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C9 Gotobain

The next morning, a thin ray of sunlight shone through a crack in the window curtain and into 358's dormitory, bringing the only light in this dark room.

"Mm ~ ~, this feels so good." "No one sat up from their bed and stretched lazily, sighing emotionally." Sigh, this ability is easy to use, but it consumes too much energy. I am already so tired after using it just now, looks like I have to speed up my cultivation of the 'Void Derivation Spell'. " No one got off the bed and stretched their body as they thought in their hearts.

The Void Derivation Spell was the sun diagram in his sea of consciousness. It was a cultivation technique brought about by the void origin ability that came from some unknown phenomenon. It was specifically brought to give birth to his void origin ability. This art was divided into the Nothingness Spell and the Derivation Spell. The Nothingness Spell refined the body, the Qi, it was' nothing 'in' nothing '; the Derivation Spell refined the mind, it cultivated the mind and spirit, then cultivated the soul. It was the' there 'in' nothing ', it had the function of deriving anything from everything.

The void refines the body and cultivates the Nothingness Qi in the lower part of the dantian. There is a total of nine stages of this technique. However, there was nothing to look at. The more he looked around, the more it resembled the cultivation method the old man told him about in his previous life. Putting everything else aside, just the fact that he was in the ninth level caused others to be suspicious. First level Qi Refining, second level Foundation Establishment, third level aurous core. Just look at it! It's no different from the cultivation method described by the old Daoist from his previous life.

Spirit Refinement could directly cultivate the sea of consciousness and condense the spiritual force and the upper dantian. This technique also had nine stages, but now, no one could see the name of the first stage. It was called the Space Ethereal Realm. This was very useful for everyone, because whether it was his' nothingness' ability or his own 'Manifestation' ability, both were extremely important to the person with spiritual energy. This was one of the main uses of the "Void" ability. It allowed him to have limitless possibilities for his "Manifestation" ability. This was the reason why he said that the "Manifestation" ability was the most suitable for his ability.

"Eh?" He looked around at the neatly placed items. The clean floor, the messy clothes and socks were all gone. The whole dormitory gave off a completely new feeling. Tsk tsk, did the sun rise from the west today? "Since when has this guy been so diligent? I can't tell that the kid's work quality is very high." No-one took a glance at the corners and praised him generously.

"Boss, you woke up." At this time, Fang Jiang and Fa Zheng, one young, one tall and one short, two people pushed open the door and walked in.

"Well, what's the matter so early? "Oh yeah, have you guys seen your stomachs yet?" No one asked.

"Oh, it's like this, big brother. Fa Zheng and I came here to call big brother to look for the notification. According to Instructor Niu, there are special arrangements for us, they will be announced on our field. Second Brother Stomach and Gui Three had already run off to who knows where, but looking at the two of them laughing evilly, I guess someone else is going to have bad luck. " Fang Jiang replied from the side as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Oh, then we don't need to care about them. "Let's go to the Public Clothes Bar and take a look. I wonder what those old men have come up with." Without a word to himself, he walked out of the dormitory with the two of them.

On the sports field, the other students of the class were busy with their own training. For them, this training had long become a habit; not practicing for a day was already enough to make them feel disheartened. After all, this was a habit they had developed for ten years and could not change it just because they wanted to. On the other hand, there was not a single soul in sight. It was unknown if they all knew about this, or if it was due to the fact that it was still too early for the academy to come.

"Yo, isn't that our commentator? Do you want to train with us? "After all, Disciplines aren't everything, and the body is important." When the people training saw that there was nothing, Fang Jiang, Fa Zheng and the others stopped and joked.

"It's normal for students to occasionally joke around. Of course, if you can tease me, I can tease you as well." "Hehe, comrades, you've worked hard. I hope you all can keep on encouraging me. We'll always be together, making love." None of them wore a warm smile on their faces as they waved their hands and walked in front of them.


Everyone was completely confused. The first part was normal, but the second part wasn't anything abnormal. Plus, there was no creepy smile on his face. That would be abnormal. Everyone shivered at the sight of this, then went back to training. They saw the entrance to the sports field and knew that the two leaders were here. If they knew that their side was making fun of them, then they would be done for. In the past, they could not afford to offend Du Duwu and Gui Zi. Now that the two of them had the domain shaped abilities, they could not afford to offend them either.

Du Yan and Gui Zi looked at each other as if they were looking at a jinx. They didn't even dare to look at each other. Gui Zi didn't seem like much, but Du Yan was different. He immediately took eight big steps, swaying three times with each step. With his arms crossed, he looked just like a little kid who had achieved his goals. Second Grandpa walked in. Returning to the village, he saw how arrogant Du Yan was, so he suppressed the smile on his face and followed Du Yan with great difficulty.

None of them came to the front of the board. The square of cloth was extremely clean. The only thing that was clean was a sheet of white paper. On the sheet of paper, two lines of beautiful words were written: "Notification."

Due to the special ability of the nineteen students, the university had decided to make an ad hoc Special Ability Class for the students to report to school in three days.

Also: Due to Wu Yong's outstanding eyesight, he was specially approved by the Principal to enter the Special Ability Class together with others. At the same time, he served as the special commentator for the Awakening Ceremony in the future. "Sun calendar, June 1, 1990."

"Damn, he really is a damn commentator." Seeing the two big words' commentator 'on the cloth screen, no one immediately knew why Gu Wu called him this. He originally thought that Gu Wu was just joking with him, but didn't expect it to be because of this.

It wasn't because of the word 'commentator', it was because the word 'other' made him very depressed. Other people relied on their strength when they went in, but only he was specifically criticized because of his mouth.

Just as he was feeling depressed, he turned around and saw Du Duwu's crab appearance walking around. He felt extremely dissatisfied and shouted at Du Duwu, "My stomach, come over here, hurry up."

When he heard that, he hurriedly ran over to the person who was waving at him. He then went closer to the person and asked, "What? "Oh yeah, look at how cool I was just now?" Following that, he played around with it a few more times, feeling satisfied with himself.

No one kneaded their eyebrows, pointed at Du Duwu and instructed the other three: "Let's go, take this' crab 'along with us to the small forest over there, train well."

"Yes, boss." The three of them laughed and walked towards Du Duwu.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? You, don't come over, or else I'll shout you a molester. " Du Duwu feigned a pitiful look and resisted.

The three of them immediately stopped laughing. Their faces were full of black lines, almost to the point of covering the blue sky. Second Brother, can we stop playing? Big Brother told us to do this, look. " Gui Zi couldn't stand his appearance any longer, and said while trying to resist the urge to vomit.

"Then, then alright, I'm not going to resist anymore. You guys be more gentle, this is still my first time."

Eh, when Du Duwu said this, the three of them could no longer hold back and ran to a place with no one else to puke and swallow. Du Duwu watched the three of them as they walked away. She shook her head and narcissistically said, "You little scum, there's still a long way to go before you can fight me. Hmph, you've seen your brother's invincible charm. "

"Sure enough, a man doesn't care about face. He's invincible." "It's unbecoming to meet someone, it's unbecoming to meet someone." He turned to Du Duwu who was still in a state of narcissism and said: "Enough, enough, I'm the only one left. If you're that disgusted, they won't be able to disgust me. As he spoke, he clenched his fists.

If it was a normal situation, Du Duwu would definitely not agree to it, because he knew that he wouldn't be able to beat Xiao Wu, and would often be tortured very miserably for the past ten years. If one were to talk about why Du Duwu was calling her "everything" now, half of it was because of the relationship between the two of them, and the other half was because of this reason.

But now, Du Duwu readily agreed, "No problem, let's go. Today, I, your brother, will show off my might, ten years have passed, and I finally have the chance to take the reins of the family."

"Hey, did you eat the wrong medicine today, or something?" "Why are you even more excited than me? What do you mean by 'taking charge'? Are you still in a daze?" No one looked at Du Duwu curiously.

Du Duwu giggled and headed towards the small forest. Wu Dai followed behind with doubts in his heart, thinking that something was wrong with his side.

After they had left, behind the trees by the road, the three brats Fang Jiang, Fa Zheng, and Gui Zi were hiding there. Watching the two of them leave, Fa Zheng said with concern: "Is it okay if we don't tell Big Brother that? Is Big Bro in danger? "

"Little Zheng, don't worry. We also want to know how strong big brother is." Homecoming explained.

"Yes, after all, I still understand what happened yesterday. Little Zheng, it's the same for you, your son? " Fang Jiang asked.

"Yes." The two of them nodded.

"Then what else do we have to hesitate for? Hurry up and follow along."

The three of them then ran into the forest.

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