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C5 Spatial Domain

In the noisy field, the students were discussing and guessing at Fan Ge's ability. Even the five teachers and Niu Buqu on the platform were the same. Only at a place where the crowd couldn't see them, there was no corner of their mouths that revealed a confident smile.

"Alright, everyone, quiet down." An Chaoyang saw that continuing like this was not the same, and made the students quiet down. He then asked: "I wonder, what thoughts did the students have towards Student Fan's superpower this time? I've already informed the dean, and they'll be coming soon. During this time, that classmate will share his thoughts, so it doesn't matter if he's wrong. " Hearing An Chaoyang's words, everyone turned their gaze towards him. Some did not believe him, some looked forward to it, some looked down on him, and some looked down on him.

"That's right, brat. Speak whatever you know." Niu Buqu immediately shouted to none.

At this moment, he didn't know whether to say it or not. After saying it for a while, he would explain how he knew. If he didn't say it, he would just give up such a good opportunity to show off. After the fierce competition of his inner thoughts, his inner vanity forced him to open his mouth.

"As the saying goes, fate is unpredictable. What is uncertain is the future, which for us is the fog. Everyone carefully looked at the scene after the step, was there a wisp of invisible air current? That stream of air was the uncertain future. Since Student Fan was so certain about the future, it could be seen that she already knew what would happen in the future. "Her Discipline is …" No one stopped talking. Looking at the expectant gazes of the crowd, he spat out two words, "Prophecy."

"Foresight?" The students asked in unison. After being stunned for a moment, they all had a look of realization on their faces.

"Yeah, it's just a prediction."

"Yeah, why didn't I think of that? How did he come to that? "

"Yes, how did you know?" The students once again asked the question in unison.

No one noticed the 'wolves and tigers' manner of these students, and their hearts trembled. However, he had no choice but to answer. Who asked him to enjoy their 'adoring' gazes? No one had the choice to repeat the old saying. They hardened their heads and said, "I also heard it from other students in the past, because it was too special and I happened to remember it. "Ha ~ ~ Ha ~ ~ Ha ~ ~" After saying that, a forced smile appeared on none of their faces.


The students all gave Nether Limitless a middle finger, but Du Duwu, who was by his side, did not conceal his disdain towards him at all, and said snappily: "Who would believe you." After saying that, he turned his head away and ignored everything else, as if he was displeased because he was not able to show off. Of course, no one knew of his character and similarly ignored him.

"That student has good eyesight. It doesn't matter if you heard it or not. Just by being able to recognize this superpower, you are worthy of this old man's praise." A deep voice came from the mouth of a white-haired elder who was in his eighties. If it wasn't for the fact that no one had seen him with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed that this deep voice came from the mouth of the old man in the sky.

An old man, six middle-aged men, five men, and two women appeared in the sky above the sports field. When the six people on the platform saw the group of people in the sky, they hurriedly greeted them, "Greetings Headmaster and the other headmasters."

The leader of the seven was none other than the principal of the Gale Academy, Feng Wuming; the other six were also the chairmen of the various divisions within the academy. Chief of the Elemental Department: Zhao Yuanliao; Chief of the Metaverse Department: Qin Wankong; Director of the Control Department: Ma Fengshen; Chairman of the Auxiliary Department: Li Qinghe (female); Director of the Healing Department: Wu Xuemei (female); Director of the Combat Department: Bai Tusheng.

This time, after An Chaoyang reported the situation of Brahma to the Principal, Feng Wuming placed great importance on Brahma's superpower, so he called the various department heads over to the scene. What he did not expect was that a young man who did not even have the qualifications to enter the academy would actually reveal the secret of the Yang Blood Essence in an instant, causing Feng Wuming to not be able to look at it for a while.

"Alright, excuse me."

The seven of them slowly descended to the platform. Feng Wuming came to Brahma with a benevolent smile on his face, as if he was treating his own granddaughter. He patted Brahma's head and encouraged him: "Child, you are not bad. Are you afraid? "

"No, I'm not. Our instructors often teach us that we can take on anything for the sake of the human race. Brahma replied seriously.

"Hahahaha ~ ~" Feng Wuming seemed very happy upon hearing Brahma's reply. He turned his head and sighed to Niu Buqu emotionally, "Xiao Niu, making you my basic selection instructor is the best choice I've ever made in my life. It's all thanks to you that I was able to bring up such a good student. "

For the first time, a bashful expression appeared on Niu Buqu's face. He immediately lowered his body and replied modestly: "No need for that. Furthermore, this is something that I should do. Old Headmaster is too kind. "

After that, the two of them stood still on the platform for a while, and the awakening test continued. The little friend Wu Ge was directly brought along by Feng Wuming.

"Next, Hai Xin."

Hai Xin, water type variant ice ability, this is also an extraordinary power.

"Next, Fu Sheng."

Fu Sheng, another rare possessor of the light attribute.

"Next, Ke Zhuo."

This Ke Zhuo was incredible, the Yang Blood Essence once again appeared in his mind. A pitch black orb of light floated above Ke Zhuo's head. It was deeper than darkness, and there was a spatial whirlpool that was like a black hole, bringing with it a powerful suction force. It was obviously another possessor of a supernatural ability.

The moment Ke Zhuo's superpower appeared, the few people on the platform revealed looks of pleasant surprise. The Chief of the Super Yuan Branch, Qin Wankong, loudly laughed as he came to Ke Zhuo's side and asked, "Student Ke, do you know what your superpower is?"

"I don't know." Ke Zhuo honestly shook his head. Even if he knew that Qin Wankong would say no after seeing him like that, everyone would still understand the logic behind it.

"Haha, boy, you are quite lucky. Your Discipline is a dark and space type fusion. It's Devour." "Don't go yet. I'll tell you more about your Discipline later." Qin Chao Kong pulled Ke Zhuo back to their original place along with the others who had envious looks on their faces.

Ke Zhuo looked at Qin Creek, who was holding onto his arm tightly, and swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth, and obediently stood to the side.

"Next, return to your son."


A small boy walked out from the group. His body was thin and small, and his skin was very dark, but his eyes were very bright. He had a sense of shrewdness and cleverness in his bones, making him look like a cunning little scoundrel.

Returning to the platform, he let out a few chuckles, revealing his neat big white teeth, as if he had something to say. However, how could Niu Buqu, who knew him well, not know that he had an evil idea? Taking a few steps forward, Niu Buqu kicked him right in front of the Yang Blood Essence. Gui Zi didn't really care and dusted himself off with a smirk before obediently placing his hand on the table.

Du Duwu walked over to Wu Se's side and smiled: "Haha, Gui Zi has received another crazy beating, I have long told him that I want him to rely on us brothers, if he doesn't listen, I will make him lose a lot of face."

When no one heard Du Duwu's words, they looked at Gui Zi and felt that he really was the same kind of person as his. Thus, they nodded their heads in agreement as a response.

The scene appeared again on the Yang Blood Essence. An empty ball of light floated above the screen, but the scene below was quite spectacular.

A giant transparent sphere stood in the center of the sphere. Beside it, the cracks in space were like lightning on a rainy day, wreaking havoc within the sphere. Occasionally, there would be black holes appearing and disappearing in separate spaces. The heavens collapsed and the earth crumbled. This was all that was possible.

The apocalypse didn't seem like much. The sphere continued to expand until it completely filled up the Yang Blood Essence. The Yang Blood Essence emerged from the sphere, and formed a sphere with a radius of one meter around the center of the sphere. Within the sphere, the same scene could be seen on the screen. After the crack, the black hole disappeared. The interior of the sphere was as clean and clean as glass.

The people on the platform were all stunned, staring at the huge eyeballs that were about to pop out of their eye sockets. All of them sucked in a deep breath, and their great surprise could be clearly seen.

"This, this, this is a domain-shaped superpower, a rarity amongst rarities. I never thought that my Gale Academy would have such great fortune, receiving a domain-shaped superpower. "Good, good, good." Feng Wuming said with his voice trembling.

"Child, good child, hurry and come down. Be careful. Calm your mind and slowly retract your Discipline." The old dean spoke again.

Gui Zi also slowly withdrew his superpower as he followed his words, obediently arriving in front of the old Headmaster Feng Wuming. He said bashfully, "Greeting Headmaster, what is my superpower? Is it powerful? "

"Impressive, of course I'm impressive! Impressive! Your Discipline is a super power. It's called Space Domain. A Domain Power of the Spatial Domain. " The old Headmaster chuckled as he replied. He then pulled Gui Zi back to his side and brought him back to where he originally stood. When my return son passed by Niu Buqu again, at a place where no one else could see, he made a face at Niu Buqu, his eyes filled with craftiness.

"I don't know what this crafty fellow is planning to do, but he is much more shrewd than me. He hoped that the old dean would not be fooled by his outer appearance. However, who cares? He is not under my control anyways. I will be more at ease in the future. " Niu Buqu smiled bitterly in his heart at first, but after thinking about it like this later, he became happy instead.

After that, he hosted the Awakening Test again.

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