Over Obsessed Love/C4 Sword Draw Zhang's Eyes Were Filled with Killing Intent
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Over Obsessed Love/C4 Sword Draw Zhang's Eyes Were Filled with Killing Intent
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C4 Sword Draw Zhang's Eyes Were Filled with Killing Intent

The young man on the podium narrowed his phoenix eyes and looked at a person who was late but swaggered in through the front door as if nothing had happened.

He didn't pay much attention when he first entered and walked straight to his seat. It was only now that he saw that the form teacher wasn't the only one standing on the podium.

As soon as he came out, the young man at the front desk covered his mouth with his hand. He didn't attract too much attention.

"What are you doing?" The young man glared at him. He smiled and turned around to smile at the form teacher, indicating that nothing had happened. On the contrary, the young man standing beside the form teacher raised his eyebrows with interest.

"Qii, what's going on?" Ruan Tang pulled his hand away from his mouth and asked in a low voice. However, he could not control his gaze as he stole a glance at the young man on the podium.

The young man called Qii, which was Ruan Tang's front desk, was all called Qii Chu. He was Ruan Tang's childhood friend and also his class monitor.

"Didn't I tell you? A transfer student, a transfer student who just transferred here!"

Ruan Tang stared at him and curled his lips. "Oh. You're new here. "

"You two know each other?!"

"I don't know him. "

"Qii Chu, as the class monitor, is this how you lead? Don't you know that class has already started?" Their pointless conversation was interrupted by the class monitor on the podium. Qii Chu turned around and shut his mouth resentfully.

Ruan Tang rolled his eyes and didn't want to talk anymore. They were talking, but they didn't dare to provoke him, so they pulled Qii Chu to scold him.

The form teacher glared at Qii Chu and Ruan Tang, then patted the table with the folder. "Alright. I'm here for today's class meeting to announce something to everyone.

From today onwards, a new student will be transferred to our sophomore year 16. I believe everyone has already guessed it. Next, let our new student introduce himself. "

Ruan Tang really did not want to raise his head, but the resentment and curiosity on his face that he did not manage to ask for his name made him unable to help but raise his head and stare at the person on the podium.

Only then did he realize that this fellow was actually wearing their academy's uniform. It was just that he didn't really wear the uniform properly, and he almost forgot what the uniform looked like.

"Hello everyone. My name is Qiao Yihuan. I'm seventeen years old and I like painting. Please guide me in the future. "

Qiao Yihuan's self-introduction gave people the same kind of gentle and unrestrained feeling as his own. It made people not hate him at all. Only Ruan Tang knew how terrible his tone was and how that person's gaze was absolutely fixed on him from the beginning.

Frowning, Ruan Tang didn't want to be outdone. He stared back at Qiao Yihuan, and a silent battle began.

Although he was surprised that Qiao Yihuan's self-introduction was too short, after all, the families of the students who could enter the Ying Luo High School were definitely not bad. The form teacher had no choice but to smooth things over.

"Then, let's introduce ourselves next. Let Student Yi Huan get to know everyone. Students, you must get along well in the future. Don't be like some people. You won't do anything good other than getting into trouble all day long. . . "

The homeroom teacher looked at Ruan Tang meaningfully. The latter glanced at him. He acted as if he didn't hear anything and continued to stare at Qiao Yihuan.

Ruan Tang glanced at him and stopped talking. He changed the topic and said: "Then let's start with the class monitor. Qii Chu, you go first. "

"Hello, Student Qiao. I am Qii Chu, also the class monitor of Class 16. If there is anything you don't know or need help with, you can look for me. Please take care of me. "

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