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C1 One Night Wrong

The night in the city was quiet and deep.

"Pa ~ ~"

Li Nuo's face was burning red. When Li Nuo opened his eyes, he saw himself awkwardly guarding the side of the bed and squatting on the ground. His fair arms were covered with deep and shallow purplish scars. Not a single clothes on his body!

How... What was going on?

Suddenly, a pair of sturdy male calves entered her field of vision. In the next second, she caught her breath and was strangled by the neck:

"Speak!" How long have you been following me? Who sent you? "

A low, angry, yet unfamiliar man's voice jumped into his ears. Li Nuo was stupefied for a moment. "Who is it? What is he talking about? "

His head was still drowsy, the air seemed to have become thinner, the entire world seemed to have been shrouded in grey. Instinctively, Li Nuo reached out to grab the palm of his hand that was wrapped tightly around his neck.

"Ugh …" "Let me go …"

"Speak!" "How dare you scheme against me?"

The furious voice sounded again. Li Nuo seemed to have smelled death and was no longer able to speak. She could only shake her head continuously.

Just when she thought that she would be strangled to death like that, the force in her neck suddenly retreated. Her body tilted to the side as Li Nuo pounded his chest and powerlessly fell to the ground:

"Cough, cough …"

Before he could recover his senses, his lower jaw was once again grabbed. A devilishly crafted, cold and charming man's face instantly filled his field of vision, his pair of blue-black eyes flashing with a strange coldness.

His eyes were actually … Blue and black!

She had seen a lot of foreigners, but this was the first time she had seen something like this!

Catching the change in her eyes, the man's face turned even darker in an instant.

"Don't think that just because you have something to do with me, you can change anything! If you dare to say even one more word about what happened today, I want your life! "

With a sudden wave of his hand, the man turned and walked into the bathroom. Puff!

Li Nuo was still dizzy. Facing this unfamiliar room, Li Nuo's eyes were unfocused.

Before he could collect his thoughts, a "ding ding" sound was heard as the mirror shattered into pieces.

With a tremble, he raised his eyes and saw the man walk out with a towel wrapped around his body. He picked up the clothes that were scattered on the ground.

Before leaving, the man looked at her maliciously for another two seconds. "Remember what I said!"

Intense door slamming sounds rang out, and even the floor shook a little as well. A clear, cool feeling suddenly crawled up his back, and his eyes glazed over.

His body was obviously not feeling well. In addition, the air was so thick that it couldn't be ignored — Ambiguous Aura!

Boom — —

The color of her face suddenly faded as she quickly grabbed the clothes, her hands trembling as she frantically put them on, "What exactly happened? She's not here to... Is it Uncle Jiang's birthday banquet? "

His mind was in a mess as hurried footsteps sounded out again!


At this moment, the door was pushed open, and a burst of flashing lights flashed on.

Ahh!" Li Nuo screamed as he subconsciously covered his face with his blanket.

"Eh, it's a young woman? Isn't it true that the wealthier of the wealthier generation, the wealthier of the wealthier? "

"Who is this?" This is such a waste of time! "


The moment Li Nuo stuck his head out from under the blanket, a familiar, tall, shallow grey figure entered his field of vision without any warning, and the blood color on his face immediately faded away:

Zhang, Zhang Yueze, he's back?

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