Out of Nihility/C6 Wanxiang Time Domain(part I)
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Out of Nihility/C6 Wanxiang Time Domain(part I)
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C6 Wanxiang Time Domain(part I)

Below the platform, Du Duwu was looking at Gui Zi, who was on the stage with a face full of envy. He said a bit enviously, "Damn, what kind of dog shit luck does Gui Zi have? "If my superpower is not as good as his, then will I still have the face to meet others in the future?"

"Buddha blessings, blessed by the heavens and the immortal gods." Then, like a believer, he began to pray towards the sky full of gods and buddhas. No-one noticed his nonchalant attitude, so they quietly stepped to the side.

"Next, Gu Wu."

"Yes." Gu Wu walked out of the group, and in a short while, the image of Gu Wu's body, that of a bronze man, appeared on top of the Yang essence blood.

"Damn, this is simply bringing an indestructible body?" "Compared to what's more amazing than what's more amazing than what's more amazing, he doesn't even need to cultivate. He's naturally born." No one thought in their hearts.

"Hahaha, it just so happens that I want to accept a disciple. The heavens sent me a disciple. "Brat, hurry up and come over here to acknowledge me as your master." In the chairman's team, Bai Tusheng from the Combat Department spoke. He laughed heartily as the people beside him congratulated him. Gu Wu looked at Niu Buqu at a loss, but in his heart, Niu Buqu happily walked forward, and patted his shoulder: "Brat, what are you hesitating for, quickly go and acknowledge him as your master. If Dean Bai isn't suitable to teach you, then there won't be anyone in this world who is suitable to teach you."

Receiving Niu Buqu's hint, Gu Wu arrived in front of Bai Tusheng with a joyous expression, knelt on the ground and sincerely greeted him as a disciple.

"Disciple Gu Wu greets Master."

"Haha, please wake up my good disciple. This time, the world has gained yet another possessor of the Diamond Body." "Ah, haha." Bai Tusheng laughed happily again.

"Enough, Old Bai. As proud as you are, don't affect the students below you." Wasn't it just a disciple? What was there to be proud of? "Hrmph." Li Qinghe, who had always been at odds with him, said unhappily. Seeing that she had said something, Bai Tusheng awkwardly stopped laughing and pulled Gu Wu to the side. The few people at the side looked at Bai Tusheng who had been beaten down, and at the two of them who were using the same thing, and started laughing soundlessly.

"Ahem, next, Fan Bo." Niu Buqu cleared his throat to hide the smile in his heart.


Fan Chen walked up to the platform. After a while, the Yang Blood Essence gave him its answer. Unsurprisingly, there was another super elementalist. Fan Chen's Discipline was also very special. It was the control of force. The gravitational and repulsive forces within it were immediately snatched away by the controlling Ma Feng.

"Next, Fa Zheng."

When no one below heard the name 'Fa Zheng', they couldn't help but think of the Fa Zheng from the Three Kingdoms, and thus paid close attention to him. Fa Zheng slowly walked out of the group. He was also skinny and skinny like the others, and his face was slightly yellow, as if he was sick.

Fa Zheng arrived in front of the Yang Blood Essence and placed it on her withered yellow hand. Following that, the image appeared, and the ball of light above disappeared in a flash, and Fa Zheng who was below also disappeared in a flash.

"It can't be, can it be that Little Zheng failed to awaken?" The doubts in the team rose again.

"That shouldn't be possible. Weren't there footage just now?" Fang Jiang, who was on good terms with Fa Zheng, explained.

"How is that impossible? I think it must be because he didn't awaken." Hai Xin struck.

"Enough." Fang Jiang was a little angry.

"Alright, let's stop making wild guesses and listen to what the Headmaster and the others have to say." As the class monitor, Du Heng came out to stop their dispute.

On the platform, the crowd also frowned. Most of the failures in awakening were like this. However, there seemed to be something wrong with this. Their intuition told them that the answer given by the Yang Blood Essence was not that simple.

"You, you guys, quickly take a look." Noiseless voices broke the silence of the audience. As everyone heard this, they turned to look, and the scene from before appeared once more. A flash of light followed by a flash of a shadow, and the image disappeared. The Yang Blood Essence returned to its original form.

"What … what is going on?" Du Duwu looked and asked.

No one pondered for a moment, then nodded: "I think it has something to do with Fa Zheng's superpower."

"Then tell me, what is Little Zheng's superpower?" Du Duwu asked again.

"Fa'a, I'm very sorry, but your awakening failed this time." "However, being an ordinary person is not bad, at least you won't be in danger often." After going through the discussion of the people on the platform, An Chaoyang braced himself and announced his decision.

When Fa Zheng heard this decision, he felt that his whole world had collapsed. Ten years? Ten years of perseverance in exchange for a blank, ten years of struggle in exchange for this knowledge of a result. He was extremely dejected, his eyes were slightly red, and tears appeared in his eyes. He then walked down the platform absentmindedly, and didn't even hear the consolation of others, and returned to the group in a daze. Only his good friend Fang Jiang consoled him, causing him to force out a smile.

"Alas, although the two of us are mouse droppings amongst these people, looking at Little Zheng's current state, I feel really uncomfortable in my heart." Du Duwu lamented.

'Rat poop '? None of them were displeased after hearing that and their voices rose involuntarily, "My stomach, is that how you describe us? Who's' mouse shit '? You're me, aren't you? And who said he failed to awaken his Discipline? "

The scene instantly became silent. Fa Zheng looked at No-one whose eyes were filled with anticipation, and Fang Jiang promptly walked in front of No-one and begged: "No-one, is what you said true? If you can prove that what you said was true, I, Fang Jiang, will thank you for my entire life.

No one was depressed in their heart, and they inwardly blamed themselves for spouting out the words in their hearts out of anger. He fiercely glared at Du Duwu. The latter smiled in embarrassment and said, "Nope, just share your thoughts. After all, we're classmates, so why don't you help Little Zheng?"

"That's right. You brat, be bold and say it. Even if you are wrong, I don't think the Principal and the others will blame you." Niu Buqu promised on the platform. An Chaoyang then whispered in front of the Principal's team, telling them about his previous performance and knowledge.

"Oh, if that student has any opinions, then just say so. After all, nothing can go wrong in this world. Maybe it really is our fault, so I ask you to give me a chance." The old Principal Feng Wuming said with a very gentle tone, not caring at all whether he was wrong or not.

He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. In his previous life, there was a saying, "The tree stands in the forest, the wind will destroy it." His little sapling could not withstand the wind, so he had to be more cautious.

"I think, it's not that Fa Ma has awakened, but that his Special Ability Awakening has succeeded. "The disappearance of the video might have something to do with his Discipline. His Discipline is either 'Disappear' or 'Invisibility'. It would be great if there was any way for him to use his Discipline on the spot." Nothing said.

"What this student said is very possible. How about this, Manager Wu will trouble you then." After a round of discussion on the platform, the old Headmaster decided to try out this possibility that no one had mentioned before.

Both of his hands were pressed behind his back, and he said gently: "The ones here are the ones who cultivate the most gentle energy, and even then, this is extremely difficult for you. Later, when I infuse energy into your body, you must diligently control my strength, and stimulate the Fantastic Energy Source in your sea of consciousness. Be sure to not be distracted, or else it will cause you a lot of harm."

Fa Zheng nodded seriously, he closed his eyes and focused, he was ready, Wu Xuemei who was behind him slowly and carefully injected energy that was the size of a hair into Fa Zheng's body. Even so, when the energy entered Fa Zheng's body, Fa Zheng's face immediately turned red, he resisted the urge to create his own body, and successfully channeled the energy into the energy source in his sea of consciousness, causing his body to disappear. The scene was in an uproar, as he looked at Nether Limitless with eyes full of disbelief.

Ten seconds later, Fa Zheng's body appeared in his original spot. He looked at his hands in pleasant surprise and said in a loud voice, "I, I, my special ability is Invisibility, I have my special ability source, I am not trash, I am a special ability user." Following him to Thoughtless, he sincerely said, "Thank you, Thoughtless. You will be my big brother from now on. I will never forget your kindness today."

No one replied, "It's nothing. It's nothing. You don't have to be like this. Actually, if you find a chance to train in the future, it can also prove your superpower. I just brought it up ahead of time."

"Haha." Seeing that there was no rejection, Fang Jiang walked over and said: "No matter what, you helped Little Zheng today. We will keep our promises, and with Big Brother's knowledge, you are already much stronger than us. "You, we submit." "Wow, that's a pain in the ass. I haven't even done it yet, and big brother is already calling me." If the wind blows in the forest, the wind will destroy it. "Fine fine, it seems like this sapling is destined to be in the limelight, so let's just let the gale get stronger." For a moment, none of them changed their cautious decisions. They all had a heroic spirit that seemed to be able to compare with the heavens and the earth.

Seeing that there was no response, Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng did not return to their original spots, and directly stood to the side.

"Haha, I never thought that my Gale Academy would receive another student with extraordinary experience. Next, let us take a good look at your world. "What do you think? Are you interested in explaining the following abilities to us?" The old abbot threw out an olive branch.

"If you don't dare to listen, I will follow your wishes." Wu Dai who had already changed his mindset immediately agreed. Since he had already made the decision to face the wind, there was no longer any need to conceal his true intention. "I, Chu Kuang, am a man of great power."

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