Over Obsessed Love/C8 You Are Afraid That I will Take Advantage of You?
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Over Obsessed Love/C8 You Are Afraid That I will Take Advantage of You?
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C8 You Are Afraid That I will Take Advantage of You?

Qiao Yihuan didn't seem to be frightened by Ruan Tang's action. As if he had expected it, he shrugged indifferently.

"It was arranged by the form teacher. " Qiao Yihuan seemed to be quite happy, but his dark, bottomless eyes could not see the true emotions in his eyes.

"I didn't expect us to be roommates. That's good. We can take care of each other. "

What the f * ck! Ruan Tang just wanted to open the door and slap Qiao Yihuan's face. Then, he would carry Qiao Yihuan out of the window and throw him out.

"You want to live here?" Ruan Tang still could not believe it. He had always lived alone. Due to some special reasons, he did not sleep well. With the school's permission, he occupied a room by himself.

But what was the situation now? Why did the school suddenly make such arrangements?

"What's the matter? They're all men, so why are you afraid that I'll take advantage of you?" Qiao Yihuan's voice always carried a teasing tone that was not a smile. It was a very normal sentence, but when he said it, it meant that he did not know what was strange about it.

Ruan Tang looked at the bed that he usually used to pile up his clothes on. Now, Qiao Yihuan had tidied it up in an orderly manner. Qiao Yihuan's things were on top of it. The messy room was also tidied up in an orderly manner. If it wasn't for the fact that his bed was still messy, he would have almost recognized that it was his bedroom.

Ruan Tang had a complicated look in his eyes. He looked at Qiao Yihuan from head to toe and said gloomily, "Forget it. Do whatever you want. But you are not allowed to touch my things without permission. "

Seeing that the entire dormitory had been taken care of in an orderly manner, Ruan Tang, who did not even know what he was thinking, reluctantly did not care about one more person entering his territory. Just. . . Just treat it as free labor?

Ruan Tang would never admit that he did it for someone to clean up his house. Ruan Tang had a secret that he did not know how to do housework.

Although his culinary skills were actually very good, the kitchen that he walked through was a typhoon. He only knew how to do it, and he did not know how to clean it. Because of this, Big Brother often worried about what he would do alone. But fortunately, Qii Chu and Mi Lih would often come over. Every time they came over and saw his miserable dormitory, they would not be able to watch and help him clean it up.

So there were no major problems at the moment.

This time, it was Qiao Yihuan who was a little surprised. He did not expect Ruan Tang to accept him so quickly. Didn't Ruan Tang shout to fight and kill him previously?


Ruan Tang ignored Qiao Yihuan. He grabbed a towel from the closet and went into the bathroom. Qiao Yihuan, who was ignored, was stunned on the spot. He had always been the only one who ignored others. Why did he feel a little unhappy when he was suddenly ignored?

His phone rang. He picked it up and sent a message. "Yi Huan, I heard you came to Ying Luo. Do you have time to gather?"

Qiao Yihuan casually looked at his phone and threw it to the side. He relaxed and laid down on the bed that he had just tidied up.

Ah. . . Overall, this should be the best school he had ever been to. Everything was complete. Well, perhaps he could stay for a few more days. . . .

When Qii Chu connected with Mi Lih and arrived at Ruan Tang's dormitory, he opened the door and saw the person lying on the bed with his face facing upwards. Then, Ruan Tang walked out with his upper body naked and his hair combed.

Although he knew that Qiao Yihuan had become Ruan Tang's roommate, what was with this strange and harmonious atmosphere? Qii Chu looked at the person lying on the bed and the person who just came out after taking a shower. . . . Was it not the right time for them to come?

Ruan Tang did not know that Qii Chu had been thinking about this for a long time. He greeted him and said, "You're here? Wait for me for five minutes. I'll put on my clothes. "

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