous life occupied the body of this life, so he could understand why he couldn't change his mind all of a sudden.

When Du Duwu, who was beside Wu Can, heard his cry of surprise, she immediately covered his mouth.

"Shh, the Special Ability Awakening test is a very serious matter, so it's best if you don't say anything. "What if that teacher is narrow-minded enough to put on a pair of small shoes for you?"

The five teachers on the platform heard another voice from behind the crowd. Moreover, the voice was stopping him from speaking.

An Chaoyang and Chen Fan wanted to say something for the man in front of them, since he had been shocked by them.

Therefore, with a smile on his face, An Chaoyang walked to the front of the platform. The moment he opened his mouth, he heard the following words from Du Duwu, "What if there's someone narrow-minded amongst the teachers?

Immediately, he choked to the point of being unable to speak.

He forcefully swallowed back the words he was about to say.

Is this how we old marshals look in the eyes of our students?

Was he narrow-minded because he didn't have a place? No, that's not right, how could he be petty.

Not to mention An Chaoyang, who was currently reflecting on himself on the platform, Niu Buqu, who was standing at the side, could no longer hold on with his serious expression.

He was very clear about Lawless who did not have any relationship with Du Duwu.

If he wasn't on the platform right now, he would have already sent the two out of his sight.

However, thinking back on the relationship between the two of them, Niu Buqu braced himself and walked over to An Chaoyang, apologetically saying: "Teacher An, my apologies, it was my students who were reckless. After this, I will definitely teach them a lesson."

Teacher An did not intend to punish Wu Wu Can and Du Duwu. After all, he was still a teenager, and there was nothing unforgivable about it.

Just as he was about to speak up for the two and ask Niu Buqu to spare them, Du Duwu spoke again:

"It's over, it's all over. I already said that teacher was narrow-minded. Even that pervert, oh no, that Instructor Niu was so submissive in front of him. You're finished now, even your brother can't do anything about it."

Tch, his words were swallowed back into An Chaoyang's stomach. The words that were about to ask for mercy for them were swallowed back down into An Chaoyang's mouth.

He really had the intention of having Instructor Niu punish them on the spot.

"Am I really a petty teacher? How could I be like this in the students' minds? "

An Chaoyang constantly thought about this problem.

But Niu Buqu's face immediately fell and he was furious in his heart, "Am I being humble and submissive? No matter how I look at it, I don't think she's just being humble? "

None of them secretly extended their middle fingers towards Du Duwu and disdainfully said, "Tch, what do you know? For such a tall and mighty man like Teacher An, how could he be as narrow-minded as you say? "

"I think Teacher An's heart must be like his body. It's as big as the sea, how could he make things difficult for a student like me?"

"I think you've definitely seen wrongly. Besides, Teacher An's' creating something out of nothing 'is really too cool. It's too convenient, it's too useful."

"Also, that teacher was also amazing. With just a light stomp, a beautiful platform appeared just like that. Don't you feel that it's inconceivable?"

Without finishing his sentence, he lightly poked Du Duwu with his finger and blinked his eyes.

An Chaoyang who was on the stage heard no such words, and was no longer hesitant about whether he was a petty teacher or not. Following that, without any words of praise, he started to straighten his chest, and as for punishing those thoughts in his head, he flew away.

When Niu Buqu heard this, he was puzzled in his heart, "Since when did this kid know how to speak? Normally, the moment he saw me, he would be so scared that he wouldn't be able to speak.

With no eyes to hint, Du Duwu reacted in an instant. He stretched out his thumb towards Wu Huan and suddenly said, "Aiyaya, you're right. You're right."

It's because I'm acting like a little kid, thinking that my Gale Academy is such a noble academy. To be able to be a teacher in this academy, I must be a person with a pure character, a sea of hearts, as beautiful as a flower, a fish falling to the ground, a Moon-Shame Flower … I must have been muddle-headed before, to be able to say those foolish words." You said that your teacher would forgive us, right?

"Yes, it will. Teacher is not a stingy person. " The affirmation came out again.

Niu Buqu coughed a few times on the platform, interrupting the duo's singing and shouting.

As for him, who was completely clueless about Du Duwu, he finally understood what the two were thinking.

They wanted to attract the attention of the examiners first by suppressing their emotions before praising the examiners openly and secretly.

"They're looking for a way out for themselves. They're afraid I won't give them a chance to awaken their Discipline."

"These two little bastards, they even learned how to play with the heart. "You're right. With your petty thoughts, you've taken advantage of me, a general, and think that laozi won't let you take the test."

Niu Buqu cursed the two of them in his heart and stopped them from doing anything. He did not want the two of them to continue messing around, after all, he had not done anything important and did not have much time.

"Teacher An, can we begin?" Niu Buqu muttered softly.

An Chaoyang was startled for a moment, then reacted and said: "Mn, alright, let's begin."

"First, it's a small scheme."


Chang Xiaoxiao walked out of the group and onto the platform.

"Do you know what to do? "Don't be nervous and just use your full strength." Niu Buqu said.

"Yes, Instructor. I understand."

"Alright, then let's begin."

Chang Wuji nodded and placed both hands on top of the Yang Blood Essence.

The Yang Blood Essence turned blue the instant he placed it in his hand. Moreover, it wasn't just an ordinary blue. It was the deep sea blue, a deep blue color.

As for the dark blue Yang Blood Essence, the teacher standing on the platform didn't seem surprised at all. He patiently waited for the next moment.

The dark blue color did not last long, about half a minute.

The Yang Blood Essence had changed yet again. In the center of the Yang Blood Essence, there was a fluctuation, as if a small whirlpool had appeared.

The vortex began to spin, and the deep blue color from before began to converge in the vortex. Not long after, it was completely swallowed by the vortex, and a green mass of light appeared within the Yang Blood Essence.

The Yang Blood Essence suddenly opened up, and a painting appeared within. A small figure appeared within the painting, and Chang Xiaoxiao's figure appeared within the painting.

With a slight movement, another small scheme appeared in front of him. With another movement, a third one appeared.

At this point, the handsome Ye Yu spoke, "Not bad, not bad. Although your potential is still at the blue rank, the awakened superpower is still very good."

"The superpower you awakened was similar to me, belonging to the Wind element. "It's a wind-style 'Extreme Speed Phantom'."

"If you can master this ability skillfully, then you will have extraordinary combat strength. When you reach the state of 'Formless Shadow' without leaving a trace, then you will be a character on the continent."

Chang Xiaochao was filled with confidence in Ye Yu's future as he respectfully bowed to him, "Thank you for your guidance, Teacher Ye."

Then, he bowed towards Niu Buqu and said, "Thank you for Instructor's training."

With that, he happily walked down the platform and arrived in front of the crowd, receiving everyone's warm welcome.

"Next, Hua Ye."


A woman sounded out. Hua Ye, with the blessings of his teammates, walked up to the platform and placed both hands on top of the Yang Blood Essence.

The blood essence emitted the same deep blue light. Then, a vortex appeared, forming a mass of green light.

A little Hua Ye stood in the middle of the screen, and a green brilliance appeared around her body. The previously empty ground beneath her feet was now covered with all sorts of plants, and even the withered plants seemed to have regained their vitality.

At this moment, an injured little animal ran over, and with a flash of green light from her, the little animal's injuries healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The scene ended there. Following which, Teacher Yu, who had a gentle temperament, walked out.

She smiled at Hua Ye. "Not bad, not bad at all. I didn't expect us to find a healer today."

"Hello, my name is Yu Zhu. After the exam is over, we need to have a nice chat."

Hua Ye excitedly nodded her head. She shook hands with Yu Zhu and walked off the platform.

"Looks like Instructor Niu is right. I really look forward to what kind of superpower will appear in the future."

Seeing the two high level superpowers appear, An Chaoyang opened his mouth to speak, while the others nodded their heads in unison, their eyes filled with anticipation.

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