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Over Obsessed Love/C9 Let Me Touch My Waist
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C9 Let Me Touch My Waist

"Hello, Class Rep. Long time no see. " Hearing Ruan Tang's voice, Qiao Yihuan opened his eyes and looked at the two people standing side by side at the door. He took the initiative to greet them.

Qii Chu was stunned for a moment, then he laughed and said, "Haha, that, long time no see. Oh right, if you need anything, you can come to me. I live across the street. "

Qiao Yihuan nodded and smiled gently.

He turned around and faced them directly. Ruan Tang was blowing his hair behind their backs. A beautiful mermaid line appeared at the back of his fair and thin waist. Even for men, it was very sexy.

Even he didn't notice that his breathing stopped.

Qiao Yihuan hurriedly turned his head and looked away.

"Ah ~ Tangtang, your waist is too thin. Let me touch it and take advantage of you. "Qii Chu has always been a careless person, but Qiao Yihuan gave him an evil feeling, so he did not plan to communicate further. Instead, he changed the topic and went to talk to Ruan Tang.

On the contrary, the young man who came with Qii Chu looked thoughtfully at Qiao Yihuan, who was sitting on the bed with one of his legs bent.

Qiao Yihuan subconsciously followed Qii Chu's voice and turned his head around. His eyes stopped on the half of Ruan Tang's waist, which was facing his back.

He felt the gaze on his body and turned his head back. Facing Mi Lih's quiet gaze, he smiled and said, "Hello, Qiao Yihuan. "

Mi Lih paused for a second. He was not sure if he saw coldness in Qiao Yihuan's eyes at that moment. He nodded slightly and answered in a clear voice, "Mi Lih. "

Even his voice was like a human's, giving people a quiet and obedient feeling. His black hair was fluffy and his black eyes were clear as if they could see the bottom.

He was a bit similar to his' little brother ', but he did not hate it. It was a little soft. This was Qiao Yihuan's first impression of Mi Lih.

"Ahahahaha! Qii, you. . . Haha. . . You hooligan, don't fucking touch me, I'm afraid. . . I'm afraid of ticklish. " Ruan Tang blew on his hair nicely. Suddenly, a warm hand slapped him on the waist like a prank. He was so scared that he almost threw the air conditioner out.

Ruan Tang turned around and asked Mi Lih, who was walking slowly behind him, for help. "Mi Lih, take this fool back and lock him up. I'm afraid I won't be able to hold back and strip him naked and throw him down from the fifth floor. "

Mi Lih smiled slowly and quietly watched the two of them play. He had no intention of helping at all.

"Xiao Mi, don't help him. I'll send you a week's worth of supper. " When he heard Ruan Tang and Mi Lih asking for help, Qii Chu didn't want to do it anymore. He started to bribe them without even turning his head.

Mi Lih raised his eyebrows. There was a smile in his eyes. He added a request, "You do it yourself. "

Qii Chu quickly nodded. "Sure, sure. I can feed you myself. "

Mi Lih was stunned. He subconsciously avoided looking at the two men and kept quiet.

Qiao Yihuan, who was standing behind him, glanced at Mi Lih who was avoiding his gaze.

. . .

After making enough noise, Ruan Tang also packed his things. When the three of them left the dormitory, Qiao Yihuan was still calmly sitting on the bed. Ruan Tang hesitated for a moment and finally ignored him.

Qii Chu, as the class monitor, had such a personality. He warmly invited Qiao Yihuan to go out to eat with them, but was rejected by Qiao Yihuan with a smile.

"Huh? It was hard to tell what happened between Tangtang and that Qiao Yihuan just now. "

Mi Lih quietly walked next to Qii Chu and looked at Ruan Tang curiously. Ruan Tang never liked people he was not familiar with entering his territory, but he did not like to fight with someone he was not familiar with. It was just that the atmosphere between Ruan Tang and Qiao Yihuan could be described as strange.

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