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C5 I like It

When it was Ruan Tang's turn, he didn't stand up for a long time. Qii Chu leaned back. Ruan Tang, who had just woken up, finally realized it was his turn.

He curled his lips and looked at Qiao Yihuan reluctantly. "Ruan Tang. "

The short two words represented Ruan Tang's unwelcome mood. When the two words introduced themselves, the entire classroom was silent. It was as if everyone could smell the atmosphere of Sword Draw Zhang.

Everyone's thoughts were: This guy is finished. Mr. Tang did not welcome this new classmate very much. If Mr. Tang did not welcome him, it meant that his future life would not be good.

After all, with the number of Mr. Tang's followers and the degree of madness, even if Ruan Tang did not want to make things difficult for him, there would be many people who would stand against him.

However, Qiao Yihuan, who received the self-introduction of the two words, did not know why the classroom had suddenly quieted down. Instead, he was the calmest one among them.

He curled his lips and asked in a low and magnetic voice, "Strawberry soft candy?"

There was a slight sound of someone gasping in the silent classroom. This time, even their form teacher was stunned. He looked up anxiously at the last row of teenagers, as if he was afraid that he would rush up and fight with the teenagers on the podium at any time.

Ying Luo's students all knew that Mr. Tang had a taboo. Don't put him and sugar together as a metaphor, or else he would beat you until you don't want to eat sugar for the rest of your life.

Qii Chu was an exception.

When everyone thought that something might happen to Qiao Yihuan's provocative words, Ruan Tang heard this and was silent for a while before he suddenly smiled.

"Do you like Tangtang's candy?"

Ruan Tang's smile was harmless. Qii Chu, who was in front of him, almost laughed out loud when he heard that. He turned Ruan Tang's table with his elbow, meaning to ask him to restrain himself a little. Didn't he see that their form teacher's face was about to turn green?

As if he could not hear Ruan Tang's provocation at all, Qiao Yihuan nodded seriously. "Yes, I like it. "

Ruan Tang sneered, as if he wanted to say something more, Qii Chu decisively leaned back on the table in front of him and casually hit Ruan Tang's table. He wanted him to restrain himself a little.

He rolled his eyes and decided to give Qii Chu face. He was too lazy to continue arguing with him. He stretched out his hand and pulled out a book from Qii Chu's table, opened it, and closed it on his head, no longer paying attention to others.

After introducing himself, the class teacher who was almost ignored in the class asked Qiao Yihuan to choose a seat by himself.

"You just turned around. You might have missed some classes. Sit in front of you. . . "

As if he didn't hear what his teacher said, Qiao Yihuan slowly walked down. Under the expectant gazes of the girls and the jealous gazes of the boys, he walked step by step to the last row, next to Ruan Tang.

The teacher:. . . ""

Everyone: ". . . "

He pulled aside the seat beside Ruan Tang and sat down without hesitation. The atmosphere in the classroom was a little strange.

The form teacher looked at the seats that she had deliberately prepared in front of her with a headache. She wanted to struggle for a while, but she did not say it out loud. Qiao Yihuan was one step ahead of her and asked with a smile: "Teacher, I'm allergic to chalk ash. Can I sit here?"

. . . "" With your big head's chalk dust, the teachers nowadays basically use multimedia teaching, okay? How many of the old antiques would use the blackboard that was practically decorative!

However, since the other party had already made it so clear, the form teacher couldn't refuse. He looked at the back of the blackboard and saw that it was a circle behind him. Only Ruan Tang, the devil incarnate, had an empty seat by his side all year round. If she had known earlier, she would not have moved the table to the front.

When he heard someone sitting down beside him, Ruan Tang, who was lying on the table pretending to be dead, was stunned. He raised his head with a swoosh and happened to meet the smiling face of his new deskmate. He was so shocked that his hair stood on end.

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