Out of Nihility/C7 Wanxiang Time Domain(part Ii)
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Out of Nihility/C7 Wanxiang Time Domain(part Ii)
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C7 Wanxiang Time Domain(part Ii)

Four people brought Du Duwu, Fa Zheng, Fang Jiang and the others to the front of the group. It was only then that the old dean could clearly see the exact appearance. His appearance was ordinary and his eyes had an old and cold look that did not match his age. The corners of your mouth move up and down, and when you smile, it gives you a demonic feeling. Feng Wuming's brows twitched, and kindly smiled at Wu You.

"Next, Lan Gang."


Below, Lan Gang was currently fighting with an unknown beast. After injuring the beast, he put the beast blood in his hand into his mouth with an evil smile, and after that, Lan Gang's body underwent a drastic change, turning into the other side of the beast.

Looking at this point, no one knew what Lan Gang's Discipline was about to absorb and assimilate. Looking at the gazes of the crowd on the platform, he smiled without confidence and slowly said, "Hurt your body, take your blood, draw your blood, and fuse with your body. Lan Gang's superpower was very good. If he could find an invincible magical beast, then he would be invincible. I wonder if there are any invincible magical beasts in this world? "

"Yes, Student Wu is knowledgeable, but Lan's assimilation ability has only appeared once in the records of our academy. I didn't think that Student Wu would be able to recognize it so quickly." I have to say that your knowledge is even greater than ours. " The director of the department had a big harvest today, and now that he received such a top-notch ability from Lan Gang, he was so relieved that nothing was pleasing to his eyes.

"Director, you're too kind. I just happened to have heard other students mention it before." No one believed him, not even himself, let alone the others. However, when everyone saw that he didn't have any intention of confessing, they just let it pass.

"Next, Dou Chen."


The same Dou Chen stepped onto the platform and placed his hand on the Yang Blood Essence. Dou Chen's superpower was much simpler. Everyone immediately understood what he meant. There was no need for him to explain further. His Discipline belonged to the wood element, and his main function was to control the trees and the vegetation around him.

"Next, Fang Xue."


Another girl walked out and placed her hand on top of the Yang Blood Essence. Similarly, there was a ball of light of indeterminable color. This ball of light was a bit special. One half of it was rolling like boiling water, while the other was as calm as ice. The same scene played out below. On Fang Xue's left was a raging inferno while on her right was a severe snowstorm.

Zhao Wuliang was amused when he saw this. He walked out laughing and said, "Haha, I didn't expect to meet another Adept who has awakened a Duo Elements ability. My Elemental division isn't any worse than yours." Everyone nodded in agreement. However, there was a hint of happiness in his eyes as he looked up.

Qin Wankong was not used to Zhao Yuanliao who laughed so heartily. Coincidentally, he could not see the self-satisfied smile in Zhao Yuanliao's eyes. His heart stirred as he said, "Old Zhao, wait a moment. Let's hear what that student Wu has to say."

"What are you looking at? Isn't this clearly related to both fire and ice? What's there to look at?" Zhao Yuanliao said impatiently.

"Sigh, since Old Qin has already said so, what's the point of letting Wu Zhangkong talk about it? Could it be that you, Old Zhao, aren't afraid?" On the side, Ma Feng also instigated.

"I'm afraid. When have I, Zhao Yuanliao, ever been afraid?" "Alright then, you better tell us more."

With a bitter face, he scolded Qin Wankong in his heart. After pondering for a while, he opened his mouth and said, "Chief Zhao, I'm afraid I have let you down. "I believe that Fang Xue's special ability is not an element-type special ability. Instead, it's an element-type special ability."

"Kid, what did I say? Are you speaking lies with your eyes open? Look at that picture, if it's not fire and ice, then what is? " Zhao Yuanliao immediately flew into a rage.

When Qin Chao Kong heard this, he was overjoyed in his heart. He immediately defended himself, "Old Zhao, what are you saying? Can't you just listen to what Student Wu has to say?"

Looking at Zhao Yuanliao who had returned to his original spot with a cold snort, there was no bitterness in his heart. His small tree had only just appeared when the first gale had already arrived. He had no choice but to close his eyes and charge forward. There are two reasons why I decided that Fang Xue's supernatural ability belongs to the Meteor division. First, the clumps of light on the screen. If Fang Xue's special ability was of the element type, then the ball of light would be half blue, half red. It wouldn't be like this: half boiling water, half still, and the other half icy and ice. Second, the fire and snow in the image. Fire is not necessarily a fire element, and ice and snow is not necessarily a water element. There is also another factor that may have served this purpose. "

When everyone heard this, they felt that it made sense. Zhao Yuanliao also calmed down and asked loudly, "Then, what do you think is the reason behind this?"

"There are four seasons in a year, and its spring is like the rain, the blazing sun is like the fire, and it is full of fruits. The key point here was the word 'temperature'. If I'm not wrong, Fang Xue's special ability should be to control the temperature. Only the cold and hot forms can cause the ball of light to appear in such a state. The cold and hot forms of the ball of light can also create the amazing scene of both fire and ice on the screen. " At this point, none of them stopped and kept quiet, waiting for the decision from the people above.

"Mmm, not bad. Student Wu's words are logical and logical. Fang Xingjian's supernatural ability should be like what Student Wu said, a temperature control ability belonging to the super element-type. Congratulations Director Qin, you've received yet another top grade supernatural ability." Old Principal Feng Wuming finally made a decision, and no one could help but heave a sigh of relief.

"Next, Wuchang."

Following which, a gloomy Wuchang walked out of the group. His Discipline was the same as his face. It belonged to the elemental darkness element, and it allowed him to control shadows freely. It was also a powerful Discipline.

"Next, Du Duwu."

Following Niu Buqu's words, only these two people were left on the scene without any tests. Du Duwu held his chest high, and walked up the stage like a bandit who had just entered the village, causing Wu Can who was watching him to instantly cover his face.

Du Duwu sent a provocative gaze at Gui Zi, "See how Big Brother will crush me to death."

Gui Zi replied, "Tch, you better try it out. If you have the ability, you can also awaken a domain shape superpower for me to see." "I don't ask for anything else, as long as your awakening is a domain ability, I will acknowledge you as my big brother on the spot."

At the time, Du Duwu was still a little perturbed, but on the surface he did not show any signs of being weak. He then resolutely placed his hand on the Yang Blood Essence.

Time passed bit by bit. As the blue colored light scattered, an unknown ball of light similarly floated above the picture. Below it, a grey orb appeared. No one could see what was inside the sphere, it was just a patch of greyness. Following that, the ball started to grow larger, and started to overflow with Yang essence blood. At the same time, Du Duwu formed a one meter radius sphere in the center, a grey sphere. A gust of wind blew up the fallen leaves on the ground, and blew them into Du Duwu's ball. The moment the leaf entered the domain, it immediately stopped there, not moving an inch, and not even trembling slightly. Then the leaves started to turn smaller and smaller until they were no longer visible. Then they started to appear out of thin air, growing larger and turning green. Soon, they withered into powder.

At this time, another startled cry sounded out, and the old Headmaster became excited once again, "The heavens have blessed our human race, the heavens have blessed our Gale Academy. I didn't expect another domain's Discipline to appear, and it's a student of our academy. Hahaha, this is the most glorious thing in my life. " Thereafter, the old Headmaster Feng Wuming pulled Wu Can directly onto the platform, and asked anxiously: "young friend, quickly tell us what kind of domain is Student Li Ku's, it's a domain we have never seen before, nor have we heard of before."

No one looked at the school leaders beside them whose eyes were shining with green light. They didn't seem to be disrespectful in the slightest, "As the saying goes, 'Space is king, time is respected.'" What is not known is the future, and the future is about time. The greyness meant that it was unknown and uncertain. The change in the leaf was due to the time it had been in a different state. "Congratulations to the Old Headmaster. Your Discipline is at the top of the list. Time is the most important thing in this world."

When Du Duwu woke up, he happened to hear a lot of words. He immediately laughed out loud, and without caring about the reaction of others, he walked over to Gui Zi and grabbed him.

Before anyone could react, Gui Zi helplessly called out to Du Duwu respectfully, "Big Brother."

"Ah, how comfortable." Following which, Du Duwu, who had finished farting with Gui Zi, showed off in front of Wu You and said: "Haha, no, how is it? Big brother is amazing, but he is the only Time Attribute in the world. "Hmph, if you need anything in the future, just find me. I'll take care of you." After that, it was like he was a lowly person who had achieved his goals. His arrogance was limitless.

He walked forward, and kicked Du Duwu to the ground. Then, he went up and kicked him a few times, and said while kicking him: "I'm asking you to be cocky, to show off, to be smug in front of me, to be arrogant."

"Don't, don't fight, big brother will submit, everything is fought, I won't show off, I won't show off, I won't show off, I won't be arrogant, alright? "Stop kicking, if you kick anymore, brother will fight back." Du Duwu held his head and shouted.

Seeing that he was almost done, he stopped and stood to the side. His body relaxed. "Phew, that's f * cking comfortable."

The Old Headmaster Feng Wuming opened his eyes wide, his mouth wide open, unable to say a word.

The six chairmen were also dumbfounded.

The five teachers: "."

Niu Buqu covered his face and turned around. The students below the platform showed a nonchalant expression.

Du Duwu stood up happily, then walked over to Wu Se with a cheap smile on his face, and started to feel proud again: "Haha, how is it, big brother is awesome, this is my unique time domain, mine, big brother is mine. "Heh heh."

Niu Buqu was too embarrassed to meet anyone, but he still wanted to continue the test. He fiercely glared at and Su Yun, and shouted: Next, Wu Yong.

"Wu Yong? Who is Wu Yong? " The students had puzzled looks on their faces.

Du Duwu was startled as well, the two only felt that the name was familiar. F * ck, I've lost you. I've called you Nothin for ten years, I almost forgot your name. Wu Yong is your great name, you are the only one left among us. "Hurry up." Then, Du Duwu pushed him to the front of the Yang Blood Essence.

When the students below the stage heard Du Duwu's words, they all remembered the name that they had forgotten for the past ten years. The school leaders on the platform also recovered from their stunned expressions, as they were no longer looking forward to the Yang Blood Essence.

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