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C8 Nullity Derivation

With anticipation, everyone placed their hands on the Yang Blood Essence. The instant he placed it on the ground, the consciousness that had been lost completely disappeared. When he woke up, he found himself in a patch of primal chaos. The sound of reading could be heard, and it sounded somewhat familiar.

"The Dao can be spoken of, the Dao can be spoken of, the Dao can be spoken of, the name can be called, the name can't be spoken of." The beginning of the nameless world; the mother of all things. So often there is no desire, in order to see the mystery; often desire, in order to see its. Both are different names, and they are just the same name. "Mystical and mysterious, the door to the wonders of the world."

"Hey, isn't this the Moral Scripture that the old man asked me to read every morning in my morning class? This sound? " After pondering for a moment, he said in surprise, "Isn't that the voice from my previous life?" Then, the voice sounded again.

"The whole world knows beauty as beauty, and evil as evil; and good as good, and ill as evil.

Therefore, if there is a phase, it is difficult to form, long and short phase, high and low phase, harmony of sound, followed by …

It means that the saints succeed and do nothing.

A man does not live alone, so why not go? "

The chanting of scriptures from his previous life slowly entered his memories of the past and he slowly entered into a state where he lost all thoughts of the past. A flash of clarity passed through Shi Mu's mind. Then, he started to recite happily along with the recitation of his memories.

"Words are not beautiful, words are not.

A good man does not speak; a debater does not speak.

A wise man does not know; a wise man does not know.

If a saint does not accumulate, he thinks that man has more and more,

The more people there are.

The path of heaven is a path that benefits but not harms.

The path of a saint, is something that can not be challenged. "

In the chaos, he had memorized the five thousand words of the 'Classic of Virtue' with a smile on his face. Right now, his entire body was relaxed and comfortable. His thoughts were clear and his heart was at peace. Suddenly, a black and white ray of light flew over from the depths of the primal chaos. No-one stood up, and when they saw the light that brought them a very familiar light in the distance, they smiled and raised their heads. That light arrived in front of No-One, and stopped. Two lines of words appeared on the Taiji diagram: "To create from nothing, born from nothing." Then, it immediately disappeared into his forehead, forming a taiji imprint and then disappearing. The supernatural ability of 'creating something out of nothing' from his previous life had returned into his body, becoming a supernatural ability 'derived from nothingness'.

Soon after, none of them woke up. Seeing the chaos within the Yang Blood Essence in his eyes, he began to understand. Although it had been a long time since he had experienced it, it had only been a few seconds in reality. No one wore a smile on their face, waiting for his Discipline to appear.

After the first chaotic color appeared in the Yang Blood Essence, the second, third, and fourth traces also appeared. In a short while, the Yang Blood Essence had turned into a chaotic blood essence.

"Damn, what is going on? Didn't they say that potential is only gold, silver, red, and blue?" What was going on? What color is this? Is it a waste? " Du Duwu said in shock. The other students also had puzzled expressions. They used their gazes to ask the knowledgeable students on the stage. However, when they saw the puzzled faces of the students, the desire to know disappeared from their hearts.

The vortex of the Yang Blood Essence appeared. As everyone thought, the chaotic colors could only turn into a chaotic mass of light. What they wanted to see the most was down below. At the bottom of the screen, an invisible figure stood there, and then disappeared. Then, a desert appeared, and a distant shadow appeared again. Now, everyone understood what this superpower was, and the look of anticipation in their eyes turned to one of pity.

"Damn, isn't there anything that can be so unlucky? Isn't this the most useless supernatural ability in the world?" Du Duwu opened his mouth wide, shouting in disbelief. The group of people on the platform and the group below all shook their heads in disappointment. At this moment, none of them withdrew their hands from the Blood Essence of the Sun. There was no trace of depression on their faces. Instead, a smile hung on their faces.

Du Duwu looked at Wu Can's smiling face and said worriedly, "Nope, brother knows that you feel terrible in your heart. We can't bear it any longer, if you want to cry, just cry. Don't worry, you can count on me for your future safety. Even if you are an ordinary person, I will still be your bodyguard for your entire life. "How is it? Big brother, I have been kind to you, right? I won't even ask you for the money that I love the most."

"Haha, my belly is right. I, Fang Jiang, am also willing to be your bodyguard for my entire life." In front of the group, Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng also had determined looks on their faces.

No one heard them and laughed. "Haha, don't underestimate me. Who said my Discipline is the most useless on the continent? I think it's the most suitable for me. I'm very happy, so don't worry about it."

On the platform, everyone exchanged glances with each other. The old Headmaster stepped forward and asked, "Could it be that Student Wu has a different opinion of this Phantom ability?"

"Phantom? What illusion? " He asked in confusion.

Du Duwu reminded him in a low voice: "Nothing, the name he said was precisely the name of your superpower."

"Phantom? No, who said my superpower was called Phantom? My Discipline is called Wanxiang. The Wanxiang Pagoda. "" The Wanxiang Pagoda. There was no denying it.

"What's the difference?" The old dean asked, puzzled.

"It's different, of course it's different, but there's also a big difference. "The word Phantom is too petty. How can it be compared to my Wanxiang Aura? How can the two be compared in the same breath?" None of them answered with any serious affirmation.

The old dean shook his head in disappointment and said to Du Duwu: "Student Du, hurry up and send Student Wu over to the school's medical ward. I see that he's so upset that he's lost, and don't even know what he's saying.

With a heavy heart, Du Duwu walked towards the academy's doctor's office with Nefarious Filthbird in tow, whose eyes were filled with contempt. Following behind him were Guiyi, Fa Zheng, and Fang Jiang.

Niu Buqu watched as his back disappeared into the distance, and after sending off the principal and the others, he hastily ended today's lesson, so that the students could get ready and wait for the school's entrance announcement.

That night, the dean recalled everything that had happened today. He was so excited that he couldn't fall asleep. He felt that this happiness was too coincidental. All twenty of them were at least of the highest level. Furthermore, all of their potential points were at the blue rank, which made him start to care a little more about Niu Buqu's training, "Could it be that it was really all because of that brat? It was just like what the young man had said. It wasn't that he couldn't awaken his Discipline, but that his Discipline was too advanced for him to attain. Is that really true? " From then on, this question was buried in the depths of his heart until the day the truth was revealed.

On the way to the school clinic, he silently looked at the four people nagging by his side. His heart moved, and once he activated the Myriad Tortoise Statue, he directly fell onto Du Duwu's body and closed his eyes, falling asleep. The four people who didn't know the situation were immediately startled. One of them grabbed onto a limb and sped up as he ran towards the academy's medical ward.

The school clinic was right in front of them. The four of them hurriedly opened the door, and before they could clearly see what was inside, they loudly shouted.

"Doctor, look at my big brother." This is Fa Zheng.

"Doctor, where did the doctor go? If there's nothing else, I'll turn you into a child." This arrogant threat was Du Duwu.

"Doctor, where are you hiding? Why aren't you coming out?" This is Fang Jiang.

"Fuck, Doctor, if you don't come out now, I'll lock you in the Quiet Room for the rest of my life." This was the Darkhell Heir.

No one was woken by their shouts. They stretched lazily and stood up from their chairs, saying in dissatisfaction: "Why are you making such a ruckus? Don't you know that your father is sleeping? Oh, I got to the dorm. I haven't had enough sleep, so I'm going to sleep a bit more. " After that, Thoughtless hid in his own bed and fell asleep. At the same time, he came in contact with the Wanxiang Adept.

In an instant, the scene in front of the four changed. That white light in the infirmary changed into the dirty room 358 which did not contain Du Duwu and Yue Yang. "Ahhh!" Seeing the four of them act like this in the blink of an eye, they immediately cried out in fear, their bodies covered in cold sweat.

"Big, big, big brother, where are we? Is this hell?" The timid Guizi trembled as he looked at the dirty and messy dorm room.

"Eh? Little Zheng, don't you feel that the decorations around here are very familiar? " Fang Jiang calmed down and looked around, then asked.

Hearing that, Fa Zheng also carefully looked around, and suddenly remembered that he did not say anything just now, and exclaimed: "Isn't this the dorm?"

"It can't be. Our dorm room is much better than this. How could it have such a sinister and terrifying feeling?" Gui Zi said in disbelief.

True, it wasn't his fault. In addition, they often pulled down the curtains during the day, so the hygiene in the dorm wasn't too good either. Dirty clothes, smelly socks, and the like were all over the place. As long as they returned back to their dorm, they would be tired to the point that they would fall asleep as long as they got close to the bed. It was like this every day for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, how could they have the time to clean their dorms, it would already be great if they cleaned themselves.

After figuring out the situation, Du Duwu's face was filled with black lines. He grabbed Guizi and shouted loudly, "This is my dorm, you have an opinion on how to return to me." Seeing Du Duwu on the verge of exploding with rage, how could Guizi still dare to say no, "B-Boss, you must have heard wrong. I didn't say anything just now, it must have been someone else who said it, it must have been someone else."

Seeing that his son had given in, Du Duwu slowly put him down and said amiably: "Since I heard wrong, then forget it. However, it's rare for you to come here, as our dorm is like this, it's not good to keep you guys here. This way, you guys would have nothing to do, so help us clean up the entire dorm. " Following that, Du Duwu didn't give them any chance to reject, and threw a tool at the three of them.

The three of them looked at the tools in their hands, then looked at the two on the bed. They looked at each other, silently howled, and started to get busy.

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